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Third Party Insurance in South Africa. Learn what is Covered

Road accidents occur when we least expect them, so taking preventative measures, such as car insurance, is prudent. Third-party insurance may be what you're looking for if you want car insurance that covers the essentials and your budget.

Third-party insurance is one of the most basic car insurance policies in South Africa. Reading through will make you understand more about third-party car insurance and the difference between the mentioned policy and fully comprehensive auto insurance. We further break down what's being covered and what's covered by the policy while trying to finish you with critical information to help readers understand how third-party plan works.

What is Third Party Car Insurance?

Third-party car insurance is liability insurance. The policy covers damage claims caused to a third-party car when the insured car is involved in an accident. Most insurance companies offer two main classes in this category allowing clients to pick between liability coverage and property damage coverage.

The liability insurance protects against claims on damages and losses incurred by a driver who is not insured and, in this matter, the aggrieved person. A third party is a person or driver who caused the damage. This policy further involves the first party, the car owner, who in this case buys the cover, and the second party, the insurance company offering the protection plan.

What Does Third-Party Car Insurance Cover?

Are you wondering what you can claim when your car is covered by third-party insurance? This section takes care of this. Here are some of the things covered by the car protection plan:

  1. Damages to a third-party car
  2. Injuries to the third-party
  3. Third-party property
  4. Injuries on passengers

What's not Covered by Third Party Insurance?

It's good to know that third-party car insurance will not cover all claims during accidents. Here are some of the things that this policy will not cover you against:

  1. Injuries inflicted on the policyholder
  2. Damages on windscreen
  3. Stolen vehicle or damage from fire if you have insured you're with third-party insurance only. Please note that some insurers offer third-party fire and theft car insurance.
  4. Policyholder's stolen or damaged items
  5. Accidents with a vehicle that doesn't march the car on the policy

The benefit of third-party insurance

There are many benefits to covering your automobile with third-party car insurance. Here are some of the advantages of the mentioned policy:

  1. Affordable - third-party car insurance is more affordable when compared to comprehensive auto insurance. This enables car owners to cover basic liabilities at pocket-friendly rates.
  2. Saves you extra financial obligations - getting third-party insurance is the greatest doing you can do to your pocket. The policy saves you money by sorting damages and other third-party claims when you are involved in a road accident.
  3. Fast and easy to process - this type of insurance is easily accessible. Anyone can apply to renew this policy online; it takes a few minutes to fill in the necessary information and get a quote.

9 Companies that Offer Third-Party Insurance In South Africa

South Africa is home to many insurance companies. This section looks at nine leading companies offering third-party and other kinds of car insurance. Here are the leading car insurance companies in South Africa:

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How does a third-party insurance claim work?

Third-party car insurance policy mainly aims at reducing financial burden in case your car is involved in a road accident. In most cases,  insurance companies will cover and compensate for damages caused by the policyholder to another driver or car during a road accident.

First, you must inform your insurer when your car causes an injury or damages another car or property. After informing the insurance company, you must raise a third-party claim with your policy issuer. The insurer will assess the damages and compensate the aggrieved person once they ascertain the claims.

What happens if a third party is not insured?

The uninsured party will get compensated when they claim damages. On the other hand, you will need to foot your damages if you only have a third-party cover and all the bills if you are not covered.

Can Third-Party Car Insurance Claim Total Loss?

Well, third-party car insurance will only cover up to your car value. If you are involved with a car that is more expensive than your car, you will have to pay for the extra cost. If the third-party car value is less than your can value, the insurer will replace it if it's beyond repair.

Who is Third Party Car Insurance best suited to?

The plan is suitable for someone who wants the market's basic cover. It allows you to cover your car against legal, financial and medical expenses even when you are broke. If your vehicle is older than 15 years, you might consider this policy, as most insurers have limited comprehensive coverage for cars older than this limit.

Third-Party Car Insurance Quote

An Insurance quote will tell you where you can afford a policy or note. Third-party car insurance quotes can easily be accessed in three many ways. The first way is by contacting the insurer. Most insurance companies also work with agents who can help you get a quote provided you furnish them with adequate information. Insurance companies websites or third-party platforms can also get a quote online.

What is the difference between comprehensive insurance and third-party insurance?

Third-party car insurance is different from comprehensive insurance in some aspects. While a comprehensive fully covers your car against third-party claims and damages to your car during a road accident, the third-party policy only covers you on claims by another driver.


In conclusion, if you are thinking of having third-party insurance remember that it is not complete and that, in case there is an accident and you are affected, you will not be benefited and you will have to pay the costs for whatever treatment you may need of any kind. Customers are therefore recommended to have comprehensive insurance or third party insurance with additional services that can help you out a little bit more.

It is ideal, though, for those who are having rainy days and so they cannot afford a comprehensive insurance policy. It is advisable to check the offers in different companies and compare quotes to get a deal that can actually benefit you.

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Questions and answers

Can I access premiums?

Yes, you can access third party insurance premiums

Is there a fully comprehensive option available?

Yes, and it is the most expensive one.

Is a fully comprehensive option better?

It is always more convenient because it is more complete

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