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5 Benefits of Discovery Car Insurance Plans. Save Money

How you protect your car says a lot about the kind of person you’re. You can act as a responsible citizen and, get car insurance to prevent yourself from future car related problems or, you can be lazy about it and do nothing. Of course, for the second option, you might have to face a big problem in the future that will make you spend a lot of money. To try to help you be the first type of person, I want to go deep on what Discovery Car Insurance offers in their covers.

How does Discovery Car Insurance work? 

Discovery, as you surely know, Is one of the most renowned insurance companies in South Africa. As regards their car insurance service, they provide their clients with a lot of alternatives to get protected. On one side, they have 4 motor vehicle insurance plans, which will be detailed some paragraphs onwards, and, on the other side, they have some rewards for good drivers. The combination of these characteristics ends up placing Discovery as a possible option for your motor vehicle car insurance.

Focusing on the diverse car insurance packages, it will be possible for you to get tailor-made cover paying just for what your car needs. Then, making an effort to drive well and avoid car accidents, will allow you to get some of your money back, which is something not any insurance entity pays attention to. Apart from this, Discovery latest technology has been crucial to implement some convenient gadget to assist you on the best way.

What do I need to get a Discovery Quote for car Insurance?  

To complement Discovery vehicle insurance advantages, they also include offering your quote online. Such important detail allows future clients to know about the price they’ll have to pay for car insurance from the comfort of their home. Of course, you will need to present accurate information about your car (year, make and model, etc) for them to study your quote. It’s essential you give true information about the features and general conditions of your vehicle as, in case you decide to buy Discovery car insurance, there’ll be a pre inspection in which Discovery specialists will verify that information is real. By the way, you need to know the quote they offered you online might be updated after such inspection so, you will only then have the official car insurance quote. Bear in mind, if you get an expensive quote, you can try to lower your premiums by buying a lower car insurance plan.

Will I find a Car Insurance calculator to know about my premium at Discovery?   

Unfortunately, is not common to have calculators for such cases as, it’s hard to get an estimated car insurance price without having specific information. However, although Discovery car insurance does not offer this service, if you’re convinced their product is for you, you can ask them a quote, before deciding the type of insurance cover for your car, as I have just explained. Afterwards, you can talk to Discovery consultants to arrange convenient payments for your car insurance.

What are the Benefits of the different Discovery Car Insurance plans?  

In this paragraph, I want to go over the different Discovery car insurance options to show you some benefits you can enjoy depending on which one you choose:

  • Purple Cover

  • Classic Cover

  • Essential Cover

  • Dynamic Cover

Purple and Classic Plans are the one that offers more protection, while Essential and Dynamic plans have the basic protection. Then, you’ll see particular covers to complement the plan you buy. For example, if you can pay for the lowest coverage, you can increase your cover with the following options:

  • If your car is written off, you are allowed to decrease the level of damage in which is considered as such.

  • For clients buying Purple Plan and owning many cars, Discovery decreases car insurance premiums as long as there’s only one of those cars used at a time.

  • If you buy car hire, you’re permitted to extend the period from 30 to 60 days.

What’s Discover Car Insurance Classic Plan about?  

Discovery’s Classic Plan for vehicle insurance is, as I said before, one of the highest level of protection to purchase at this insurer. Apart from the common coverage, getting Classic insurance will exempt you from paying excess in two situations, if your car gets stolen or suffers from weather conditions or, if it gets involved in a car accident caused by another insured vehicle. Another feature of this plan is you receive car hire for a month when needing to leave your vehicle at a panel beater. As an optional benefit, you can request Discovery to add Uber services to your Classic car insurance benefits. This benefit may be used if you don’t need to use a car that much when being repaired so, you can opt to have an Uber picking you up to get to your work, for example. Clearly, this is a more than efficient car insurance package to take into consideration.

Is it enough to get Discovery Essential Car Insurance to drive in South Africa?  

As regards legal issues, South African drivers don’t have to worry much as, car insurance is not mandatory yet. All the same, considering the threats driving around this country possess, you shouldn’t leave this product aside. You must cover your automobile for Third Party at least to be able of paying for damages you might cause to another vehicle. The Essential cover Discovery doesn’t include the benefits I’ve just named from Classic Plans. However, Essential include assistance for emergency roadside issues like, towing your broken car. This plan will also pay for trauma support as, Discovery understands a car accident may leave some psychological effect and, they want to help you get back on the road soon enough. Then, for minor problems related to car keys, remote controls or your car locks, you can also use your Essential plan to solve it. Finally, it includes liability cover in car accidents.

Does Discovery Car Insurance cover tyres?   

Tyre cover is not detailed under any Discovery car insurance covers. You have 2 options.

1) Discuss with their assistance to try to add it as optional cover, paying a higher premium of course.

2) Look around for another insurance company offering such service. For example,FNB Car insurance includes tyre change on their Roadside Assistance service.

Frankly, it’s up to you to determine how important it is to get this cover for your vehicle.

Does Discovery has Pay as you Drive option?   

After carefully researching about Discovery car insurance, I have to tell you such option is not available on their vehicle insurance products. Although this cover seems to be very popular in another countries, here in South Africa is not that common.  

What does Discovery include on Roadside Assistance? Do I get it with my car insurance policy?   

