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Protecting a vehicle involves being aware of the many risks any driver in South Africa must deal with. Having al the risks in mind is as essential as knowing about the different kinds of car insurance companies offer. We all know, the most popular type of protection is Comprehensive Car Insurance thanks to its many benefits. That’s why, in this article, we want to explain how it works and what does it cover.

Car Insurance: What is Full Cover?  

Whenever somebody refers to full cover, clearly, she or he refers to the maximum level of protection you can buy for your car. Normally, full car insurance protection can be found in a comprehensive cover; however, there can also be found extra vehicle insurance packages taking care of minor details this option leaves outside. Following, we’ll explain what does it mean to have full coverage for your car and, if it is possible to get it just with a comprehensive vehicle insurance plan.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance? 

Before going deeply on comprehensive car insurance, let’s try to break down its meaning. Comprehensive means, in general, gathering a varied scope of different tings. So, as regards car insurance, it clearly makes reference to including a wade range of risk into one single cover. As such, Comprehensive car insurance can be explained as a package particularly made to take care of the most varied car related problem South Africans may face when driving. Next, you’ll find this cover explained in detail including what are those risks you can take care of.

What does Comprehensive Car Insurance cover in South Africa?  

If you are wondering what exactly Comprehensive car insurance covers, we’ll answer that question here.

  • The mentioned vehicle insurance plan covers for 3rd party cars damaged due to a car accident your insured vehicle caused. We know in such situation you would have to pay the repaired cost as well as medical costs if the other car’s passengers get injured. All this will be taken car by your comprehensive insurance policy.

  • Another situation covered by Comprehensive insurance is if someone steals your car or if he or she unsuccessfully tries to steal it and gets it damaged. Besides, damage made by fire is also included in a comprehensive coverage.

  • Finally, the characteristic that makes this cover complete is that your motor vehicle insurance will help you cover the cost of almost any type of damage your car may endure.

  • Adding to these benefits, a comprehensive package usually offers roadside assistance at no extra cost, cash back bonus and minor car accessories related issues.

How much is Comprehensive Car Insurance?   

I guess there’s no need to clarify that as much as a comprehensive car insurance will solve many problems, it will also be more expensive. The cost you’ll have to pay for a comprehensive protection must be compared with the cost you would have to pay on your own if an inopportune event happens in order to detect if it’s worth paying for it.

Just for you to keep in mind, the quote your insurance company shows you will be entirely calculated in accordance with the value of your car, not only with the type of vehicle insurance you pick. This means, the insurer will analyze how much would it cost to pay for the different car problems you may claim for taking into account the make and model of your car, if you keep it in a garage at night, how do you drive it and, some other features.

How to get the best price for Comprehensive car insurance? 

Now, as we have said in the previous paragraph, car insurance premiums for comprehensive coverage vary from vehicle to vehicle. This makes it a little difficult to be able of detecting the cheapest comprehensive car insurance but, it doesn’t make it impossible. Once you get a quote for your car, remember if you drive well, some motor vehicle insurance companies offer cash back bonuses or, a lower premium. In addition, many of them lower car insurance premium to those accepting to install a tracker in their cars to have up to date driving behavior information.

What are the companies in South Africa offering the best Comprehensive Car Insurance?

When starting the process of looking for car insurance, you encounter plenty of alternatives. Here, we’ll mention some of the best companies in South Africa so you can compare their Comprehensive vehicle insurance plans before selecting the right one for your vehicle:

  • Santam, to start, will afford the cost of emergency accommodation if your car breaks down on the road. It will also pay for medical expenses for injured passengers in an accident you caused and, for trauma treatment after a collision of experiencing a violent event like, hijacking.

  • Second, we have Hollard car insurance. They allow their clients to make their car insurance policy fits perfectly to what they need by leaving them to choose if they want scratch and dent or car hire, for example.

  • OUTsurance will maintain your car insurance premium fixed through what your policy lasts, and it also has a rewards bonus for claim free clients.

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Remember, these benefits are covered on Comprehensive plans and, there are always additional car insurance packages. Those options will probably be key when opting for your car insurance company.

What is the difference between Comprehensive and Third-Party car insurance? 

The difference between comprehensive and 3rd party vehicle insurance is very important. Basically, one of them takes car of your car and the other, not. Third party, as its name shows, will only afford the fixing cost for the other car involves in the accident. Besides, such coverage, it only applies by a limit amount. So, if your car gets damaged, you will have to pay from your pocket the total cost to repair it. There’s a middle cover, Third Party, Fire and Theft, that although it doesn’t cover as much as comprehensive, it takes care of damage your car suffers when being caused by other events than car accidents.

Is it possible to get Comprehensive car Insurance for Hail Damaged cars? 

To delve into this topic, we should first expand shortly about hail damage cover. Such kind of damage is considered a minor issue. Clearly, having your car broken down prevents you from using it so, it’s a problem that should be taken care as a priority. But, when it comes to hail damage, it’s only relevant if the windscreen gets totally damaged, for example as, driving the car in such condition would become unsafe. So, as it has to do with an esthetical problem, hail damage cover is seen as an extra benefit. Because of this, this cover is often found on a plan outside comprehensive and, it’s up to the customer deciding whether to include it or not. All the same, it is possible, though not very often, that your comprehensive car insurance includes such kind of damage on your premium. However, if it’s not included, you can always add it for an additional sum of money.

How much does an insurance company pay for hail damage on car?

In your car insurance policy, the company will establish all the terms and conditions applying. Of course, it will be stated how much money will you receive for hail damage related claims which, in turns, will depend on how you want to manage your premiums. If you prefer to get a higher amount of money when clamming, you must agree to pay a higher premium every month. If you have some financial back up, you can save money monthly and, get less funds in case you need to make a claim.

How does a Comprehensive Car Insurance plan work at Price Check?

There are many questions as regards vehicle insurance in South Africa. This is a question many citizens ask and, there’s an important point to clarify on this matter. Price Check doesn’t offer car insurance products but, they help you compare different products prices in South Africa before you buy it. Among those products, you can find cars. So, although you can’t buy car insurance from them, there is a clear relation that may be responsible of such confusion.

Comprehensive Car Insurance in South Africa

What’s Comprehensive Car Insurance?

It’s the fullest cover to get for your vehicle

How does Comprehensive car insurance work?

You protect your car against any kind of risks paying monthly premiums.

What should I know about Comprehensive car insurance?

You must know, it’s the most expensive cover to get but, the one that will help you the most on unfortunate events.

To close this article, we recommend you to perfectly understand what Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers before purchasing it. Apart from that, get informed about other types of car insurance covers as, that’s the most efficient way to compare coverage and prices. You will get the best price only when distinguishing what your vehicle needs protection for and, then, which company is really willing to cover it.

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Questions and answers

When is the bets moment to ask for a quote for comprehensive cover?

Once you narrow down your options, you can ask your favorite 2 insurance companies their quotes to compare them.

Comprehensive coverage will pay if my vehicle is write off?

Yes, but, make sure it’s stated in your car insurance policy as, some companies may ask for special terms.

Is a comprehensive car insurance really necessary?

It’s necessary if you completely depend on your vehicle on your daily routine. You must try to imagine how well would you solve certain problems with no help at all and, without your car.

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