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Car Insurance for Young Driver - Top 3 insurance for under 25

It’s of common knowledge how expensive it is to buy car insurance when you’re a young driver. This is so due to insurers seeing drivers around their early twenties as high risk clients. They assume a lack of responsibility when driving and so, they charge higher premiums to cover possible future claims. Next, you’ll read about car insurance for under 25 in South Africa and, how to deal with such issues to get cheap premiums.

Where can I find affordable car insurance for new drivers? 

Whether you are about to drive for the first time in your life or, you are an experienced driver already, there’s no reason you can’t get affordable vehicle insurance. However, in order to accomplish this, you will have to do some research before purchasing your motor vehicle insurance. The key is to compare not only prices but also, covers so as to really detect an affordable premium that encompasses the basic risks any vehicle face when being driven.

How much is car insurance Premium for young drivers?  

When we have to focus on how much premium may a South African driver under 25 would pay for insuring their vehicle, it is impossible not to talk about the high cost of it. If you are a young driver, people assume you have learnt how to drive recently and, you have little driving experience. This is one of the principal factors why vehicle insurance companies assume insuring a car you drive will be riskier for them. Before going on, let’s remember, companies must think about future claims you might make to cover them with your monthly premium and, as a result, the riskier they think you drive, the higher your premium will be.

Another important point to stand out in this matter is that your insurer may assume you, as a young person, don’t take driving well seriously, knowing how daredevil youngers are. As this are just assumptions, you can prove them wrong and get cheaper premiums after some time.

Car Insurance for new drivers in South Africa: get the cheapest  

Trying to find cheap car insurance for first time drivers might seems an impossible task but, you can solve this puzzle by investigating your options. On one hand, you must go over the different covers (from 3rd party to comprehensive coverage) to distinguish which one is for you.  Then, you must find out how much different companies charge for that cover you want to buy. An essential detail to pay attention is knowing exactly what each car insurance company includes in their packages to know if the price is, at least, reasonable.

Is there a company offering Car Insurance for under 26 in South Africa?  

The requirements to buy car insurance are simple: having your vehicle registered and, owning a driver license issued by South African Government. So, you won’t have problem getting car insurance being a young driver. All the same, we all know, drivers under 26 are charged with higher car insurance quotes until they get old enough. There is a car insurance company called Discovery that has a special benefit for those citizens facing such issue. At Discovery car insurance, you are allowed to get some rewards if you buy comprehensive protection and you are 25 years old top. As long as you prove you are a good driver, you can get some cash back depending on the status you gain. There are:

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By following the requirements Discovery demands, you can save even 95% of your premium. Besides, you can get fuel rewards on monthly basis which, clearly, it’s another way to save money while driving your insured vehicle.

How can you lower your premium by using a car insurance calculator if you’re a First Time driver?   

Although there aren’t vehicle insurance calculators for you to use freely, as it’s been said earlier, there are ways you can prove you don’t pose such a risk for the company when insuring a vehicle for the very first time.

  • For example, insurance entities usually have special rewards for good driving and this is your best chance to lower your premium by having some of your money back. If, once you buy your car insurance product, you drive your car in a responsible way and, you avoid having to lodge claims, the company might give you a percentage of your premium back. Of course, it’s imperative you make sure the insurer you choose offers such benefit.

  • Besides, you can analyse the extend of the car insurance cover you choose to delete details that are not important for you. For instance, scratch and dent cover might only solve an esthetical issue which, you might go without.

Do drivers under 21 pay more excess on their car insurance?

Taking car insurance for drivers under 25, we must have in mind everything will be more expensive, including excess. But, all the same, a young person getting vehicle insurance can manage their excess payment as he or she thinks is better. What do I mean by this? When you get your cover, which can be a basic or a more complete cover, you’ll get a quote to pay. That quote will be paid per month and, here’s the thing, you will decide how to balance your premium and excess cost. So, if you know you drive well and you will probably won’t have to make serious claims, you can choose to lower the premiums and increase your excess as, you have high chances of not having to pay it at all. But, on the contrary, if you know your car faces serious risks of being stolen or vandalised, for instance, you may reconsider to balance your premium and excess in a more beneficial way for you.  

Car Insurance for Young Drivers

What is it?

It’s a protection plan you get to cover for possible problems with your vehicle.

How does car insurance work for young drivers?

Unfortunately, young drivers usually get higher premiums on car insurance.

How to know about car insurance if you’re a first-time driver?

You must know, you can save money by following certain criteria when driving.

Now you know the perils of car insurance for young drivers and how to solve them, you can read about comprehensive car insurance to start studying your options.  

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Questions and answers

How does the insurer know about my driving?

The company can request you to install a tracker to your car to have information about your driving.

Do I have to submit different documents if I’m 20?

No, the required documents are the same.

What can I do if I can’t afford my car insurance premium for being a first time driver?

You can start by choosing a basic vehicle cover until you show your car insurance company you’re a responsible driver.

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