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Can I Get King Price Car Insurance? Queries and Phone Numbers

Car Insurance: King Price

With King Price Insurance you can relax… how? They decrease your comprehensive car insurance premiums every month and they do it automatically… so you can have complete peace of mind as they covered you!

Remember that the higher the excess, the lower your premiums per month. It is your choice, but also their pleasure.

So you can start saving on your monthly car insurance premiums right now. You can choose to do it online by completing a quick car insurance quote or leave your personal information and one of their professional staff members will call you back in no time at all.

Cars included in our King Price Insurance: By “car” they refer to all South Africans registered motorcar and light delivery vehicle (LDV). Cars that are not included in their insurance are: cars used for emergency service such as traffic control and armed response cars, and cars used for law enforcement, towing and taxi purposes.

King Price Car Insurance Options are:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: It is their five star alternative. It covers you in case of accidental damage, theft or hi-jacking, and also in those causes that you can accidentally caused damage to other parties or their property as a result of an accident.

  • Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance: It is their four star option. They offer you coverage for theft, hi-jacking and for liability in case you injured other people or their property in case of an accident. This alternative does not cover you for accidental damage to your own car.

  • Third Party Only Car Insurance: It is their three star alternative. It covers you for liability for injury to another person or if you damage their property as a result of an accident. Thus, some cover is better than no cover at all.

So you can get a car insurance quote right now and realize how cheap their options for insure your car can be.

Optional King Price Car Insurance available for you:

  • Paying a little more, you can have a lot more such as car sound equipment, accessories and car hire.

  • Take into account that for additional cover for car sound equipment or car hire, you will have to pay it separately (a monthly separate payment).

  • If you want more information about these Optional alternatives, you can submit your personal details and a member of their staff will call you back as soon as possible.

Budget Car Insurance:

They will protect you against any potential incident, no matter if you are the best or worse driver on the road. Moreover, they offer you cover without being interested in your monthly income. They really worry about their client’s protection when they are traveling.

Some features on the budget car insurance:

There are two main factors that you need to consider when you are looking for good car insurance:

Find the best insurance of South Africa

  • Risk: You are always at risk when you are inside your car travelling on the road, that is why they make you realize the importance of getting a cover for your means of transportation: your car.

  • Car Value: It is impossible that cars function in very good conditions as ages pass. Like people they can become fragile as they become older. Thus, they offer you to get cover for your car.

For an outstanding coverage you need a car insurer that takes into account these two factors at the moment of offering you cover your car.

The solution they offer you:

They offer you to decrease your monthly payment, which means that you pay less for the same amount of cover. So, the premium decreases with the value of your car. Because they worry about their client´s wellbeing, they offer you this excellent car insurance option.

Unfortunately, they cannot give this service for free. But they offer you to cover your car according to your needs and pocket. As they do not forget their promises, they use savvy high-tech software that helps you to calculate your decreasing premiums; you can do it by updating your premiums each month.

So you can begin with their cheapest car insurance package, and then you can get the promotion you deserve as you can update your policy in a quick and easy way.

Car Insurance Quote: You can apply for car insurance quote with their “right here and now approach” avoiding long queues and losing your precious time.

  • You can dial 086 000 9872 or send them your personal information through their website and they will call you back so as you can talk with them about any doubt that you have about the car insurance plan. It is a very easy and convenient process!

  • Alternatively, you can get your quote by completing their 3-step detailed in their site. They are the following:

  • You have to introduce yourself: Fill the application form with your personal details such as name, surname and contact information.

  • You have to tell them what they need to know as regards your car. In this step, you have to tell them the kind of car you have and who is the common driver of it. Remember to be precise with the information, otherwise you will get an incorrect cover. You should also give them additional options that you would like to apply for.

  • You will receive your quote. Once you click “calculate”, you will see how cheaper they are. If you agree with the amount expressed there, you should click “call me” and a professional member of their staff will call you to finish the process.

Additional benefits and policy plans:

  • Emergency assist: Call them on 0860 55 55 23 if you have a flat tyre, dead battery or you are just out of petrol.

  • Decreasing premiums: They really worry about keeping prices down so that you can apply and get covered.

  • South African special risk insurance association: This is an extra plan, which protects you against politically motivated incidents including damages caused to your property by riots, vandals, among other circumstances.

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Questions and Answers

Please may i have qoute
Of course, please check our options.
Do I need to sign any documentation for getting the cover?
It is not necessary because all their conversations (by phone) or recorded so as to protect client´s rights and also their rights.
Can I start form the cheapest car insurance package?
Yes, you can, and then you can get the promotion you deserve because you can update your policy.
Can I call for emergency assist in case I run out of petrol?
Yes. You can call them on 0860 55 55 23 if you have a flat tyre, dead battery or even if you are just out of petrol.

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