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Driving on roads in South Africa involves lots of risks. Knowing the right insurance policy for your car is therefore important if you want to be safe on these roads.

In this post, we will look into comprehensive car insurance. We will explain what it covers and how it works while trying to make you understand the most popular insurance cover in the market today.

What is fully comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive auto insurance, also called comprehensive insurance, is the most comprehensive auto coverage package on the market. This auto insurance protects your car from greater risks than other types of insurance.

This type of coverage allows you to settle the costs of damage during accidents. The best part is that this policy covers non-collision claims, which means you'll receive compensation in the event a fire damages your vehicle or you accidentally hit a Springbok while driving.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Characteristics

Most insurance companies in South Africa offer comprehensive car insurance. With this, you can cover damages in accidents that are not collisions or replace your stolen vehicle. It is important to appreciate that comprehensive coverage differs from a third-party policy. Also, remember that third-party insurance only covers damages to your car course to other vehicles or persons when you are involved in an accident.

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage

Comprehensive car insurance covers your car against several risks. This section looks at some of the risks covered by the type of policy. The following are being covered by comprehensive car insurance plans offered by South African insurers:

  1. Third-party car damages
  2. Theft or hi-jack
  3. Attempted theft or hi-jack
  4. Damage from fire or natural disasters
  5. Roadside Assistance
  6. Vandalism
  7. Towing and Storage

It is important to note that the mentioned car insurance doesn't sort out all expenses during an accident; here are some of the this that are not covered by a comprehensive plan:

  1. Legal costs
  2. Damages on either your car or a third-party car in a collision 
  3. Property theft
  4. Medical expenses
  5. Racing car
  6. Driving under influence

Comprehensive car insurance online quote

You can get a comprehensive car insurance quote online. Most insurers allow customers to access this service online through websites or mobile applications. The other way to access insurance quotes is by contacting the insurance company through email or phone numbers mostly provided on providers' website platforms. In the next section, we will look into some of the leading comprehensive car insurers in South Africa.

What insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage?

The South African insurance industry is booming, with many players offering different car insurance to their clients. Below are some of the leading insurers offering comprehensive car insurance plans:

King price comprehensive car insurance

King Price is one of the leading comprehensive car insurance providers in SA. Their policy covers accident assistance, roadside assistance, hail, fire, etc. Besides the compressive cover, it also provides third-party, theft and write-off, and correctable car insurance.

AA comprehensive car insurance cover

AA Insurance offers different car insurance services. Customers can get  Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Third Party car insurance covers. Their comprehensive car insurance pays an agreed value of your car when it can't be repaired or stolen.

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Auto and General comprehensive car insurance

Auto and General is another insurer offering comprehensive coverage in South Africa. The provider offers its serious clients towing and storage space. This policy compensates car owners by either repairing or replacing their written-off vehicle. It also covers customers' car accessories equivalent to their cars' value.

Outsurance comprehensive car insurance

You can not think of car insurance in SA without mentioning Outsurance. The insurer allows clients to easily set their Out ID online, which makes it easy to access different services from their website or application. With a click of a button, you can manage and update your comprehensive or any other car insurance coverage, saving you time.

Old mutual comprehensive car insurance

Additionally, you can consider Old Mutual when looking for comprehensive car insurance coverage in South Africa. Being one of the oldest players in the market, the insurer surely knows to reward loyal clients with optional add-ons.

They reward customers with cash back bonuses where you can get up to 10% of your premium in every three claims.   Old Mutual also records you through a loyalty program where every additional vehicle added to your insurance policy substantially reduces your premiums.

Aami comprehensive car insurance

Aami comprehensive car insurance is one of the best insurance policies in the market. They offer a cool windscreen repair deal allowing you to have one excess free replacement per year. Other repairs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle. The insurer has no odometer restriction on new cars, but you must be the first registered owner and insure it 24 months after purchase.

Does comprehensive car insurance cover vandalism?

Yes, comprehensive car insurance companies compensate for vandalism. It is, however, important to note that the plan won't cover any deductible. They allow you to claim if your car windscreen has been broken, your tire slashed, or any damage on your car during riots or any form of vandalism.

Is there comprehensive auto insurance coverage for old cars?

A comprehensive policy can insure older cars. It is, however, prudent to comprehend that this might affect your premium rates as old cars are considered high risk. The insurance can repair or replace your old car when it is damaged in a road accident, but it needs to be covered by the claim. Most insurance firms, however, don't cover cars older than 15 years.

Do I need comprehensive car insurance?

Every serious car owner should consider buying comprehensive insurance coverage. As we have seen in the above section, this type of car insurance protects your car from third-party claims and also sorts out damages and injuries caused to you when you are involved in a road accident.


To close this article, we recommend you to perfectly understand what Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers before purchasing it. Apart from that, get informed about other types of car insurance covers as that's the most efficient way to compare coverage and prices. You will get the best price only when distinguishing what your vehicle needs protection for and, then, which company is really willing to cover it.

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When is the bets moment to ask for a quote for comprehensive cover?

Once you narrow down your options, you can ask your favorite 2 insurance companies their quotes to compare them.

Comprehensive coverage will pay if my vehicle is write off?

Yes, but, make sure it’s stated in your car insurance policy as, some companies may ask for special terms.

Is a comprehensive car insurance really necessary?

It’s necessary if you completely depend on your vehicle on your daily routine. You must try to imagine how well would you solve certain problems with no help at all and, without your car.

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