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Taxify Insurance in South Africa. Find out the Requirements

There are many reasons to own a car in South Africa: to go to work, drive to the supermarket, take your kids to school, among the most popular. But, nowadays, it’s also possible to make money driving other South Africans to their destination. Of course, taking that responsibility must be covered with the best car insurance. In this case, we’ll refer to BOLT, formally known as Taxify and, the alternatives there are to get your vehicle covered against any possible risk when driving it for Bolt.

What to consider when looking for insurance that covers Bolt? 

When driving a car to transport citizens you are taking some risks you should look at Not only are you exposing your source of income, that is to say your car, but also, you are taking passengers from one side to another. As a consequence, both your car and passengers can be affected by your driving. This is the reason why insurance for Bolt vehicles should be taken seriously.

When choosing protection for your car, you will take into consideration these factors:

  • If something happens to your vehicle, you won’t be able of working until it’s repaired.

  • If you have an accident- whether you cause it or not- and your passengers get injured, you as the owner of the vehicle will have to take some responsibility for it.

  • If your vehicle is damaged in the exterior, even though it won’t affect a good service, some citizens may not feel safe.

These are the three most important issues you should keep in mind to get proper cover for Bolt.

What requirements must be met when insuring a Bolt car?   

As we are discussing about getting insurance for a fleet of vehicles used with business purposes, the requirements to meet are related to what any business must pay attention to. So, on one side, you must have the vehicles registered as the SA Government requests and, on the other side, drivers are demanded to have their valid driving license as well as their SA Identity Document. Then, apart from that, there are a couple of things you can look at to do your best when getting car insurance for Bolt. For example, some companies make their drivers to go on drivers’ courses in order to help them be more responsible when driving. Besides, they get new driving skills that allow them to sort out traffic issues which, in turns, reduces car insurance related claims. If you are willing to take these measures, you might get your insurance company lower your premium.

Can I get a car insurance quote for Bolt (Taxify)?  

Getting a vehicle insurance quote is one of the most relevant steps you should take when insuring your Bolt car. As it has already been said, insuring business cars is not an easy task. Because of that, it is of paramount importance you take enough time to research about it and shop around. Before asking a quote, you must know what insurance plans are available for Bolt vehicles and the extend of each option. Only then, when you understand how it works, you can ask for your vehicle insurance quote. The secret is to have few quotes to compare the cost each company asks and choose the one that best fit what you are looking for.

Although getting a low quote for insuring your Bolt might be appealing, you must remember what risks are been covered so as to make sure you are paying the right protection for Bolt cars.

What’s the best car insurance cover for Bolt or Taxify?

You have read about the importance of knowing your vehicle insurance for business use alternatives and how should you proceed when asking your quote. Now, it is time we start referring to the different car insurance covers you will find. Of course, there are:

  • Third party Only: this is the simplest cover that takes care of covering 3rd party liabilities only. As it’s the cheapest option, the amount of pay-out money will have a limit.

  • Then, there is Third Party, Fire and Theft. In this case, apart from covering third party cars, it also covers your vehicle if it gets damaged due to fire or theft. The benefit is that you will get some financial backup if you need to fix your car to keep working.

  • Finally, there’s Comprehensive cover. This is the vehicle insurance plan we recommend for Bolt vehicles as; it will take care of every risk your vehicle might face. We’ll delve into this cover in detail in the following question.

 Is Comprehensive car insurance mandatory for Bolt?  

When being interested in working as a Bolt driver, you must know your vehicle must be properly insured. Otherwise, they won’t allow you to work with them. To offer a safe service to South African passengers, that cover must include at least the 3 topics we mentioned at the beginning. All the same, there’s one of them that stand up: Passenger Liability. As you are taking people to their destination, it is imperative you have them covered. So, in your comprehensive vehicle insurance this cover must be included with no exception. If you do your homework, you will find a company willing to pay for medical cost for any of your passenger. Then, of course, you will be in charge of making sure your vehicle is covered as well so as to have the support you need. Don’t forget, your car is your source of income so, you need to be prepared to solve any kind of problem as fast as possible.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

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How to find affordable Bolt insurance?   

It’s clear now, how important insuring your Bolt is. Not only to be accepted as a Bolt driver but also, to know you’ll be supported economically in an eventuality. But, of course, this high level of protection comes with a high premium. This will be the most difficult part of the process: to find a company willing to assist you on every detail but, offering you a cheap quote for your Bolt car insurance. As with any vehicle, the key is to compare premium and coverage among your options.

