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What is the Discovery Car Insurance Quote? Requirements and Contact Information

    Getting the right insurance cover for your car, can be a stressful activity. However, as long as you get properly informed, you can trust to end up with the best product. In order to help you with this, we'll develop some basic information about a well-known insurance company in South Africa: Discovery. After reading this article, you’ll understand what can you do to get the best quote with this company. Besides, you’ll get the contact information to reach them and get a car insurance.

What is the main purpose of having car insurance?

    To answer this question, it’s necessary to explain what is a car insurance. You may also find it as Vehicle Insurance or Auto Insurance and, it refers to the service provided to financially protect vehicles from possible risks. Among these risks, we can name physical damage to your car or bodily injury as a result of a car accident. Also, you can protect the vehicle from theft and, damages caused by other situations like, natural disaster, for example.

    So, the answer to this question would be that the main purpose of insuring your vehicle is to be able of driving it knowing you have financial support for any event that may occur. We all know, these events involve spending a lot of money and, this support will be helpful to go through that patch spending the least amount of money possible.

What does an Auto Insurance Cover? What are the Plans Discovery offers?

    Let’s take a look at the risks that are covered in the insurance policy. First of all, these are the general alternatives you may find; however, they will depend on the particular insurance products the company offers. In general, you may cover your car against damages or theft, like we mentioned but, you have other options like legal assistance if they arise from traffic collisions, damages caused by acts of vandalism, road assistance during trips, and more.

If we refer to Discovery, these are the options they have for their clients:

  • You can use car hire for a month, while your car is being repaired.

  • You’ll be benefited with emergency assistance on the road.

  • If you need to get your car towed and storage, you can include it in your plan.

  • Discovery also offers to pay the cost of new keys, locks and remote control if they get lost or damaged.

  • In case you experience a traumatic situation, like a car accident, Discovery will provide you Trauma Support.

  • Personal liability is also included in the plans.

These are some of the options you can choose from, which you may find in four different plans:  Dynamic Plan, Essential Plan, Classical Plan and Executive Plan. There’s an important benefit worth mentioning for Classic and Executive plans. These 2 options include the cancelation of the excess if any of these two situations happens:

                1- If you have claims related to theft or weather damages.

                2- If you are involved in an accident that was caused by other vehicle that is insured.

How can I get an Auto Insurance with Discovery?

    By getting in contact with them, you can acquire the best insurance cover for your car. You can either reach them by phone, 08 60 75 17 51, or email them, Apart from these options, you can register in their web page and ask them to get in contact with you. All you need to register is to submit your name and surname, cell phone number and ID and, click the “Call Me Back” button.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

What requirements will Discovery ask me?

    In order to get a car insurance form Discovery, you need to be in proper age to get involved in a contract, live in South Africa and have all the documents of your car in order. Besides, you need to present documentation as backup of your identity and the information you submitted. There’s a relevant point to clarify: your car must be used with no commercial purposes. If this is your case, you need to look for a commercial car insurance.

    The reason why how the car is utilized exists because when you use the vehicle to transport goods or people, there are more points to take into account. On one part, the car can get damaged due to the excessive use and, on the other, if a car accident occurs, you may have random passengers involved who would also need to be covered.

How good is Discovery car insurance? Client’s Reviews

    Now, we have gathered some testimonies form Discovery’s clients to analyse the service they offer and, provide you with real experiences from this company. All in all, they say they are pleased to have covered their cars with this entity. The point they stood up the most is that, when they were involved in a car accident or, they had car problems in the middle of the road, they were immediately contacted by Discovery to assist them. They felt protected and accompanied while they had to wait for the tow truck, which is something you need to feel in that situation in order to stay calm.

How to compare different car insurance plans?

    To reach the aim of getting the best cover, you need to get information from different entities. I’ll leave you here, two other car insurance companies working in South Africa for you to get all the data you need: they’re budget insurance and Auto & General. After having read those articles, you can also use our platform to compare quotes from different companies and, get the beast deal for you.


I prepared the following table to simplify the most important information you need to insure your car with Discovery.

Requirement your car need to comply with

It can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Contact Phone Number


Email Address

    To conclude, we all know owing a car has great advantages but, it also represents acquiring great responsibility. Every driver needs to be properly prepared to confront any unplanned circumstance that may occur. Luckily, Discover can be the perfect solution to drive with peace of mind.

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Questions and Answers

I have a 1992 caravan - value r110,000 - would you give me insurance on the van?
You can insure your caravan with Discovery by paying monthly installments of about R 1000 a month
Do they work on Sundays?
No, at the weekend, they only work on Saturday up to 1 p.m.
Do they offer the same quote to any vehicle?
No, Discovery needs to know some specific characteristics in order to prepare the right quote for your car.
Can I apply if I’m 20?
Yes! Discovery offers the Young Adult benefit for those drivers who are 26 years old top.

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