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Is your aim to keep your vehicle shiny and bright? Did you know that vehicles when taken good care of loose their value and are harder to sell later? If you never thought about these questions, now is the time. What you need to find is good car insurance and there is a company that comes to mind for this: Youi. Youi is a company delivering services all over South Africa and aims at giving you options for your vehicle insurance. Explore renewal, brokers, car insurance excess, awards, premium, basic and comprehensive cover, cover against hail damage and more.

How is Youi car insurance in the market value?

The market value is constantly changing and being updated. There are plenty of options for car insurance in the market value, but Youi is one great alternative when thinking of vehicle insurance. There are ´plenty of companies offering comprehensive insurance, basic cover and other option for you to enjoy. Youi is one of the companies that offers a complete service to help you ensure your vehicle.

Are there any Youi car insurance locations near me?

Unfortunately, there are no insurance locations since this company only works online. You can contact the company online or by phone. This way of operating is more common than ever, so do not worry if the company does not have physical offices in South Africa.

To which phone number should I call to contact Youi for car insurance?

In order to contact Youi, you can call the following number 086 000 9684. You can reach the company from Mondays to Thursdays, from 8am to 6 pm. On Fridays, you can call from 8am to 6pm and on Saturdays you can call from 8am to 1pm.

What happens if I have Youi car insurance excess?

At Youi, you will find flexible excess possibilities. Whenever a client needs to claim, there are two alternatives:

  • he or she will pay their own nominated excess value, based on the choice made at sales stage

  • he or she will pay the default excess

Under certain circumstances, customers need to bear in mind that they may be charge additional excess amounts. There also different types of excess: the basic one and the additional one. Make sure to contact the company to find out more details regarding excess.

What happens with Youi comprehensive car insurance excess?

As it was mentioned, there are two types of excess, the basic and the additional. In order to enjoy the benefits of a lower premium per month, you can increase your excess amount. The company will aim at finding excess structure that works for you and your budget. In case there is a claim, you can too opt for having the default excess applied. It’s up to you. Remember that, in case of a claim, refer to your schedule or policy for more details.

Which is the best car insurance at Youi?

At Youi, you are full of options regarding vehicle insurance. What will give you a peace of mind is that the company always puts you first. The company is focused in providing an efficient service and finding you the best premium. Its aim is to obtain tailored insurance solutions for you. You will decide the amount of cover needed and the optional extras you may want to add. The company will work on finding a deal that suits your very own needs. Why could it be considered the best insurance company? Because it has many benefits:

  • rewards

  • assistance

  • services that are first class

  • guaranteed premiums

  • excess structures that are flexible

  • underwriters

All these features and more can be found at Youi. You can get a quote, ask for life insurance, home insurance and exploit other products and services at Youi. As you can see, possibilities and endless and you can enjoy the benefits of being covered everywhere you go.

Which reviews can we find at Youi about car insurance?

Many Youi customers left their experiences in ink or on screen to let other customers know about the service they received. Check some of the comments below and get to know how the company actually works by hearing from somebody else:

  • “The moment I contacted the company, they helped with my claim. I was going through a very difficult moment in my life and the whole claim process was already too stressful to deal with. Therefore, I turned to Youi and they took care of everything. I strongly recommend it”

  • “I have been postponing the hiring of vehicle insurance for a while, when I finally decided to apply at Youi. The company was clear in its goals and they way it worked. I liked how they even covered scratches and dents. I do not regret my decision. In fact, I think it was quite wise to choose them”.

  • “I managed to get a basic cover and it was really useful. The company assisted me in every step of the way and gave me resourceful tools to renew my insurance package”

  • “For being a customer of this company for three years now, I have been benefited with special promotions and benefits. It is incredible how much more relaxed you can live knowing that you have Youi insurance on your side”

How do rewards for car insurance at Youi work?

Rewards at Youi work the same way as loyalty bonuses. This means that the company rewards you in a particular way, that is, with a cash payout. This applies only for those customers who have remained clients throughout three years in total. Every three years, clients will get this bonus even if you claim. What you need to take into account is that the amount is determined by your average premium that was paid over three years. Remember to let the company know that you have surpassed the three years in order to get your benefits.

Which are the main features of comprehensive car insurance at Youi?

At Youi you can access varied insurance deals. You have the following options available at Youi:

  • Comprehensive cover

  • Assistance

  • Basic cover

  • Rewards

  • Bicycle insurance

  • Watercraft insurance

  • Excess payments at Youi

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What does comprehensive car insurance at Youi consist in?

