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How Can I Get MiWay Car Insurance? Requirements and Contact Details

MiWay Car Insurance is just what you are looking for…

  • An affordable, flexible and convenient car insurance

  • With extra advantages such as free roadside assistance and rewards (even if you claim)

  • With flexibility to choose the right cover for your vehicle

Cash Rewards: You can get cash rewards after 3 months, which means that if you apply and take out your car insurance policy online, MiWay will pay you an average full month´s premium after 3 months of cover with the company. You can get a Spped Quote now, and receive your cash rewards in just 3 months!

Standard Car Insurance: Some of the benefits of taking out MiWay´s Standard Car Insurance are the following:

  • You can get affordable premiums with low excess

  • You can buy and go through the whole process online without the necessity of speaking to a member of their staff

  • You can arrange your premiums for a period of 36 months

  • You can save money by buying your car insurance policy online

  • You can rely on an excellent customer service claiming online in case you need it

  • You can earn rewards even if you claim

  • You have free roadside emergency assistance if you take out MiWay´s car insurance

Process for Insuring your Vehicle: You can complete an insurance quote with MiWay by phone or online in order to start the process and take out your car insurance. Once you find the right premium for you, MiWay will send you documentation including a coversheet (policy schedule), in which you will find the terms of the insurance policy. In addition, you will receive the explanation of everything you need to know about your car insurance in general. They will also help you find an inspection centre, which is convenient for your vehicle. Remember to comply with the requirements such as install additional security devices, among other required inspections because these features will determine that you can enjoy your insurance cover or not. Once they receive your premium, your car insurance cover will be fully activated.

Types of Car Insurance: They offer you 3 types of insurance for your vehicle: Comprehensive, Third-Party, Fire and Theft, and Third Party Only.

  • Comprehensive car insurance offer you the widest cover, which includes theft, hijacking, damages due to an accident, fire, explosions and natural disasters such as hail and floods. It also includes damage to the vehicle´s glass and liability to other parties as a result of an accident and intentional damage to your vehicle.

  • Third-Party, Fire and Theftcar insurance provides cover for any damage that you can cause to other people´s car, and accidental death or injuries to third parties that are involved in the same accident. You will also be covered in case you lose your vehicle because of theft or hijacking, as well as any damage to your car caused by fire, lightning or explosions. The main difference between Comprehensive and Third-Party, Fire and Theft is that in the second case you are no covered against accidental damage.

  • Third Party Only car insurance is the less expensive car insurance that MiWay offers you. It provides cover for any damage you can cause to the property of another person.

Extra Options for Car Insurance: It includes additional options that can be added to your this insurance policy such as car hire, non-standard sound system and car accessories. In the particular case of “car hire” option, it helps you in case you are not available to drive your vehicle for a specific period of time. MiWay gives you a hired car and you do not have to worry about how to bring your children to school and get to work yourself.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

Insured Values for your Car: Your car can be insured by any of these values:

  • Retail value (this is the recommended option)

  • Market value

  • Trade value

  • Specially agreed value (this option applies to not recorded, collectors and vintage vehicles which are evaluated by an appropriate approved source)

Important note: Your coversheet will reflect the value that you choose. The amount to this value will be specified at the moment of loss considering age, mileage and general condition of the vehicle.

Different cover options: MiWay can cover you for private, professional or business use:

  • I. Private or social purposes include driving between your home and the place you assist to work. This is known as private use.

  • II. Professional use, in which the car forms a significant part of a job or function such as Laywer, Doctor, Engineer, among other professions. Here it is also included the private use of vehicles.

  • III. Business use is where the car is part of a job or funtion as well as cover for private use.

Important note: If you use your car with a business objective, your car will be more exposed than if you use it with a private aim. Therefore, the possibility that somebody steal your car or that your car suffer an accident is much greater. As regards the premiums, they are higher in case of a car being used for business purposes compared to the same car but being used with private aims. Remember that if you insure your car without opting for the correct aim, you will not be covered in the case of a claim because the premium that you are paying will not be the right option.

Remember that if you want to get your car insured right now, you can do it online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. Another option is to request a call back from their call centre and one specialized member of their staff will call you in no time at all. Moreover, MiWay will reward you if you choose to take out your car insurance online, which means that the company will pay you an average full month´s premium after 3 month´s full premiums are received.


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Questions and Answers

I would like to know more about your insurance and if you have a office in Pmburg. I have a new ford ecosport. Thanks
If your car is new, then you need a Comprehensive Insurance at Miway which wont cost you more than R 200 a month. Unfortunately the company does not have an office in Pmburg, but you can phone on this number:0860 64 64 64
I need a quotation for car and home insurance
You can obtain a quotation at Miway for your home and car if you dial up this number which is a toll number available: 860 646 464
I need to apply for an insurance for quantum gl, can I do it by phone?
Yes you can obtain any sort of insurance you need for your Quantum car by phoning on this number: 0860 64 64 64 or a 24/7 number: 08600 767 64
Which is the value recommended to your car?
Retail value is the most efficient and recommended option.
Can I get some additional options for my car?
Yes, you can add some options to your motor insurance policy such as car hire, non-standard sound system and car accessories.
What is the difference between Comprehensive and Third-Party, Fire and Theft car insurance?
The main difference between Comprehensive and Third-Party, Fire and Theft is that in the second case you are no covered against accidental damage. All the other features are the same.

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