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About Sanlam

Sanlam offers short-term insurance for the client´s car and household fillings to protect it from robbery or harm. Sanlam will also help its customers to look for the greatest insurance policy rendering to the client´s precise needs.

How can Sanlam offer Car insurance to clients?

Just like any type of car insurance plans you have the opportunity to get comprehensive cover, third party and fire or theft or also this option: third party only cover. There are plenty of services provided by this company such as receiving shield during a strong storm or even when you face an accident and that turns into expensive expenditures that clients cannot afford in the short term on their own.

Does Sanlam offer other type of services? Yes, the following ones:

-Personal Loans

-Any kind of trusts

-Savings account depending on the salary of the customer

-Many sort of investments

-Management of the client´s assets

Now, it is important to know that Sanlam does not provide a car insurance on its own, but it has the support of two wonderful companies such as Santa and Miway to grant clients the car insurance they desire.

How does Sanlam offer insurances through these companies?

Through the aid of MiWay, Sanlam offers a direct insurance to protect any sort of car that the client possesses. Clients that choose MiWay and Santam can enjoy three main type of insurances: Comprehensive Insurance, Third Party Only Insurance and also Theft or Fire Insurance.

   One of the ways through which you can obtain data about the insurances found at Sanlam is through its website, which happens to be found really user friendly by its consumers and easy to enter and find data. There are several sections devoted to the online application for insurances as well as sections that require clients to fill in forms with their data so as to be assisted or receive information in the meantime. In such website, clients that are currently looking for reliable insurances can observe many details corresponding to the companies through which Sanlam offers insurances to clients: Santam and MiWay. So, that everything related to the insurances for the cars of clients, is explained in the website. What do you need? Internet connection and your laptop. Easy as that, the company can give you all the figures you need about its insurances.

Before finishing with Sanlam´s car insurance, I would also like to mention several reviews of clients regarding this company, which I am sure will be quite useful for you:

-Over the last year many users have reported several compliments regarding the customer service of the company, when they were making questions or phoning the company several times. They state their phone calls were immediately responded and effectively solved.

-There are really few complaints about the company´s services in the country and when complaints are present, the members of Sanlam are willing to offer a solution and not leave the client alone as it is the case with many insuring companies

- 90% of clients that have applied for an insurance for their cars are totally satisfied since they have reported having received discounts for making payments on time and also being offered the chance of obtaining a further service such as a loan or a savings account in order to manage its finances effectively

To sum up, Sanlam is one of the greatest financial firms in South Africa that effectively offers not only loans but also insurances for the cars of clients. As this company has established itself in the market 10 years ago, it already knows the different difficulties or troubles that tis clients undergo through so as to make sure their finances are well kept. Remember one more time, this company does not directly offer insurances, but it carries out the service through the intervention of Santam and MiWay. But do not worry, both companies have excellent reviews regarding the insurances they offer and how they handle their services with their customers.

Now, the most interesting part, how to contact Sanlam in South Africa, I will give you the different means of communication available at the company in your country, so that you are able to choose the one that best suits your needs and your comfortability:


Find the best insurance of South Africa


For those clients that favor being given information or receiving assistance in person, they can actually go in person to one of the offices of this company located in the third floor of the Maynard Mall. It is located at Wetton Road.


Another great means of communication to bear in mind has to do with the official website of the company, which has said before, you can enter from the comfort of your place and find many sections for application, information of insurances, loans, and also a message section.


-You can try to communicate with this insuring company from the comfort of your household by dialing up their unrestricted number, intended to its customer service: 0861 44 00 44

In the next chart, you are also given data about another branch of Sanlam so as to obtain a car insurance, and also more figures you might be interested in obtaining, such as working hours and services:

Online services

Online application, downloading of an app

Telephone number

0861 44 00 45


No email. Only online message in its website


Belville, 2 Strand Road


Current salary

Working hours

Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 07:00 pm

Summing up, getting a car insurance through the assistance of Sanlam is really possible, since this company has established serious agreements with Santam and MiWay in order to make sure you are given full protection for your car or any type of vehicle you posseess at present. And luckily, there are many means of contact to resort to so as to communicate with the representatives of the company effectively. I strongly recommend you to contact their professionals and see yourself how to insure your car!

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If your budget allows you to yes
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You must contact a professional and check affordability
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Yes there is

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