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Can I Get a Car Insurance for Toyota (Fortuner, Corolla, Etios Hilux and RAV4)? Calculator

  If you have recently acquired one of the most desired cars in the country: Toyota and you need it to be protected in the maximum of situations, then I have just what you need and I am referring to a sustainable car insurance that can help your dreams come true and make you forget of having an accident and not being able to pay for the costs.

Yes, Old Mutual is a great option to consider if you have that sort of car and you need a reliable company. And…there is more, I can talk about Mutual and Federal, another perfect company for your situation that will for sure take care of your Toyota and will make you save money with their financial support.

Mutual and Federal

    Inside Mutual and Federal you will see three main type of loans, so I will point out to them right now so that you have a clear idea of what they can offer you:

1. ALLSURE: it is also named Comprehensive but further insuring companies, and as its name suggests it comprehends the maximum amount of situations in which the driver can find herself/himself in.

What features make up this car insurance?

+It does not matter the content inside the car, it can be replaced or bought again

+Toyota cars are well taken care of

+There will be third party liability

+Cover in case of deaths

+Cover in case of serious accidents

+Cover in case of hospitalization of people

+Surgical treatment is included for the driver and the third party

+The client will be protected against scams

2. MOTOSURE: It surely is the cheapest option in the market, which is why most clients pay for it. It can give you protection against damages caused by nature to your Toyota, only to the vehicle you are driving. But for sure it is a good car insurance to take into consideration

3. INSURANCE FOR ALL: As you can expect from its name, everyone is protected with this type of insurance, not only the driver, the vehicle and the third party, but also the content that can be found inside of it such as cellphones, clothes, electronic devices and the list can simply go on forever without restrictions. Moreover, you can have access to R 5000, which is the amount the company can pay for if something happens and there is lot of money to cover.

Old Mutual

What type of car insurances are ideal for Toyota?

1. COMPREHENSIVE: just like the first one mentioned for the other company, you can be sure that the protection is given to you always.


What can this cover offer you?

The moment you begin the application for it, you can receive assistance in cases of fire damage, robberies and also damage caused to another party. So, the maximum of ordinary situations are considered and you get quite a good protection.

3. THIRD PARTY ONLY: So with this one, the third party is the only person that gets benefits, since as you can guess from its term, it only covers another driver. But, it has the benefit of being the cheapest, so there is one benefit in terms of price


Mutual and Federal for an insurance for Toyota

Locations inside the country

One of the branches of this company is in Porth Elizabeth, precisely on Block 1, inside the Greencare Office Park. It is open on weekdays from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm. You can call this office by phoning on: 399 1000.

Another physical branch of this company is also located in Porth Elizabeth, and it enables you to go there on weekdays to during business times. You can establish a phone communication on the following phone: 508 3111.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

Phone number available

I will give you now the phone number that corresponds to this company which is available 24/7 to every client or future client of the company. This is the number you must phone to: 0860 225 563.


You can make a visit to the company´s website if you decide to open your computer and click on the official webpage of the company, which is full of data regarding all the financial and insuring issues that interest you the most.

Contacting Old Mutual for Toyota´s insurance


One of the main offices available to clients is located in porth Elizabeth, in the unit 12 of Atrium Building. It is open on weekdays from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm and you can make a phone call to this number from home: 41 581 1732.

There is another physical office of the company which is in Conyngham Road, and you can make a phone call to this one by dialing up this number:394 0800.

Phone number available

There is a phone number available to every person that aims at contacting the company from their fixed phones or cellular phones, so I will proceed to give it to you now:0860 93 94 93.


Inside the website of this amazing company, you will be able to obtain as much information as you want regarding the interest rates, the use of a calculator, finding a second product to complement your car insurance, and finally some tips that will guide you through the insuring procedure and make you the best driver ever.

For more data about another branch of the company, in Johannesburg, please take a detailed look at this chart that I have just designed for your convenience:

Online services

Application section

Telephone number



Beginning: R 150


75 Helen Joseph Street, Johannesburg

Email address

Working hours

During weekdays from 08:10 am to 04:00 pm

   To conclude, if you are driving a Toyota car and you need it to be well taken care of, then you have two awesome companies willing to help you throughout the complete process and make you feel the best driver in the planet. You will never lose money with them for sure!

Video Toyota

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Questions and Answers

Can I get a loan also?
Yes, both companies offer loans
How much does application cost?
That is for free
Can I pay in cash?
Yes you can

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