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When thinking of third party insurance deals in South Africa, many clients come up with multiple questions and wonderings. Is it enough? Is it convenient? Is it compulsory? What does it cover? What doesn’t it cover? Is it better than comprehensive insurance? Is it cheaper? How does it work in South Africa?  These and more are only some of the questions that one may ask when thinking of third party insurance policies. Continue reading and find out more about third party insurance.

What is third party insurance for a car?

When dealing with vehicle insurance, there are so many questions that come to our mind. One of them is third party vehicle insurance. You can get it at companies like Outsurance. This option is ideal if someone else makes a claim against you in case you have caused damage or an accident while you were driving; but first; let us define what this option means: it consists in the minimum level of cover in legal terms that is needed in order to drive a vehicle of any type. How does it work?

  • If you injure somebody while you were driving, then this service covers you

  • If you happen to damage the property of somebody else, then this service covers you

  • It covers passengers too

Why is it important? There are more than just a few reasons why you should get this service:

  • Insurance policies for third parties offer a level of cover which can be beneficial for those driver who may claim for any type of damage

  • It is also ideal for those who are able to afford the payment of repair costs for vehicles of their own without the need to make a claim on insurance.

What does third party insurance cover?

As it was stated before, third party insurance covers in case there is an accident and you were driving the vehicle that features in your policy. It covers for:

  • The injury caused by a third party to a person or passenger in another vehicle

  • The damaged to the vehicle of another person

  • The damage to the property of another individual, which even include driving into the individual’s wall

The provider will not pay in certain cases, though. Clients should take into account that there are certain features not covered by third party insurance, such as:

  • If you have injuries, you will have to cover for those costs (legal and medical) which may even include physiotherapy

  • If you cause an accident and your vehicle is damaged, you may have to pay for those costs

  • If your vehicle is stolen, destroyed or damaged by fire, the provider will not pay

  • If the vehicle that is listed on your policy does not match with the car that you had an accident with, you will have to pay for the costs

  • If your personal belongings are somehow damaged, you will have to pay for it

  • It does not cover for damaged windscreens

How is car insurance third party price?

In general, the prices are set by the companies that provide these types of services. Now, insurance providers tend to set a higher insurance fee per month or per year in comparison to other kinds of insurance policies, such as “third part, theft and fire” and “fully comprehensive”. The reason for this is that the policies for third party tend to be aimed at higher risk drivers or driver that may pose a threat towards other drivers. There may be no need to pay so much if risk costs are built into payments per month or per year. It is important to bear in mind that if your desire is to obtain a compulsory and low voluntary fees regarding excess, then you should pay somebody to install a telematics box.

How does third party insurance work in South Africa?

In general, third party insurance in South Africa is similar to the one offered in other areas and places. You will have to get in touch with a provider or a vehicle insurance company to obtain third party insurance. In South Africa, you can:

  • Apply online within minutes for vehicle insurance

  • Access third party insurance which is considered basic there since it only covers in certain situations

  • Apply for third insurance specially if you are on a budget

  • Ask for your options in different companies.

Can you compare car insurance third party with other options?

There is always a possibility for comparing different options available in the market. In general, third party insurance is an option that many clients and companies consider quite expensive. Why is this? Because those who take out policies for third party tend to claim on their insurance much more than those who get policies under fully comprehensive terms. This has even been proved statistically. The price for insurance deals is set based on risk, which leas third party insurance to an increase. Remember that the price will also be affected by personal information and driving history.

Is there car insurance third party premium?

In general, you can access third party insurance premiums in South Africa. They are revised annual in order to keep premiums and claim in sync. The pricing will depend on the vehicle chosen and additional factors. There are sometimes different regulations for car insurance premiums.

How are third party only car insurance quotes?

It is possible to compare quotes regarding third party insurance policies in order to help you find a more affordable deal. A company that will help you compare quotes is called Money Super Market. It has a comparison tool for you to see the different prices of third party policies. You can even check how they differ from fire and theft policies and comprehensive insurance deals. It is always compulsory to provide personal information about the client’s driving history, the vehicle that you want to insure and the time when you would like to start paying. In order to filter the results, simply proceed to choose different options and amounts. You can even filter by comparing annual and monthly costs. In general, a monthly payment cycle means that you may be paying more than with a payment for a year. This is because of interest rates. You can even filter by price in order to know what you will be paying and even the compulsory excess fees will be available to you for comparison. Therefore, use a comparison tool and filter by:

  • Types of insurance

  • Costs per month and per year

  • Rates

  • The level of cover

  • Excess fees

  • Insurance features

  • Extras that may be included such as windscreen cover, legal expenses, breakdown cover, personal accident, etc.

Is third party insurance compulsory in South Africa?

Third party insurance is not compulsory in South Africa. In many other countries this is not the case. It is only compulsory in South Africa if you had already taken a finance policy in order to cover the vehicle’s cost. If this is the case, then the financing provider or company will ask to see actual proof of insurance before allowing and financing your purchase. This happens so that neither you nor the company are involved or stuck in a bad investment. In case you have doubts, you can contact an insurance provider to guide you better.

Is 3rd party insurance enough?

This is a question that invites different opinions. There are people and even companies that firmly believe that having third party vehicle insurance is enough and that you do not need anything else. Other users and companies believe that third party insurance is actually not enough since it only covers the damage that was caused by somebody’s vehicle or property. They state that users should bear in mind that third party insurance does not cover accidents, damage or theft to your very own vehicle.

Is third party insurance convenient in South Africa?

So, in a nutshell, what do we know about third party insurance in this area?

What is it?

A minimum basic kind of insurance

How does it work?

You ask for it in insurance companies or to an insurance provider.

What should I take into account?

There are certain features that are not covered with this option, so it isn’t so complete.

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In conclusion, if you are thinking of having third party insurance remember that it is not complete and that, in case there is an accident and you are affected, you will not be benefited and you will have to pay the costs for whatever treatment you may need of any kind. Customers are therefore recommended to have comprehensive insurance or third party insurance with additional services that can help you out a little bit more. It is ideal, though, for those who are having rainy days and so they cannot afford a comprehensive insurance policy. It is advisable to check the offers in different companies and compare quotes to get a deal that can actually benefit you.

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Can I access premiums?

Yes, you can access third party insurance premiums

Is there a fully comprehensive option available?

Yes, and it is the most expensive one.

Is a fully comprehensive option better?

It is always more convenient because it is more complete

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