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Can Uber Drivers Get Access to Car insurance? Features and Addresses

What is Uber about?

      Uber is a driving service that contests with taxicabs and black car facilities. Customers hail an Uber from the app downloaded in their app and position for a car to look for them, frequently for less than the rate of a customary taxi cab.

     From a commercial viewpoint, Uber is alike to taxi businesses in the sense that they do not possess or operate the carriages, and drivers are not in a straight line active. Though, unlike customary taxi companies, nearly anybody can drive for Uber. The requirements for Uber drivers are to possess car insurance, having the suitable age, well-being, conclusion of a driving test, and going through a background check.

For that purpose, this article I will focus on the car insurances available to those Uber drivers. Before moving to the two companies interested in offering insurances for these type of drivers, I would like to discuss other important things.

What are the requirements for an Uber driver in terms of insurance?

They need to uphold automobile accountability insurance on all cars they operate while they are driving for Uber with insurance bounds identical to or superior to the smallest requirements for the city where they drive.

What can Uber drivers get from an insurance?

A.The moment these drivers log in the app of Uber and they accept to take a person to a specific place, the insurance can cover such trip from amounts that range from minimums of R 50 000 to R 100 000. Moreover, the property of both people are taken care of up to R 20 000.

b. Drivers can receive cover even when their insurance companies did not cover them previously or their coverage is not currently working.

c. Injury protection is obtainable by Uber clients and drivers

d. Protection against accidents

e. Collision coverage

f. Liabilities to third parties

Auto coverage for any type of event that may happen and the driver does not know how to manage or how to afford the fees on its own

Moreover, apart from this insurance to Uber drivers of cars, the company has developed an insurance that also protects Uber drivers when there is an accident or the driver is on the car and the third person that participates in the accident does not have a comprehensive insurance. So, Uber assures the driver and the third party as well to guarantee none of them lose money on procedures.

Apart from that, the company is willing to take care of medical assistance that the driver or the person on the road or client must receive. Finally, the company also protects clients in situations in which there is the famous hit and run, where other driver vanishes away and the driver is left alone not knowing what to do and how to afford the different expenditures.

Contingent comprehensive and collision insurance

 If an Uber driver has obtained a personal inclusive and crash insurance this plan shelters physical injury to that car that occurs during a journey up to the real cash price of the car, for any motive, with an $r1, 000 deductible from the client´s account.

These amounts: $r50, 000, $r100, 000 or $r25, 000 of coverage among journeys. During the time that the driver is available but among journeys, most personal car insurance will offer the proper coverage. Though, if the driver does not have appropriate coverage, the company keeps a special policy that covers the driver’s accountability for physical injury up to $r50, 000 with a totality of $r100, 000 per accident and more than $r25, and 000 for property injury. This plan encounters or surpasses the supplies for a third party accountability insurance in almost every city.

     Now, it is important to bear in mind that sometimes, having the Uber insurance might mean not being able to use the totality of another car insurance you have for your car.

How is this possible?

Your car insurance policy may not offer coverage for you if you are currently driving your car with Uber. This happens because car insurance policies have a list of prohibitions, and they frequently include as one of its limits the driving for hire service.  So, if you are driving for Uber or a comparable service you must determine with your insurance firm to confirm if your plan includes this type of driving. If it is not the case, you have the chance of purchasing additional commercial car insurance. Yet, for numerous drivers this might not be monetarily possible to sustain.

How to know your Uber is being insured

Find the best insurance of South Africa

Before moving on to the contact section, I would like to stress the fact that you are going to receive an insurance for your Uber car, as long as you have your app active.

Uber needs their motorists to possess a proper car insurance, and offers additional insurance coverage, but when the app is on, active. I will explain its mechanism: when the Uber app happens to be off, the driver is covered only by its car insurance with a financial company of its choice. But, when the Uber app is on, a little level of accountability assurance converts into being active. When a journey is established, an advanced level of coverage begins functioning and stays active until the passenger departures.



One of the ways you can communicate with Uber is by entering its official website and obtaining plenty of details about not only its insurance for drivers but also additional services you can get and discounts for being an Uber driver in your city. In this website you also have phone numbers and nearby offices to go to.

In person

One of its offices is in Randburg, located at 7th Avenue and 3rd avenue.

In the following chart, I will give you comprehensive information regarding one of the company´s offices in Cape Town:

Telephone number

586 4268


From R 25 000 of coverage


67 Manhattan Street. Boquinar Industrial Area. Cape Town.


Being an Uber driver, having another insurance too


No calculator available

Working hours

Mondays to Saturdays. Business times

 To conclude, if you are an Uber driver and you are worried about your passenger´s and your safety, you can relax since the company you work for has already developed a car insurance to assist you at all times!

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The company gives you insurance
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On Saturdays
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