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Can I Find Car Insurance in South Africa? Quote and Calculator

Do you know what a car insurance is? Have you ever tried applying for it? If yes, then what you need is to check out for reliable companies that can offer these sort of insurances for good prices. I know two of them that will change your life: Discovery and Old Mutual.

    Hence, I will focus in this article on the major information related to the car insurances produced by them and then I will give you absolutely all the contact details you require so as to be able to speak to someone of the company.


What are the insurances I can find?


   This plan is considered Basic, not because it is an elementary program, but it rather focuses on the basic necessities that drivers of cars can experience in their lifetime and what I mean is accidents, injuries, damages, natural disasters and I can name more events of course. Third party liabilities for instances are other sort of circumstances in which the client can be involved too.


   Yes, a plan like this one can be called Executive simply because it makes the driver feel at home and feel like he/she is given the protection wanted and the luxury they deserve. There are numerous situations included here, such as the fact of being in an accident, having to pay for another damage to a driver, leasing another vehicle for some days, hiring a new vehicle, upgrading your vehicle and more.


What does it mean?

This plan as its name says, is essential for you to have, since it cover basic needs but at the same time gives you a good price in the long term, which means that you won’t have to pay for excess or more money as it is the case with other type of insurances that charge you extras.


Old Mutual is also concerned about the safety of its customers, reason for which it has designed very good insurances:


This insurance will make you feel like there is nothing to worry at all, you can go whoever you want and stay as long as you want with your car, that every damage or costs will be in charge of Old Mutual and you won’t have to drop a penny from your pocket.


Well, I believe that once you read its name you guesses the purpose of this insurance: covering you against another driver on the road, giving you a new car when there is fire and also giving you up to 60& on the total value of your vehicle in case of robberies. I must also mention that if another person stole something from your vehicle and you have previously made a list with the things you possessed, then the company can take care of them and restitute them.


A third party, like another driver in their motor bike or car will receive maximum protection if it was you the one you caused the accident or the cash crash. So, you don’t need to stress about having an accident on the street, the company can perfectly take care of that issue.


A.The chance of choosing a new car for some days

B.Having discounts on oil companies

C.Chances of upgrading the vehicle you possess

D.Repay for the car insurance in debit card, cheques or automatic deduction

E.Access to credit shortfalls without any problem

F.Many months to complete the financing of the insurance

G.Discounts on further services



In person:

   One of the many subdivisions this company has is in Johannesburg, exactly at 107 Johan Avenue. It is open Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 05:00 pm and has an exclusive line available: 11 050 3700.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

Another subdivision of the company is situated in Bent all Road, exactly at Eastland´s Office Park and has a special phone line available for questions and queries: 11 383 5980.

By phone:

   Needless to say, one of the means to communicate is by phone, which has to do with dialing a phone number in your personal phone, which remains available during weekdays on the usual banking times:0860 751 751. You can also make a phone call on Saturdays but only from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm, so please make sure to remember the schedule when trying to communicate.

Via internet:

   You can use the internet and start sending emails to the section you look for, so please keep the email for insurances and At this email you can ask for details about an insurance that called your attention

Inside the official website of this thrilling company you will be able to start the typical application and to chat with a partner from the company.


Ways to contact it:

In person

If you like to be received in person, then you have the freedom to go to an office located at 77 Harrison Street, inside shop 12. It is found in Newton Mall. It opens on weekdays from 08:00 am to 05 in the afternoon.

By phone

The advisors of the company can be contacted by phoning on a special phone line just designed for questions or doubts you can have. Make sure to stick a post it with this phone to your refrigerator: 0860 93 94 93.

Via internet

   Of course this is a company concerned about the latest news on the internet, which is why in its website you will be able to find current data which is constantly monitored by the members of the company based on your doubts and questions

And now, a chart with complete data about one of the branches:

Interest rate

Up to a 20%

Telephone number

 724 8193


R 5000


In the Old Mutual Square in West Road, Johannesburg


Economic documentation


R 657

Working hours

Business hours but on weekdays

To conclude, Discovery and Old Mutual are two excellent choices to bear in mind if what you want is a good car insurance

Video Old Mutual

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Questions and Answers

Can I repay in monthly installments?
Yes, you can
Can I also obtain a loan?
Of course, there are loans available
Can I contact companies on holidays?
Only by email

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Find the best insurance of South Africa