What Does MiWay Car Insurance Cover in South Africa?

What Does MiWay Car Insurance Cover in South Africa?

When thinking of a particular insurance company, too many questions pop up too quickly. How does the company work? Is it responsible towards its clients? Does it provide efficient solutions? Are the rates for vehicle insurance convenient or not? Is it reliable or should I go for another company? Many user who have bought a new car or need to change their isnurances have made these questions when thinking of choosing MiWay car insurance in South Africa. Find out information about the options available, the benefits of using the app that MiWay offers, the benefits you can access, the insurance excess policies, premiums, the possibilities for cancellation of a policy and other wondering you may have. Let us answer these questions and more in this article.

Are there any Miway car insurance benefits?

If you want to evaluate all benefits, they depend on the option you get to choose.

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

Choose the excess that best suits your budget. Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued.

  • If you pick comprehensive insurance, the main benefits include roadside assist and the program We Drive

  • If you pick third party, fire and theft, the benefits are the same as the ones included under comprehensive insurance

  • If you pick third party only, those benefits mentioned before are not included.

  • The customized cover does not include any benefits either

Therefore, you should evaluate the option that you choose since only the first two offer benefits while the rest of them offer other features but not those mentioned benefits.

How does Miway car insurance excess work?

As regards excess, it is the first amount that is payable by the client. If you pick comprehensive insurance, the amount is flat excess chosen by the client. The same applies for third party, theft and fire. If you decide to go for third party only, there is no excess. If you choose the MiWheels Lite product, and choose comprehensive insurance the excess will consist of ten percent of the insured value. In case you choose third party only, you would have to pay R5000.

Does Miway car insurance offer roadside assistance?

Yes, you will definitely have roadside assistance if you hire MyWay car insurance. It is automatically included in your vehicle insurance plan, subjected to an annual limit. In your Coversheet is going to be included in MiWay’s MyHelp. The cover for emergencies applies in all places in South Africa. In case there should be any of the following problems, MyWay is meant to cover for them:

  • Breakdown

  • Flat tyres

  • Locksmiths

  • Flat batteries

  • Safe storage

  • Running out of fuel

Roadside assistance given by the company will also be provided in case you are left stranded one hundred kilometers or more from your house. They will assist you with:

  • Alternative means of transportation

  • Hotel accommodation

  • You vehicle’s repatriation

Which are Miway car insurance options?

MiWay offers you many options. Depending on the vehicle product, you get different covers, additional covers, benefits and excess. As for types of cover, you can access comprehensive cover, third party only and theft, fire and third party. There are also customized covers. Each option and feature offers something different for you to enjoy. If you decide to go for MiWheels, there are different possibilities:

  • If you pick comprehensive cover, you will have cover against explosion and fire, acts of nature, liability, hijack and theft, intentional and accidental damage

  • If the type of cover is for theft, fire and third parties, then you will have cover against hijack and theft, explosion and fire, and liability. You will not have cover though against acts of nature or intentional or accidental damage.

  • If the type of cover is for third party only, then you will only access cover for liability but you will not have access to the other covers.

Is there a Miway car insurance premium calculator?

Unfortunately, the company Miway does not have a calculator for car insurance premium. In order to find out prices and possibilities, you should reach the company by phone or through their website to find out more information.

Can I get a Miway car insurance quote in South Africa?

In order to get a quote a Miway, you will have to do the following.

  • Enter Myway’s official website

  • Look for “get a quote” under the section “important links”

  • Fill in a form with your personal details: car registration number, name, ID number, cellphone number and email address

You can ask a quote on your home, your vehicle and the contents of your home. If you carry out matters online, then MiWay will reward you. If you apply for an insurance police via virtual means, then you will be paid a premium for an average full month. This can be done only if you had already received three full premiums for three months. You can ask for a call back if you are interested in other sort of insurance. You have the freedom and flexibility to pick the cover that is up to your own expectations and that is compatible with your lifestyle. You can get a home insurance too and can access buildings insurance.

How can I cancel Miway car insurance?

