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Momentum Car Insurance - How to Save 23% in South Africa

If you are thinking of car insurance in South Africa, Momentum is a company that you can rely on. We want to delve into the insurance cover they can offer your to help you be prepared when buying the right plan. Explore this article and find out all the details you need.

Momentum car insurance quote online

Getting a car insurance quote has never been this easy. With Momenture insurance, you can get your car insurance quoted online in minutes. You, however, need to provide the insurer with important information to get a proper quote.

Remember, the more information you provide, the better the car insurance quote. You can get Momentum care insurance quotes directly from the company's website or third-party platforms. If you are keen on comparing their insurance with similar products in the market, then choosing a third-party option is the best option. This will allow you to compare what other insurers offer, as these generate quotes from several insurance companies. Here are some of the information you will need to enter:

  1. Name of the car owner
  2. National ID
  3. Vehicle ID
  4. Car Mileage
  5. Your address
  6. Vehicle Model

Momentum car insurance calculator

Car insurance calculators are a great tool to help you estimate your car insurance policy cost. Momentum has incorporated this in its website to ensure potential customers can access and estimate their premiums. All they need to do is enter crucial information like their ID, car identification number, mileage, address, etc., to get the amount they will potentially pay for their coverage.

Which car insurance cover can I Access in Momentum?

Momentum provides clients with different types of insurance. When it comes to vehicle insurance, it has many options to offer depending on the vechicle. You can access vehicle insurance and watercraft insurance. You can earn cash back, rely on a service in case you have a roadside emergency, and even download the app so that you can have everything you need at your fingertips. Besides, you can multiple discounts and rewards. In case you have an emergency down the road, you can contact the following numbers:

  • 0860 784 767

  • +27 12 675 3047

How can I get cash back with Momentum car insurance?

Whether you make a claim or not, it is possible for you earn cash back at Momentum to a maximum of 30% on your home and car insurance premiums per year. This is a feature that works as a part of multiply rewards. Clients also have the possibility to pick the Momentum Rewards benefit, which is completely optional. With it, you can obtain 15% back of your premiums in cash. This applies if you have claims for free that are consecutive for four times.

How do I do with Momentum car insurance excess?

In case you are wondering about Momentum car insurance excess, you can get in touch with the company and ask about this feature or otherwise make use of the app and find more information about it. The company makes no statements regarding insurance excess, so you should contact it in order to find out more information.

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Which are Momentum car insurance reviews?

Many customers have claimed different experiences with the company. Here you can view different opinions:

  • “the company provided me with comprehensive cover which is very complete since it includes storage and towing, cover against hijacking and fire, cover against explosion, accidents and acts of nature”

  • “I asked for a limited cover sine I could not afford a comprehensive cover and it was actually quite good. It offers liability to other people, cover against theft and fire although it does not include cover against explosion or accidents”.

Which are Momentum car insurance benefits?

The company Momentum has a lot of advantages in your favor. These are some of the benefits you can enjoy at Momentum:

  • Get access to reliable insurance in short term periods

  • Insurance will allow you to protect valuables that you really appreciate such as personal belonging and vehicle or home

  • Obtain a cashback bonus of 30%

  • Have roadside assistance included for free and available the 24 hours a day

  • Cover needs in a tailored way

You can get quality cover for:

  • Building insurance

  • Car insurance

  • Insurance for your home contents

  • Watercraft insurance

  • Insurance for your personal belongings

Does Momentum offer car insurance roadside assistance?

The company Momentum does offer car insurance roadside assistance. The service meant to cover this need is called Momentum Assist and it is ideal for road, legal and home emergencies. Home Drive is include too, which means that the company will provide a service for you not drive if you are not in the condition to do so. Momentum assist is a reliable and free service. You can have access to it twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Is there a Momentum car insurance contact number?

In case you need to reach the company Momentum, you can do by calling at different phone numbers, depending on the service that you want or need:

  • If you need an emergency rescue number, you can call for healthcare at 082 911

  • If you need emergency and roadside services, then you can call at 0860 784 767

Are there any other Momentum car insurance contact details?

You can actually leave your contact details for service enquiries and submit your name, cell phone number, surname, ID, and pick a product that you need. The company will reach you.

Are there a Momentum car insurance contact details in Durban?

The head office is located in Centurion. In case you need the contact details in Durban, what you can do is call the company via phone number or you can make use of the app. You can download it from the app store or from Google play. It is a way of getting a convenient access to rewards and products. You can even submit claims.

Is Momentum car insurance convenient in South Africa?

In case you were wondering, Momentum is a great company for vehicle insurance in South Africa. Here are some details:


To get a quote, you have to provide Momentum with your information

Telephone number

0860 784 767


Download it for free from Google app or Google store

In case you have any doubt you can ask for assistance. 

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Questions and answers

I have been trying to get an app, whenever I register it's either an invalid email or invalid character on password. It is so frustrating, I can't upload car photos. I am already paying for insurance, but not sure if I'm covered because I just can't upload photos.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the insurance app and the registration process to be covered by your insurance, you can contact the support customer service and explain your situation. They should be able to help you with these technical issues, so you can upload the photos. Being unable to use the app, does not mean you do not have an insurance coverage.

What types of vehicles do they insure?

They insure all South African registered motorcars, light delivery vehicles (LDV), caravans and trailers.

What does insurance for buildings include?

It includes cover for any fixed structures you own or rent such as home, outbuildings, fittings and fixtures.

Does household insurance protect you against stolen or damaged personal possessions?

Yes, in case your personal possessions are stolen or damaged, you can get a free 24-hour home assistance.

How can i have a proof of being insured with momentum?

Once you have registered with Momentum and paid for the first month, the company can give you a credential and you can keep it while driving in case of inspections

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