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Deciding to use your vehicle as an Uber car has many advantages when referring to working on your own. However, it might have some drawbacks if we refer to the risks Uber drivers take when working. Because of this, it’s important you know about how to get car insurance for your Uber cars. Fortunately, this is the topic we’ll expand in this article so, read along ang get ready for driving with proper cover.

What do I need to know before asking for a car insurance quote for my Uber car?  

Car insurance for Uber is a tricky concept as many people don’t know how to approach it. Is it business insurance or vehicle insurance? Well, clearly, it’s both. As you drive the car with business purposes, it’s imperative you know what are the risks you need to have covered. Not only do you have to protect your passengers but also, you have to protect your car as being your working tool. Imagine you have an accident and your vehicle gets so damage you can’t use it for a while. During that time, your source of income gets paused, not to mention you’ll need to pay for repairing it from your pocket. So, bear in mind a vehicle insurance plan that offers to assist you on every possible scenario. That is to say, you will have to seriously consider asking a quote for a comprehensive car insurance cover so as to work comfortably feeling protected.

What are the requirements to buy vehicle insurance for Uber in South Africa?    

It’s known there are many insurance companies willing to protect your Uber car. it’s also known they all work differently. Even though they are similar, if we focus on their vehicle insurance coverage options, you will surely find some specific difference among them. For example, they might request specific documents or criteria before offering a vehicle insurance quote. All the same, it is essential you have your identity document and driving license issued by SA Government as the 2 basic requirements any company will ask for. These requirements will assure the insurance company the client asking for vehicle insurance is allowed to drive around South Africa. Then, your particular characteristics will affect the level of insurance you can get. Of course, driving your car to transport passengers as an Uber member will be taken into consideration in certain situations:

  • When offering their products

  • When offering the quote as cars with business use take specific risks.

What are the best companies to get car insurance for Uber?  

Focusing on car insurance for business vehicles, there are plenty of companies to choose from. Nevertheless, most of them focuses on trucks and vehicle used to transport goods, for example. Honestly, motor vehicle insurance companies for Uber cars are a little difficult to find, but not impossible to accomplish. Here, we’ll show you two of them:

As Hollard insurance is a recognized company in SA, we’ve decided to direct our attention to VUM so you can compare them. First, we must clarify VUM works with Santam car insurance in order to provide South African Uber drivers the best service so, you know you’re also in good hands. VUM can provide you with a Comprehensive car insurance for Uber that encompasses passenger liability and personal accident cover, which, as we have already explained, are the most important factors you ought to keep in mind when insuring your Uber vehicle.

How can a car insurance broker help when insuring my Uber vehicle?         

Any company will guide you when asking for motor vehicle insurance. However, a broker’s job is to have your own interest in mind in all the steps to get insurance. This means, a vehicle insurance broker will be capable of recognizing the best terms and conditions for your Uber car and, it will make sure to make the company pay for what they should if you have an incident and need to make a claim.

What’s the cost for car insurance for Uber?   

After dealing with these basic concepts to purchase vehicle insurance for cars used on Uber service, you have probably realized it’s not easy to state an average cost for insuring Uber cars. In general, it is hard to determine how much vehicle insurance might cost for any kind of car. The same happens for Uber cars as these factors influence the quote a company will show you:

  • The make and model of the vehicle.

  • The driver past car insurance claims.

  • The vehicle insurance package chosen. Remember, for transporting passenger’s vehicle, passenger liability must be included).

  • If the client is willing to get some safety tips in mind like, for instance, installing a tracker and keeping the car in a garage or parking spot when it’s not being used, among others.

Although it’s a little complicated to know the cost for car insurance for Uber, next, we’ll give you some steps to follow to get a cheap quote.

Steps to get cheap insurance for Uber vehicles   

1- Have a clear idea of the value of your car before asking for a quote.

2- Read about some companies to be aware of what’s available on car insurance for Uber.

3- Narrow down car insurance companies to 2 or 3 taking into account their products for Uber.

4- Ask those companies to give you their quotes.

5- Compare those quotes along with what risks and special coverage are offered for Uber vehicles in each cover.

By following these steps, you’ll end up with the lowest premium for the best Uber insurance. When deciding the company, keep in mind a good balance between price and cover is the secret to get the best service on Uber insurance.

Insurance for Uber Cars in South Africa

What is Uber car insurance?

It’s a specific insurance for vehicle owners partnered with Uber

How does vehicle insurance work for Uber?

Similarly to Taxify, your passengers and vehicle gets protection when you drive around.

What’s important to know abut Uber car insurance?

The most important factor is to be a responsible Uber driver and get your passenger protected in your car.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

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Finally, there are some drivers who think they don’t need to get car insurance for their Uber cars due to the existence of RAF. Still, you must remember there are many risks your vehicle faces on the road and, it will make you save time and money if you take measures to be ready if anything happens to your vehicle.

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