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Understanding how important it is for you to keep your precious car safe, we have come to help you on buying the best car insurance cover for it. Of course, we also understand it may be difficult to afford proper cover so, you’ll also find how to lower your premium without giving up a reasonable level of protection. Particularly in this article, you get to know about King Price car insurance service and, how to choose the best alternative. There’s also sound information on how they work to make sure we can help you get a fine and accessible product to get your driving safe.

What services are included on King Price Car Insurance?    

King Price is known for having one of the most complete vehicle insurance service. Besides offering the 3 standard covers, they offer an uncountable number of extra plans and benefits making sure their clients find exactly what their cars need. For example, comprehensive car insurance customers have full access to King Price roadside assistance which is available 24/7. Apart from that, among their additional car insurance plans you’ll find:

  • A plan to take care of those minor scratch and dents that ruin your car’s look. Here, you’ll see hail damage is included

  • There’s a plan taking care of your credit shortfall in case you’re still paying for your car while you use it.

  • You might also want to include car warranty to have King Price covering reparation costs for your car.

You know nothing is free so, you will have an increase in your premium by choosing one or more of these covers but, ultimately, it’s on your hand to know which is worth paying for.

What about King Price Car Insurance Online Quotes? Are there affordable?  

First, as King Price chief aim is to provide South Africans a car insurance quote they can’t reject, they take this particular step seriously. Therefore, they won’t give you your quote by just submitting information to a computer but, they will call you to get to know what you look for in a friendly conversation. Through that chat, they’ll explain everything you need to know about the vehicle insurance plan you want to purchase. All the same, having this personalized attention will have a really positive consequence as, you have higher chances of getting not only an affordable quote but also, the perfect protection for your vehicle. There’s even a hidden benefit for you: as you get a personalized quote, you will know if you can afford to add some extra car insurance plan to avoid having to pay out of your pocket in the future. As simple as that, you can manage to get a reasonable car insurance quote

When do I have to pay excess with King Price Car Insurance covers?  

Excess fees will be agreed on your King Price car insurance policy so, make sure to read and understand it before signing it. The reason is simple: when will you be responsible of paying excess and, for what amount are based on the following factors:

  • The insurance cover you choose for your car.

  • The decision you make as regards premium – excess relation (remember the higher the premium, the lower the excess and, the other way around)

  • The type of claim you make. It’s not the same to have a minor chip claim than, to be involved in a mayor car accident.

  • Also, excess will be affected by possible additional car insurance cover you buy as, for instance, you can claim scratch and dent if you previously paid for that cover. If not, you might have to pay higher excess.

Basically, take everything into consideration before agreeing on your excess policy.

8 risks King Price Car Insurance Comprehensive Cover takes responsibility for   

Paying for the best comprehensive vehicle insurance is about analyzing risks that need to be taken care of. At King Price, through a car insurance comprehensive coverage they are willing to take part of solutions when:

  • accidents your car gets involved in occur, whether they are caused by other cars or by your own.

  • Yu need to repair damage made to the insured car due to different causes (intent theft, fire, natural disaster)

  • Paying for medical costs you might need on car accidents. Besides, it takes care of 3rd party drivers being affected when the accident was your fault, of course.

  • Total lost of your vehicle is caused by theft or, also, by fire.

In addition, if you get this plan, you can insure more cars with the same plan and get discounts on your premium to keep saving money. So, it’s the perfect way you can make sure to have all your cars protected at the cheapest cost.

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Can I take Courtesy Car cover when buying car insurance to King Price?     

One of the issues most drivers worry about when having a car problem comes after the event takes place. What I mean is that, if we imagine you have an accident and your car  needs to be fixed to get in perfect driving conditions again, you have to find solutions to get to work, get your children to school, go to the supermarket and, to keep up with your routine without having your daily means of transport. In these cases, it was common to refer to Courtesy Cars insurance companies used to offer but, nowadays, there’s a new cover you can add to your plan: Car Hire. Such option will assist you with a rented car you can use while your car’s been getting ready to drive it again.  At King Price, they request your car gets repaired by their suppliers and, that you meet the requirements the rental company demands. If those points are covered, you’ll have up to a month car hire service.

King Price vs OUTsurance: Compare Car Insurance Plans    

Sometimes, readers have already few car insurance companies in mind when landing in our platform and they look for help to finish deciding about it. A common battle is done between King Price and OUTsurance. Starting, they have similar car insurance plans but, OUTsurance’s basic cover already includes fire and theft risks.

Then, it is possible to draw a line between them when referring to extra benefits. These differences will be your guide to decide which vehicle insurance company is best for your car. On one side, OUTsurance Car Insurance gives their clients cash back when complying with certain requirements like, having no claims made through a stated period. On the other hand, King Price thinks it’s better to offer you a lower premium instead of giving you your own money back. So, even though they don’t have cash bonus benefits, they are willing to decrease your premium amount each month. Simply, you must study which of these benefits is more appealing to you.

King Price Car Insurance Reviews: good or bad?       

In order to look at King Price’s reviews, it’s necessary to make a simple revision of what we have said in this article. Judging from all the information we gathered, it’s possible to say King Price motor vehicle insurance can be the company that makes it feasible for you to drive safe. Not only do they offer great coverage but also, they have a clear purpose of making you pay the cheapest premium. In addition, they do so by having a reasonable thinking about what should vehicle insurance companies should charge their clients for.

How do I cancel my King Price Car Insurance?     

For King Price existing car insurance customers thinking about canceling such service, I must encourage you to think about the risks of driving without protection. If you no longer want King Price car insurance, search for another company before leaving your vehicle unsafe to get car insurance immediately after you finish your existing cover. By just calling King Price and informing them about your decision, they’ll take you over the steps to cancel your product. So, be informed about your options to don’t waste time getting a new cover.

How to get in touch with King Price Car Insurance? Contact Details

Of course, you will find many ways to communicate with King Price car insurance consultants and, of course, you can use the one you prefer. Next, you’ll find the most useful. For example, to get your motor vehicle insurance with them by phone, the number is 08-60-50-50-50. Then, to send them an email, you can write to At last, they will always be willing to help you in person if you go to one of their branches in South Africa.

King Price Car Insurance

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King Price Office hours

Monday to Friday: 8 am – 5 pm

Does Car insurance have discount?

Yes! When getting insurance for 2 or more vehicles

Finally, we can advise you to think about what you have read here but also, to add information by reading about the different types of vehicle insurance plans to find out the best coverage for your car effortlessly

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Do I need to sign any documentation for getting the cover?

It is not necessary because all their conversations (by phone) or recorded so as to protect client´s rights and also their rights.

Can I start form the cheapest car insurance package?

Yes, you can, and then you can get the promotion you deserve because you can update your policy.

Can I call for emergency assist in case I run out of petrol?

Yes. You can call them on 0860 55 55 23 if you have a flat tyre, dead battery or even if you are just out of petrol.

Please may i have qoute

Of course, please check our options.

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