Being aware of the risks any South African citizen faces when driving, Discovery has some special services to help you when you’re using your vehicle. For example, if you choose to get it, there’s a DQ-Track you can get in your vehicle. Such gadget will perceive a considerable impact your car may suffer and Discovery will instantly be notified to assist you on the accident. This way, you will get help faster than with any other car insurance company.

Are there Rewards from Discovery Car Insurance?  

Nowadays, companies are trying to stimulate responsible driving so, they’ve come up with some solutions. At Discovery car insurance, there are certain rewards for clients meeting some requirements when driving their vehicles. Some of those rewards involve getting half the fuel you use on your vehicle for free or getting 20 % less when buying tiger wheel and tyre. Then, if you have purchased Dynamic Plan car insurance, your premium can be lowered up to 12%. There’s also a particular case when young drivers get car insurance at Discovery. For those who are 25 years old top, you might get a lower premium. What’s more, if you prove you drive well, on top of that discount, you can take advantage of the benefits I’ve just told you. Even though Discovery car insurance rewards don’t include giving you cash back, you still gain money paying less on premiums, fuel and so on.

How does Discovery Vitality work?    

Discovery Vitality is the program Discovery car insurance uses to know about their client’s driver behavior in order to make rewards effective. Once you buy your motor vehicle insurance with this company, you have to join this program and permit Discovery to install a tracker to your car to get the information about how you drive. Once everything is ready, you just have to use your vehicle properly to get the benefits. As you drive your car, you will be earning points on your Vitality Drive to be allowed to get the rewards. Of course, the discounts on premiums and fuel will vary according to your Vitality Driver points which, in turns, depends on your driving behavior. The best part is there are plenty of ways to increase your score. For example, as Discovery will know about your past driver history, they will give you goals for you to reach, always trying to improve this practice. If those goals are achieved, you gain points

Reviews about Discovery Car Insurance: is it good?    

There’s a question that drivers looking for Discovery car insurance usually ask: Is Discovery Car Insurance good? As you could read, this company has thought on every detail to provide their clients with the most efficient service but, the only way to know for sure how they work is by paying attention to their clients. Now, I’ll describe some of the most shared comments about Discovery car insurance products. The majority of their customers praise Discovery high technology that has been so effective on assisting them on whether related warnings or, when having car accidents. They even let you now if your car’s being driven by someone else. Then, as regards specific features, the fact that you can get 25% discounts on Uber service is something they think really makes a difference when having your car broken as, you spend a lot of money on transportation over the time it takes to have it fixed.   

Discovery Car Insurance vs OUTsurance Car Insurance: Which is best? 

These are two great car insurance providers, each of them offering amazing products. However, there’s only one of them that’s perfect for your car. In order to find out which one to choose, you need to compare their products. As I’ve referred to Discovery in this article, let’s research briefly about OUTsurance car insurance. For instance, as you’ve already read, at Discovery you’ll find 4 car insurance covers but, OUTsurance only has 2. Either way, OUTsurance also offers additional covers that allows you to fit your insurance perfectly to your car. Besides, you will also get some benefits at OUTsurance like, for instance, cash back if you remain claim free, 12 months guarantee for your premium or in case you need to make some repair adjustment to your vehicle and, emergency assistance on the road at no extra cost. Having this information, you can now know which company can provide you with the service you’re looking for your car.

Discovery Car Insurance: Contact Details in SouthAfrica      

I want to dedicate some lines to Discovery Car Insurance contact detail as, it will be the last piece of information you need to get these amazing products for your vehicle. You will get phone number and email address for you to choose the method you think is more convenient.

What’s the Email Address to contact Discovery Car insurance?   

Discovery car insurance has the next email address to answer any doubt South African car owners might have before paying for car insurance: Of course, you can write them at any time and wait for the response while you do your things.

What Telephone Number to call to get Car insurance with Discovery?   

By dialing 08 60 75 17 51 you can get to discuss your car insurance options to one of Discovery car insurance consultants. They will assist you on your quote and covers in the most friendly and respectful way.

Discovery Car Insurance

Number to call Discovery


Working on Saturdays?

Yes! They open in the morning up to 1 pm.

Discovery Requirements

Just the basic: showing your driver license and ID.

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I think you have plenty of reasons to understand why getting motor vehicle insurance is so important in South Africa. Besides, you could read about a great company willing to assist you on such topic. Now, it’s your turn to take the next step and protect your car.

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Questions and answers

What’s liability cover about?

It covers the cost the other party will have in order to fix their car after an accident your own vehicle caused.

How do I know if someone is driving my car?

You will find out through your smartphone. It will show you where is it in the exact moment you check.

How can I claim my discovery points? I was filling petrol and using discover card for points and now I have cancelled discovery car insurance because of my premium increase which I can not afford now

You need to contact Discovery Car Insurance them if your points are active. As, you have cancelled your insurance with them, your points may not count. It depends on when you cancelled your product.

I have a 1992 caravan - value r110,000 - would you give me insurance on the van?

You can insure your caravan with Discovery by paying monthly installments of about R 1000 a month

Do they work on Sundays?

No, at the weekend, they only work on Saturday up to 1 p.m.

Do they offer the same quote to any vehicle?

No, Discovery needs to know some specific characteristics in order to prepare the right quote for your car.

Can I apply if I’m 20?

Yes! Discovery offers the Young Adult benefit for those drivers who are 26 years old top.

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