Although the website makes no references to car insurance cancellation, there have been some comments from clients regarding this issue and they have not been as positive as expected. A client in particular stated that she felt she lost her time with the company since she reached the company by phone and tried to cancel her policy unsuccessfully. She claims not having received assistance with a proper cancellation and that was asked a lot of questions without reaching an efficient solution. The whole process of cancelling the vehicle insurance took much more time than expected and did not run smoothly. This is only one case so perhaps, before asking for an insurance deal you should ask about their cancellation policies just to make sure that things run smoothly.

Is there Miway comprehensive car insurance?

As it was explained before, there is comprehensive car insurance at MiWay. It covers against fire and explosion, theft and hijack, different possible acts of nature, accidental damage and liability. If you choose comprehensive insurance, you can access additional cover such as:

  • A window glass cover

  • Sasria

  • Hiring an optional vehicle

  • Storage and towing

Besides, you can access benefits exclusively for comprehensive insurance such as we drive program and road assistance. There is flat excess amount also in comprehensive insurance at MiWay.

Is there Miway uber insurance?

The company makes no statements regarding uber insurance and provides no information whatsoever. Perhaps for these particular cases, you could reach the company by phone or in person and ask if there is a possibility to carry this out.

Is there Miway taxify insurance?

The same as with Miway uber insurance, the company gives no information regarding taxify insurance. You can call an assistant and ask about this feature. Perhaps there is no visible information on the website but you may have access to taxify insurance if you ask for it.

What does MiWay car insurance cover?

This is a very common and typical question that many clients ask. Miway offers different type of insurance cover and one of them is comprehensive insurance. This options enables the following:

  • Get access to affordable premiums

  • You will receive an amazing customer service

  • You will be able to handle your policy online

  • The excess structure is easy to understand

  • Access emergency assistance for the roadside for free

  • The claim process is hassle free

  • You can make a claim through the company’s app of online

  • Get access to six trips for free

These are the classical features of car insurance cover. Besides, you can obtain cash reward after a period of three months. If you keep doing business with MiWay online, the company rewards you with premium. If you take your vehicle insurance policy via online form, then the company will give you a premium after having received full premiums after three months.

How are Miway car insurance reviews?

Many customers leave on the website and other insurance blogs their opinions on certain companies. This is the case for MiWay:

  • One client stated that “the company enabled me to choose different types of insurance that match my current situation and helps me save money”

  • Another customer expressed: “I applied for an insurance policy online and not only was it easier, but it also gave me access to premiums”

  • Other clients have highlighted the fact that “the claim process was made much easier with Myway since it was hassle free”

  • Another user mentioned that “you are allowed to pick flexible excess”

  • Other customers were happy since “for a period of thirty six months, I was able to fix my vehicle insurance premiums”

Does MiWay windscreen cover?

In the past, MiWay would provide windscreen cover. In general, whenever a windscreen is damaged, you need to get in touch with an insurer and a check whether you are covered. Take into account the following:

  • In some companies, windscreen repairs are not considered as claims and so your claim history is therefore not affected.

  •  In the case of MiWay, a windscreen repair will not be added to your claim history.

  • If you want to add the cover to your policy, what you need is budget insurance.

Is there Miway car insurance in Durban?

Unfortunately, you will not find offices in Durban since there is only one office located in Centurion. However, if you are from Durban you can reach the company by phone or online.

Is there Miway car insurance in Bloemfontein?

Bloemfontein, known as the capital of Free State (the province), is a one the three capital of South Africa. Unfortunately, there are no MiWay offices there since there is a single office in Centurion.

Does Miway offer tyre insurance?

The company does not make any statements regarding tyre insurance. In general, this is considered as covered under comprehensive insurance. In case you need more detailed information about whether the company provides this service or not, you can get in touch with them via any of the available media and ask for tyre insurance. It is very rare not to have tyre insurance included, so it is probably given by MiWay.

Is there a Miway courtesy car?

According to Miway, you can access a courtesy car. However, some clients have reported this feature not to be true as it was stated in the first place. Other clients have definitely received a courtesy vehicle but they were forced to return it immediately after the payout was done. Many clients said that this was a feature that should be improved in order to get a courtesy vehicle while having their car fixed and having the time to do so.

Is there a Miway driver assist?