Follow these steps to make it simpler:

  • You have already taken the first step by reading this article to get information about how car insurance for business use works.

  • Then, you must follow the second step: get information about companies working with commercial vehicles as we know not every insurer takes this risk.

  • The third step is to narrow down your options. This relates to companies and to vehicle insurance plans.

  • After that, you can go on asking your quote to compare them.

  • The final step is to buy insurance for your Bolt car.

Companies in South Africa offering vehicle insurance for Bolt   

As we said, you have to check some car insurance companies before deciding which one to choose. Obviously, we’ll help in this too!

  • Hollard is one of the best insurance companies dealing with vehicle insurance for taxis. Among their options, there is a comprehensive package particularly thought to cover the 3 topics we mentioned.

  • Santam is also an alternative worth considering thanks to their Passenger Liability Plan. Santam leaves the client to decide the amount they want to cover

  • Apart from those 2-amazing insurance companies, there’s Business Insurance. This platform can assist you when trying to select the best company to get your Bolt insured.

As we know many South African Bolt drivers are particularly interested in Santam, if you keep reading, you will get precise information about what they offer on vehicle for business use insurance.

VUM Insurance Bolt: Santam’s car insurance for Business Use   

If we talk about VUM car insurance, we are referring to Santam products to get your Bolt car protected. Besides covering liability for your passengers, VUM has these benefits:

  • It offers you to give you money if your car needs to be repaired due to a collision or theft. You will receive an agreed amount for up to 4 weeks.

  • It will also give you a set compensation in case of death or disability caused by a car accident. In this case, you and your passenger are covered.

  • Besides, it will cover your vehicle sound equipment.

  • In addition, VUM offers Shortfall cover to be your support if you can’t drive your car due to being written off.

Is it better to insure Bolt cars with a car insurance broker?  

If you don’t want to make any mistake when insuring your Bolt vehicle, getting assisted by a car insurance broker is a good idea. By asking this particular help, you will make sure to have the best motor vehicle insurance cover you need to drive at Bolt. Besides, if there’s an event you need to lodge a claim for, your broker will assure you the company that insured your car, pays you what they have to. Although it may be a little more expensive, it will be a lot simpler for you to get a car insurance broker helping you.

Bolt Insurance South Africa

What is it?

You’ll get your vehicle covered for the risks any business vehicle faces when being driven.

How does it work?

The insurer company will help you face the cost of possible vehicle problems like, accidents or theft.

What should you know about Bolt insurance cover?

It’s mandatory your car gets insured in order to be allowed to work at Bolt

If driving your vehicle for Bolt is something you’ve been thinking about, don’t waste more time and get your vehicle insured so you can start working right away. Keep in mind, the more covered your car is, the more peaceful you’ll drive.

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Questions and answers

We need insurance for a Bolt Driver plus a Toyota Corolla 2016 model.

If you need a car insurance for a Bolt driver plus a Toyota Corolla 2016 model, you should consider hiring a comprehensive car insurance, which will provide coverage for every type of damage including accidents, thefts, vandalism, natural disasters, among others. Also, it is important to hire a passenger liability insurance, which will protect the people you are taking to their destination. You can resort to companies like Hollard and Santam. 

What do premiums cost for Bolt insurance?

There are several car insurance companies in South Africa that offer insurance for Bolt. For example, you can resort to Hollard, which is one of the best companies for taxi insurance. Its cover includes: passenger liability, loss of income and depositor protector. In order to obtain a quote, the recommendation is to contact the company by phone. 

Good day, I am looking for a reputable insurance company for our bolt/taxify vehicles? Thanks.

One of the most reliable insurance companies of South Africa offers an excellent insurance for Bolt vehicles. We are talking about Santam, which serves over a million clients around the country. In this company you will be able to find passenger liability insurance among other packages for Bolt (formerly Taxify) vehicles.

Hi, Please get an agent to contact me for an insurance quote. Regards.

One option you have if you need insurance for a vehicle that you use for Taxify (now called Bolt) is Oaksure Financial Services. Please, get in contact with this company to start your application and have your car insured. You can choose from many insurance plans and options and at affordable prices.

Is there a particular cover required to insure Bolt cars?

It’s important you get protection for your car and your passengers with a comprehensive cover.

What’s the limit for VUM insurance for taxis?

It depends on your car, but you might get up to 2million rands.

Will Bolt accept me as driver with 3rd party only?

They strongly recommend all their drivers have comprehensive cover to work in Bolt.

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