This is the most recommended product at Youi when it comes to insurance for your car. It is ideal for that sort of customer that needs to know they are covered beyond the circumstances that may take place. The company gives you the option and advantage to insure all sorts of vehicle against loss or damage caused by:

  • Attempted hijack

  • Acts of nature

  • Intentional damage

  • Theft

  • Liability

  • Accidental damage

  • Fire

The company will cover your car for private use in the following places:

  • Malawi

  • Namibia

  • Botswana

  • South Africa

  • Lesotho

  • Mozambique

  • Swaziland

  • Zimbabwe

How is Youi roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance at Youi has different sides and benefits. When you are travelling down the road, so many factors can act as a trigger and cause an accident. It could be a distraction, a text message you glanced at, an incoming call on your cell phone or an animal crossing that you couldn’t see on time. That is why Youi brings roadside assistance, so that you can avoid these situations and that in case you can’t avoid it, stay covered. These are the main benefits:

  • You get comprehensive cover

  • Money goes back to your pocket

  • You have emergency assistance twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

  • The service provided by the company is first class

  • You will enjoy straightforward excesses, guaranteed and low premiums.

Other insurance companies like Hollard also offer roadside assistance but with small variations regarding benefits and costs.

Can I access third party car insurance at Youi?

At Youi, your greatest advantage is that you can select an insurance package that works for you. They are all different and quite unique. Youi will ask you a series of questions to make sure that what they have to offer exceeds your very own expectations. They may ask:

  • Whether you prefer to insure your vehicle at market value or at retail

  • Whether you make use of your vehicle for private reasons or only for work

  • Whether you have a preference for cover in case of fire or theft or cover for a third party

  • Whether you prefer to stay safe and insure all bases in case anything bad happens, such as hijacking, acts of nature, accidental damage, among other possibilities

The company excels at delivering high quality products and insurance packages that are exclusively tailored to fit your needs and circumstances. The excess amount also can be higher if you prefer so by lowering your vehicle insurance premiums. This is an ideal option if you are a responsible driver.

Does Youi car insurance cover me against hail damage?

Just as you are free to choose a basic insurance package or comprehensive insurance, you also free as well to pick insurance cover against acts of nature such as hail damage, fire, drizzle, etc. Santam is another amazing company from South Africa that gives you the possibility to cove against hail damage, since in general these situations take place when you are not prepared for them. What many customers do not know is that hail storms can actually cause great damage to your property, vehicle or roof. Youi as well as Santam enable you to cover yourself and all your valuables by making sure you access insurance packages. Eyou should take into account that at Youi you can have combinations of insurance packages, mixing cover for your vehicle in a basic way or mixing with comprehensive insurance as well as asking for roadside assistance.

Can I cancel Youi car insurance?

There is no information at Youi’s website regarding this answer. In general, it is possible to cancel car insurance; however, you may be charged an extra for dispatching the service before time. Other companies may ask for the reasons why you are cancelling your vehicle insurance. Is it because you can’t afford the payments anymore? Have you decided to go for another vehicle insurance that has more benefits? The company will do its best to understand the situation and find solutions. There are companies that have deals in case you feel like switching car insurance.

Is car insurance renewal possible at Youi?

Fortunately, yes. When this happens, if you are renewing for three years, you are rewarded with discounts and better features in your insurance package for being a loyal customer. In case you are not familiar with this concept, insurance renewal means that the time of your insurance policy has expired and so there is a need to renew it. The company may or may not adjust your rate, depending on the conditions of the market value. In general, when you are in the period of initial policy, the rate of your insurance should not change. In case there is a violation of the underwriting guidelines, the situation might be different.

Does car insurance at Youi beneficial for you?

Youi has insurance packages ready to cover against hail damage, third parties, hijacking, theft, fire, and other negative and unpredictable situations. Start covering your vehicle with Youi so that you can drive with your mind at ease. You never know when the next unfortunate event may take place so you need to be ready for it before hand.


Call or apply via their website and ask for a quote


086 000 9684


They work as bonuses that you can use in your favor.

In conclusion, at Youi you can find variety and convenience that suits your budget. Explore the insurance options, pick one that is of your preference and evaluate possibilities for upgrading it or simply renewing. In case you are not convinced yet, you can reach the company and ask for additional information.

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Questions and answers

Can you obtain rewards?

Yes, these bonuses work as bonuses that you can use in your favor

Can I access cover in case of fire?

Yes, you can together with other covers.

Can I insure my vehicle at retail?

Yes, and also at market value

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