MiWay is a company interested in driver assist since it wants to keep you safe twenty four hours.  You should know that:

  • They have an emergency centre available at all times for you to reach it.

  • In case you have an emergency, you can call at 08600 767 64.

  • In case you are looking for the program We Drive, you should book forty eight hours in advance (at least).

Which are Miway car insurance contact details?

If you want Miway to call you back, you can leave your contact details through their website and they will reach you in no time. If you are looking for a consultant or customer care, you can simply call the company by phone and you can get rid of all your doubts. For claims and client services you can reach the company from Mondays to Fridays, from eight in the morning to six in the afternoon. On Saturdays you can reach the company from eight in the morning till one in the morning. Other means of reaching the company are through Facebook, Linked In, and You Tube.

Is there a Miway car insurance phone number that I can reach?

There is not a specific number for you to call for car insurance services, but there is a general telephone number that you can use in order to apply for any service offered by Miway. The number you can call is 0860 64 64 64.

Is there a Miway car insurance email address?

There is not an email address of the company Miway. However, you can contact them through their website by leaving your own email address so that they can reach you. You can also reach the company through other social means.

Is there convenient Miway car insurance in South Africa?

If you live in South Africa, you can access convenient package deals for vehicle insurance. There are different insurance options, even for your home. You can ask for additional cover and pay a higher price but with additional benefits too. The differences in cost have to do with the amount of cover included.


There are no specific requirements for accessing vehicle insurance at MiWay.

Telephone number

0860 64 64 64

Miway App

It is widely recommended and easy to download

Many clients recommend using the app given by Miway since it has many benefits. You can:

  • Make use of an online chat and speak to agents through this option

  • You can ask for assistance services such as emergency assistance, home and medical services by just clicking on a button.

  • You can access the We Drive bookings. This is special program meant to help you with those nights in which you prefer to have fun and not drive your vehicle.

  • You can request documents really fast such as a confirmation of cover or a border letter. The documents can be emailed to you.

  • You can submit a claim with the company and add scene details

  • You can attach personal documents and even update your personal information

  • You can ask for a speed quote. This allows you to see which possible cost you would be paying and the home contents options for insurance cover

  • You can keep updated with your vehicle cover and even add additional cover if you need to. You can request new items

  • You can even capture the scene details of accidents. If you happened to be involved in an accident, then you can capture all the details of the scene without having to rely on your memory and risking loosing important information.

As you can see, MiWay offers opportunities and choices for everyone. You simply have to have a word with the company and evaluate your personal situation so that the company can assist you and provide you with a good option that fits your budget. Regarding cancellation, there are still some questions left unanswered since the company makes no statements. In conclusion, pick MiWay if you are interested in accessing a convenient app that will help run matters smoothly and pick a company that offers comprehensive insurance for you to exploit.

Author: Cristian Rennella

Updated: 28/09/2023

Preguntas Frecuentes

What is the difference between Comprehensive and Third-Party, Fire and Theft car insurance?

The main difference between Comprehensive and Third-Party, Fire and Theft is that in the second case you are no covered against accidental damage. All the other features are the same.

Can I get some additional options for my car?

Yes, you can add some options to your motor insurance policy such as car hire, non-standard sound system and car accessories.

Which is the value recommended to your car?

Retail value is the most efficient and recommended option.

I need to apply for an insurance for quantum gl, can I do it by phone?

Yes you can obtain any sort of insurance you need for your Quantum car by phoning on this number: 0860 64 64 64 or a 24/7 number: 08600 767 64

I need a quotation for car and home insurance

You can obtain a quotation at Miway for your home and car if you dial up this number which is a toll number available: 860 646 464

I would like to know more about your insurance and if you have a office in Pmburg. I have a new ford ecosport. Thanks

If your car is new, then you need a Comprehensive Insurance at Miway which wont cost you more than R 200 a month. Unfortunately the company does not have an office in Pmburg, but you can phone on this number:0860 64 64 64

How to get a courtesy car at Miway?

The insurance company Miway offers the possibility to access a courtesy car. Some clients have definitely received this type of car, but they have to return it immediately after the payout was done. You will need to lodge a claim with them first and get a claim number to be registered. 

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