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Can I Get Santam Car Insurance in South Africa? Queries, Quotes and Contact Details

Santam Car Insurance South AfricaAbout the company

The South African National Trust and Assurance Company Limited (Santam) was founded in Cape Town in 1918. Its logo, a yellow umbrella, symbolizes the extensive cover that Satam products offer and the peacefulness that they generate in the company’s clients.

Satam is considered the best commercial and personal short term insurer in South Africa, a reputation reinforced by several awards including the 2014 insurer of the year of the Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa.

Nowadays, Satam has a subsidiary in Namibia and a joint partnership in India with Sanlam and Shriram General Insurance Co Ltd, and they share 23% of the South African market.

According to the company website, the key to their success is the principle they hold: “that insurance is something that should add value and peace of mind, not questions, uncertainty, parameters or excuses”

This company has four diverse business units:

  • Santam Commercial (for enterprices) and Personal (for individuals)

  • Santam Specialist (specialized businesses such as agriculture)

  • MiWay (short term business insurance)

  • Santam RE (reinsurance service provider)

Among the personal products, you can find car insurance, building insurance, watercraft insurance and bonuses.

Reasons for a car insurance

Driving is an everyday activity that involves many risks, some of them can be caused unintentionally by you, and others can be caused by a third party to you. In any case, these risks have an economic impact and having an insurance can soften it.

A car insurance allows you to drive freely and safely knowing with the confidence that your insurer will protect you against risks and it will also convert these risks into rewards. As part of an organized and risk-sharing society, we should all have a car insurance to make driving a joyful experience.

Besides, a car is an important asset for a person’s economy, thus being covered against any damage or loss is a way of saving money and protecting your family savings.

Satam car insurance options

Satam has three different plans for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles and motorhomes. These are Comprehensive, Limited and Third Party Only.


This is the most complete of all the types since it includes loss and damage to your car and third party liability

Some of the benefits include:

  • The replacement of the vehicle after theft or loss.

  • The covering of costs for locks, keys and remote controls.

  • The covering of the repairs in case of theft or hijacking.

  • The accommodation in an emergency situation.

  • Trauma treatment.

Additional benefits:

Find the best insurance of South Africa

  • 4x4 vehicle owners can pay an extra amount for extended benefits that include a larger amount of cover for emergency repairs, coverage in other countries (Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. Extended countries mean we also cover your vehicle in Angola, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo), and vehicle rental.

  • High-price vehicle owners can extend their comprehensive plan to include coverage for loss of keys, tow-in, safeguarding after mechanical breakdown, among others.

  • Caravan or Trailer owners can extend their coverage to include the contents and accessories inside their vehicles.

When is it advisable to opt for this type?

There are a number of reasons that justify this choice:

  • You frequently travel long distances

  • Your vehicle belongs to the high-price category

  • You have not finish paying the total amount of your car

  • Your car is relatively new

  • You can afford its cost


This type of insurance covers against loss or damage as a result of fire, lighting, explosion, theft and attempted theft. It also includes coverage for third parties in case you are held legally liable of an accident.

This plan does not cover against damage to your own car in case of accident and it does not allow you to apply for the extra benefits.

When is it advisable to opt for this type of plan?

The main reason to hire this plan is that it is cheaper than the comprehensive plan. Besides, this plan is recommended for cars that are not so new or expensive.


This type of insurance only covers the cost of repairmen to a third party car if you are found legally liable.

When is it advisable to opt for this type of plan?

The main reason to hire this plan is that it is easily affordable. Besides, this plan is recommended for cheap and/or old cars or when you do not use your car frequently.

To get a quote you can call 0860 444 444 and talk to a specialized agent who will recommend you the best option according to your car and your personal economy. Another option is to enter and click on the top right option GET A QUOTE. A form will be displayed, you should fill it in with your personal data and a Satam agent will contact you as soon as possible.Car insurance quotes

Final comments

With the largest number of short term insurance clients, Satam is a leader insurer that offers clear and tailored solutions to suit all your personal and business needs. They also offer extra rewards for safe drivers and two-year-non-claim clients that are paid in cash or discounted to the monthly quote. This company also offers a free SOS service and a 24/7 emergency line. Besides you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter and get security tips and weather warnings for driving.

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Questions and Answers

Good day i want affordable cover, can I get it?
At Santam you can obtain affordable cover such as the most basic insurance which is the Third Party Only. Moroever, depending on the value of your car, the price can decrease
Are the plans for cars the same than for motorcycles?
Yes, these three plans are for cars, motorcycles and motorhomes
What is a short term insurance?
Short term insurance is a type of insurance that is hired for a set period of time. It includes all types of insurance except for life insurance. The client decides the time and the amount to insure.
Is it possible to have coverage outside South Africa?
The coverage outside South Africa is a special bonus that can be added to the comprehensive plan only.

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