Momentum Car Insurance: Best Coverage and Benefits | Review

Momentum Car Insurance: Best Coverage and Benefits | Review

Momentum Car Insurance has established itself as a significant player in South Africa's insurance sector, offering a variety of comprehensive insurance solutions that cater to both individuals and businesses. With its inception in 1966, Momentum has grown to become a trusted name, providing clients with a range of insurance products tailored to meet their unique needs and lifestyles.

As we delve into the offerings of Momentum Car Insurance, it's essential to understand how their services stand out in the dynamic insurance market of South Africa. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Momentum Car Insurance, exploring its various aspects from coverage options to customer experiences.

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Who is Momentum Car Insurance in South Africa and What does it do?

Momentum Car Insurance, a subsidiary of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Group, offers a comprehensive range of insurance products. They provide customised solutions that go beyond just safeguarding vehicles, including insurance for trailers, caravans, motorbikes, and bicycles, along with building and home contents insurance. With a focus on meeting the individual needs of their clients, Momentum strives to offer solutions that align with the unique requirements of South African families and businesses.

Who owns Momentum Car Insurance?

Momentum Car Insurance is part of the larger Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Group, a company with a rich history and strong presence in South Africa's insurance landscape. The Group's strategic acquisitions over the years have cemented its position as a leading insurer, offering a broad spectrum of financial and insurance services.

Who is Momentum Car Insurance underwritten by?

Momentum Car Insurance policies are underwritten by Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Group, ensuring that each policyholder receives the backing of a robust and financially secure institution. This underwriting guarantees that Momentum is more than capable of honouring its commitments to policyholders.

Momentum Car Insurance is good?

When assessing the quality and reliability of Momentum Car Insurance, a generic opinion, based on the gathered benefits and reviews from the articles provided, suggests a positive outlook. With its comprehensive coverage options, dedicated customer service, and innovative rewards programs, Momentum Car Insurance stands out as a dependable choice in the South African insurance market.

Customers particularly appreciate the range of cover options and the flexibility in tailoring insurance products to their specific needs. The incorporation of technology, such as the Drive Momentum app, adds a modern touch to their services, enhancing both convenience and safety for policyholders.

Additionally, feedback from independent review platforms like HelloPeter and TrustPilot indicates a solid performance by Momentum Car Insurance, with an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. This rating reflects a generally positive reception from customers, highlighting Momentum’s commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Momentum Car Insurance benefits

Momentum Car Insurance stands out for its comprehensive coverage and customer-centric benefits. They offer a range of benefits that include 24-hour roadside assistance, emergency medical services, and a variety of discounts and rewards for safe driving. Moreover, their innovative Drive Momentum app encourages and rewards safe driving behaviour, adding an extra layer of value to their policies.

What are the advantages of Momentum Car Insurance?

Momentum Car Insurance offers several key advantages that make it a preferred choice for many South Africans. The comprehensive nature of their insurance solutions, which cover a wide array of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, trailers, and watercraft, ensures that customers have ample choice and flexibility. Additionally, their fixed premium policy for the first year, even post-claim, provides financial predictability and stability for policyholders.

Another significant advantage is the Momentum Safety Rewards program, which incentivizes safe driving. This innovative approach not only promotes better driving habits but also offers tangible rewards, enhancing the overall value proposition of their insurance offerings.

What are the disadvantages of Momentum Car Insurance?

Despite its numerous benefits, there are certain aspects where Momentum Car Insurance might not meet everyone's needs. As with any insurance provider, specific policy terms and conditions might not align perfectly with every individual's unique requirements. Furthermore, while their comprehensive cover is extensive, it might come at a higher cost compared to more basic insurance options available in the market.

What Does Momentum Car Insurance Cover?

Momentum Car Insurance provides a comprehensive range of coverage options to suit the varied needs of its clients. Whether it's for a family car, a collector's vehicle, or a business fleet, Momentum has tailored solutions to protect against the unexpected.

Momentum Select Car Insurance

Momentum Select offers extensive cover for cars, trailers, motorcycles, caravans, and watercraft. This plan stands out for its no-excess charge on damaged sound equipment and windscreen repairs, making it an attractive option for those seeking extensive coverage.

  • Coverage for cars, trailers, motorcycles, caravans, and watercraft.
  • No excess charge on damaged sound equipment or windscreen repairs.
  • Competitive premiums and flexible policy options.

Momentum Priceless Car Insurance

The Momentum Priceless plan provides an even more comprehensive cover, extending to the same types of vehicles as the Select plan. This option is ideal for those seeking an all-encompassing insurance solution for their vehicles, combined with personal insurance such as home contents and portable possessions insurance.

  • Extends to the same vehicles covered by the Select plan, with added benefits.
  • Higher coverage limits and additional features for comprehensive protection.
  • Ideal for those seeking more than the standard insurance solutions.

Momentum Envoy Car Insurance

Tailored for collectors and high-value vehicles, the Momentum Envoy plan includes after-repair vehicle delivery and at-home or workplace vehicle assessment. It caters specifically to high-net-worth individuals requiring a more personalised insurance solution.

  • Specifically designed for high-value and collector vehicles.
  • Includes after-repair vehicle delivery and at-home or workplace assessment.
  • Premium service and coverage tailored for high-net-worth individuals.

How Does Momentum Car Insurance Cover Work?

Feature/Coverage Momentum Select Momentum Priceless Momentum Envoy
Standard Vehicle Cover
High-Value Vehicle Cover
Sound Equipment No Excess
Windscreen Repair No Excess
Premium Coverage Limits
After-Repair Vehicle Delivery
Personalised Assessment

How do I claim Momentum Car Insurance?

