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Can I Obtain a Car insurance for Renault Sandero? Calculator and Contact Details

In the article you are about to read, I will give you for sure all the necessary information you request in order to get your car insured if you possess at present a Renault Sandero. That is right, I know a company that specializes in the insuring of these cars and it has to do with: African Independent Insurance.

About the company in the country

   You probably know this company since it is quite popular among other firms in this area, and it was founded bank in 1995, so a couple of years ago has been present in the market. The main objective since it started working in South Africa has been to make sure every citizen of this amazing country gets to get an insurance that matches its needs, no matter what. And, what is really important, without affecting the main income of the person.

Where can you find African Independent Insurance?

There is the main office of the company exactly situated in 64 Charterland Avenue, who has an address for you to send letters or messages: Private Bag X7, Selcourt that has this numeration 1567.

What type of financial services can Renault Sandero have access to if they want to pay?

+An insurance for their homes

+An insurance for their vehicles

+Insuring whatever content they can think of

+Insuring their own business

+Having access to multiple bonuses inside the company


Let me tell you before you start doubting, that the company does not have at present one program fully designed by them and the reason is quite simple: that it has joined numerous companies with lots of prestige so as to offer you a program that will really suit your needs and help you with whatever you need.

What are the main features?

A.You have access to a service of pulling of your Renault and it can also be transferred from one place to another free of costs

b. You have also access to the service of towing, and that also have to do with the transportation fees that any company might charge.

C.You can receive assistance for your car and be paid around R500 and also get money so as to rent a room if you need somewhere to stay. What is more, the company can find the car and get it back to you in the blink of an eye.

D.In case your batteries are not working properly or there are some failures, then what you can do is to repair them or replace them free of costs too.

E.You can access assistance to the driver

f. You are protected in occasion of an accident no matter where it occurred.

   Now, before I give you the contact details of this company so as to insure your Renault car, I would like to stress some of the revise that their already customers made regarding the insuring service, so that you have a clear idea of the company you are operating with.

   They state that the service of the company to its customers is really effective since all the different questions or inquiries that they have are well taken care of and they find answers to every issue. Most customers totally agree with the fact of contacting the company by phone, since they believe is a reliant and at the same time quick way of establishing connection.

Now, important facts I would like to stress about you’re insuring experience with this company:

-You have access to another companies inside the region

Find the best insurance of South Africa

-You get access to a perfect customer service

-You have the chance of knowing beforehand the reviews other customers made

-There is never a fixed price, but it rather adjusts to the client’s necessities and conveniences

-The company will consider your financial situation before offering you one of their insurances, so do not worry

-You can finance the insurance in the short or long term, is up to you

Is the website of the firm helpful?

Yes it is, by the way it is quite easy to use since it has great colors and different sections that aim at guiding you through the different questions or parts where you want to go. So, my answer is yes, it is helpful even if you do not know how to handle computers or you are not familiar with these type of operations.

Last but not least, if you decide to apply for the most expensive insurance, the comprehensive type, you will pay each month around r150, not bad right?


-By phone

You can always phone the company from the comfortless of your place, and dial up this number which is free of charges, so do not worry about wasting money on further services and talking with customers service: 0861 001 002. So, whenever you want to register or you have doubts related to the procedure of the insuring, then what you need to do is take your phone and dial up, just that. So simple! And, you can send a fax to this number: 0865 001 535. The same number is useful if you want to attach documentation of the financial status of your job or yours, so please make sure to keep it with you.

Need more data? Take a look at a chart with complete data about a further branch for those clients that have a Renault Sandero:

Email address

Telephone number

0861 001 003

Online services

Filling a  simple form with your typical personal and financial data that shows your situation


66 Charterland Avenue inside  Selcourt in Springs

Working hours

On weekdays only during banking times

   Summing up, it is essential that you find a good company to give you the car insurance you need, and I am more than sure that African Independent can be the option ideal to make sure all of your financial problems are well taken care of, since in most cases people have lots of debts for not having acquired a car insurance.

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Questions and Answers

Can I obtain information in person?
Sure, at the physical office
Is application online available?
Yes it is
Can I Improve my car insurance?
Of Course you can

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