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Does Nedbank Offer Car insurance for Drivers? Quotes and Contact Details

       As a driver it is important to give your car what it deserves: a good car insurances. But you probably know that sometimes this service costs lots of money and clients cannot afford it.  However, it is extremely vital to protect your car because it can be stolen, you can be in accident, and those situations will mean spending lots of money in repairs and goods.

    Fortunately, Nedbank is a bank that apart from providing loans to clients, has designed car insurances so as to help clients to cover high expenses that come unexpectedly.

What are the benefits obtained?

Anthem Company can protect motorbikes, cars, ships, caravans and also trailers

Bothered are many choices in terms of insurances

Breakdowns and repairs are fully covered

Dither Company can replace the keys of your vehicle

You can hire another car if yours needs to be replaced

Clients get admission to medical and legal assistance

If you are interested in obtaining a car insurance with Nedbank you must know the application procedure is quite simple and you won’t need to do much paper work as it is common with other companies. Moreover, you can obtain a quote by phoning on 0860 104 52.

A selection of policy options comprise the following ones: comprehensive, fire and theft, third party only and third party car insurance. You can not only cover the loss of keys and locks but also any kind of repairs that must me bade urgently. Moreover, clients can hire any car of their choice so as to remain calm and wait patiently until their car.

Here you have additional information about the features:

-You can obtain double protection by paying for a premium

-You can extend the warranty of your insurance for two years so that you are covered for longer periods of time

-You can make up to 250 000 km and still be covered by the car insurance

-Your car can be covered against damages that cost more than R 10 000

How is it possible to fill a claim with Nedbankcar insurance?

One of the welfares registered on their official website is their so called 24-hour claim facility obtainability. So as to file a claim or ask about a statement the company has developed the following phone number: 0800 600 055. This a free number, so it is really possible that you might have to wait a bit until one of their reps gets in touch with you so as to assist you or give you more information about the many covers found in Nedbank. Moreover, there is a section destined to application, apart from the one devoted to claims.

Before finishing with the article, let me focus on some of the customer comments on Nedbank´s Car insurance:

In just a year, Nedbank has received up to 4000 good comments or reviews, since most of them are compliments regarding the billings and also the accounts with this bank. Most clients point to the fact that the bank has a great customer service and that they are totally satisfied once speaking to reps on the phone and receiving the information they need on time. Which is why many clients tend to refer to Nedbank as one of the best insurance companies in the country. So, it can be said that there are really good comments about the service of the bank, including not only insurances but also loans and other financial services that are of interest to South African clients.

So as to finish, I would like to give you some details about the useful website Nedbank has for its clients:

-Home page with lots of information

-Insurance section with figures and calculator

-Ample menu to go from section to section

Find the best insurance of South Africa

-Clear explanation of different policies

Now, let’s focus on the contact section of Nedbank


There are many means of communication available if what you want is to apply for a car insurance for your vehicle, so you can phone the company, send emails, enter its website or even go in person to a physical office on your own. Let’s see each of them:

In person

One of its subdivisions is located at 96 Orison Street in Nedbank Corner which is in Johannesburg, Braamfontein. Its telephone number, for you to call from your house is the following one: 224 5700. It opens always on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm. It also opens its doors on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays from the following schedule: 08:30 am to 04:00 pm.

There is another bureau found at Simmonds Street in Marshalls Town area of Johannesburg.Its main telephone number is 630 2000 and this branch happens to possess the same opening and closing hours as the previous agency mentioned.


Another means of communication available to customers by which you can interact with the bank is through its official webpage, where you have specifics about the loans cited above and additional loans. For instance, there is material about vehicle credits and business advances.

By phone

It is not important whether you are an existing customer or not, you have admission to an unrestricted line for general requests for information or preliminary application with Nedbank, so dial up this number: 0860 555 111.   This line is usually replied by their counsellors, who will happily response to your worries. Of course, there are no added charges for calling on that number, so feel able to call the bank every time you want.

In the next chart you are given data about a further branch:


Telephone number

11 273 9300

Online Services

Information about further services


193 Bancor Avenue, Waterkloof Glen in Pretoria

Working hours

Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm

To conclude, if you are looking for a car insurance that will really satisfy your needs as a driver, you can  take a look at Nedbank, which has designed more than one insurance to protect you and your vehicle.

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Questions and Answers

Is online application chargable?
No it is for free
Can I pay with master card?
Yes you can
Will I need to open a bank account?
Yes you will

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