The claims process with Momentum Car Insurance is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free. Policyholders can file a claim through the Momentum App or contact centre, with claims experts guiding them through every step of the process.

How can I get cash back with Momentum car insurance?

Momentum offers up to 30% cashback on premiums through their Safety Bonus program. Policyholders can earn this by maintaining a high safety score, as tracked by the Momentum App, and through the Multiply Rewards program.

What is the excess for Momentum Car Insurance and How does it work?

Momentum maintains a fixed excess fee policy, offering transparency and predictability for policyholders. This approach ensures that there are no hidden costs when making a claim, providing peace of mind and financial clarity.

Momentum Car Insurance Quote in South Africa

Obtaining a quote from Momentum Car Insurance is a straightforward process. Potential customers can visit the Momentum website and use the easy-to-navigate interface to fill in their personal and vehicle details. This online quoting tool is designed to provide a quick and accurate estimate of the insurance premium, tailored to the specific needs and details provided.

How to Get a Momentum Insurance Quote Online?

Visit the Momentum Car Insurance Website: Navigate to the official website of Momentum Car Insurance.

  1. Locate the Quote Option: On the homepage, look for and click on the “Get a Quote” or similar option.
  2. Select Insurance Type: Choose the type of insurance you're interested in, like car insurance, home insurance, etc.
  3. Enter Personal Details: Provide your personal information, including your full name, ID number, email address, and contact number.
  4. Vehicle Information: Fill in details about your vehicle, such as make, model, year, and vehicle identification number (VIN).
  5. Driving History: Input details about your driving history, including any previous claims or points on your license.
  6. Choose Additional Coverages: Select any additional coverages or extras you wish to include, like comprehensive cover, roadside assistance, etc.
  7. Submit and Review: Review all the information for accuracy and then submit the form.
  8. Receive Your Quote: Momentum Car Insurance will generate a quote based on your provided information. Review this quote to understand the coverage and cost.
  9. Contact for Customisation or Purchase: If you need further customisation or wish to purchase the policy, contact Momentum Car Insurance for assistance.

How to Quote Online in Quotes Advisor?

For those seeking a comparative approach, Quotes Advisor offers an excellent platform. Here, you can input your details and receive quotes not just from Momentum Car Insurance but also from other leading insurers in South Africa. This comparative tool is invaluable for those looking to balance coverage with cost-effectiveness.

How Do I Contact Momentum?

  • Momentum Car Insurance Contact Number: 
  • Momentum Assist for car and home insurance: 0860 784 767
  • Sales and client services: 0860 006 784
  • Momentum Insurance Email Address:
  • Momentum head office: 268 West Avenue, Centurion, 0157

Momentum Car Insurance Reviews

Many customers have claimed different experiences with the company. Here you can view different opinions:

“The company provided me with comprehensive cover which is very complete since it includes storage and towing, cover against hijacking and fire, cover against explosion, accidents and acts of nature”

“I asked for limited cover because I couldn't afford comprehensive cover and it was actually quite good. It offers liability to other people, cover against theft and fire although it does not include cover against explosion or accidents”.

Hello Peter Price Review

Hello Peter, a well-known review platform, features customer reviews and ratings for Momentum Car Insurance. These reviews provide insights into customer experiences, pricing, and the quality of services offered, offering a balanced view of the insurer from a consumer perspective.

Trustpilot Insurance Reviews

Trustpilot, another reputable review site, also hosts reviews and ratings for Momentum Car Insurance. These reviews offer further insights into customer satisfaction and service quality, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the insurer's standing in the market.


In conclusion, Momentum Car Insurance emerges as a solid choice for comprehensive vehicle insurance in South Africa. With its range of coverage options, customer-focused services, and innovative rewards programs, Momentum stands out as a provider committed to delivering quality and value to its policyholders.


How Do I Cancel My Momentum Car Insurance?

Cancelling your Momentum Car Insurance policy involves contacting their customer service through the provided channels. They will guide you through the cancellation process, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience.

How Do I Claim My Windscreen at Momentum?

To claim windscreen damage, contact Momentum's claim service. They will provide you with the necessary steps and documentation required to process your claim efficiently.

Does Momentum Offer Car Insurance Roadside Assistance?

Yes, Momentum Car Insurance includes comprehensive roadside assistance in its policies, providing support for various on-road emergencies.

Are There Momentum Car Insurance Contact Details in Durban?

For specific regional queries, such as in Durban, Momentum provides contact details on their website, enabling local customers to reach out to their nearest office for tailored assistance.

Writer: Cristian Rennella

Update date: 29/02/2024

Preguntas Frecuentes

What types of vehicles do they insure?

They insure all South African registered motorcars, light delivery vehicles (LDV), caravans and trailers.

What does insurance for buildings include?

It includes cover for any fixed structures you own or rent such as home, outbuildings, fittings and fixtures.

Does household insurance protect you against stolen or damaged personal possessions?

Yes, in case your personal possessions are stolen or damaged, you can get a free 24-hour home assistance.

How can i have a proof of being insured with momentum?

Once you have registered with Momentum and paid for the first month, the company can give you a credential and you can keep it while driving in case of inspections

I have been trying to get an app, whenever I register it's either an invalid email or invalid character on password. It is so frustrating, I can't upload car photos. I am already paying for insurance, but not sure if I'm covered because I just can't upload photos.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the insurance app and the registration process to be covered by your insurance, you can contact the support customer service and explain your situation. They should be able to help you with these technical issues, so you can upload the photos. Being unable to use the app, does not mean you do not have an insurance coverage.

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