Nedbank Car Insurance Calulcator | Have the cheapest Price

Nedbank Car Insurance Calulcator | Have the cheapest Price

If you are looking for a car insurance calculator, you can make use of Nedbank. The company offers you different tools and resources that you can make use of in order to calculate certain values and costs. They are particularly useful if you need to anticipate possible spending.

Is there a Nedbank MFC car insurance?

MFC comprises a division of Nedbank. This division is focused on providing motor finance and making sure that you have your vehicle properly insured against loss, third party claims and damage for the whole period that was agreed of the finance agreement. MFC will make sure that you insure your vehicle or otherwise it will have legal recourse. If your vehicle is financed with this division of Nedbank, motor insurance will be arranged through the main company.

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

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Can I get a Nedbank car insurance online quote?

In case you need to get a quote, you have two possibilities. Your either provide the company with your personal details and budget in order to tailor a quote just for you, or the second option is to make use of the chatbot, which works as a tool for you to ask for a quote in the moment and obtain it in just a matter of minutes.  

Which are Nedbank car insurance products?

When it comes to insurance, Ned bank has the following alternatives for you:

  • Income protection

  • Investment protection

  • Assets

  • Credit protection

  • Life insurance

If you are particularly interested in accessing car insurance products, you will need to turn to life insurance. There, you will find:

  • Disability insurance

  • Travel insurance

  • Health and accident insurance

If you decide to pick accident insurance, then you will access the following benefits:

  • Feel free to pick the level of cover you desire for disablement and accidental death

  • Your family can access cover

Accident insurance is particularly ideal when situations that we do not expect take place. You need financial support and that is why Nedbank is so useful.  In case you are no longer able to work because of an accident, the insurance service provided by the company provides vital protection for you and your family so that you can actually deal with this though time in a better and healthier way.

Are there any Nedbank car insurance complaints?

There are always cases in which clients are not one hundred percent satisfied or convinced with the service provided and so they may make a complaint to upgrade the service. In case you have a complaint, you should:

  • Get in touch with a relationship manager or a banker

  • You can get in touch with the complaint helpline and call at 0860 444 000

  • You can email the company at You should include your contact details.

The company is interested in providing an excellent service and wants clients to enjoy the experience. In order to give you an appropriate solution, you can always reach banking services 662837.

Are there any Nedbank car insurance reviews?

When it comes to Nedbank reviews, there have been positive and negative comments as well. Many clients have made positive comments regarding the engagement of the company towards its clients and the way it is always ready to deliver.

  • “the company provided an excellent service and was very helpful during a complaint I had”

  • “it was very helpful of the company to guide me in picking the vehicle insurance made for me and my limited budget”

However, there were some negative comments. One of the clients claimed to be unsatisfied since the accounts were shut down without any warning or prior notice. The client tried to call the company they were told that the account was not registered. The complaints were mostly made by clients regarding debit and credit cards, not insurance matters. In general, the comments are quite good. In case you are not convinced with the feedback given by some users, you can always contact the company to make sure that all details and questions are covered and answered so that you can start.

Where can I find Nedbank insurance head office?

The company’s head office is located in Sandton. The precise address is 135 Rivonia Road, 2196, Sandown. It is opened from Mondays to Fridays, from 8am to 4:30 pm. You can make a phone call from Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and KwaZulu.

Which are Nedbank car insurance contact details?

In case you need contact details for car insurance regarding Nedbank, you can call the different following phone numbers:

  • If you are calling from Gauteng, call at +27112944444

  • If you are calling from Eastern Cape, you can call at +27413935800

  • If you are mainly calling for insurance deals, you can call at +27860333111

Is there a Nedbank car insurance email address?

Fortunately, Nedbank does have an email address but you can contact the company through their official website. In case you prefer the email service, you can use the following email address:

Is the Nedbank car insurance calculator convenient?

As you can see, Nedbank has plenty of options for you to look forward to and explore.


Provide your details and the company will prepare an insurance deal for you



Tools available

You can make use of calculators or chatbot to get an instant access to quotes.

In case you live in some specific area in South Africa, you can make use of the branch locator and find the ATM or local office in your particular area. You can even get travel insurance which has plenty of benefits for you. You should bear in mind though that the basic cover for travelling has some exclusions:

  • The age of the travelers is up to 75 year old people

  • The duration of your trip is limited to thirty days

  • Medical conditions that pre existed will not be covered

  • It will not cover for hazardous pursuits that may endanger your life or someone else’s life

No matter which company you decide to buy car insurance from, it's advisable to have few on mind and compare them before making the final decision. That's why we recommend you go through our site to get proper information about different car insurance companies.

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Is online application chargable?

No it is for free

Can I pay with master card?

Yes you can

Will I need to open a bank account?

Yes you will

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