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6 Reasons to Get your OUTsurance Car Insurance Quote Online

Getting ready to hit the road is a must. Among the many things to pay attention to, the most important of all is to feel safe and such feeling is accomplished by purchasing the best car insurance cover possible. Knowing how problematic this may get, we’ve taken one step forward to gather information about OUTsurance and their car insurance products. Along this article, you’ll find more than 6 reasons to ask your quote online and check they are a fine alternative when referring to car insurance.

Does OUTsurance offer a Car Insurance Calculator?

It’s not a secret that one of the most relevant points when insuring a vehicle is the price to pay for the service. The quote OUTsurance gives you will be essential for you to make the final decision. But, there’s a catch when car insurance needs to be calculated: the price will vary from vehicle to vehicle as well as, from cover to cover. What does it mean? It means, in order to know how much will OUTsurance charge you for their coverage, they need to have the information about the vehicle, the driver and, the level of protection you want to get. Fortunately, OUTsurance has a special feature you can use online: they allow possible customers to get their quote by submitting the above mentioned information without having to approach to one of their branches. So, you will be able of having your OUTsurance Car Insurance prices depending on the cover you select.

How can I pay my OUTsurance Premiums for Car Insurance?

Similarly to what we have just explained, your premium will vary according to some characteristics. Once you know what plan you want for your car, insurance companies often leave you to decide how to cancel that product. For example, you can divide the cost to pay on monthly basis or, you can cancel it all at once. Besides, you can get additional coverage to the plan you choose which, of course, will make your premium more expensive.

5 Benefits of choosing Car Insurance with OUTsurance  

There are plenty of benefits when buying car insurance at OUTsurance. Here, we’ll show a short list of the most important ones:

  • For those responsible drivers having no claims over 3 years, OUTsurance has a special reward: they will give those customers 10% of what they’ve paid on their premiums. Later on, you will read detailed data about this benefit.

  • If you need to be assisted on the road, you will have OUTsurance help at no extra charge.

  • Once OUTsurance agrees on the premium you should pay, they keep it fixed for a year.

  • Another fixed cost is the excess. This means that regardless of the claim, the excess to pay will be the same.

  • If your car needs to be fixed, OUTsurance will provide you with their panel beaters. Such service works for a year.

As we have said, these are just 5 of the many benefits OUTsurance has thought for their clients. Let’s continue finding out about their service.

How does OUTsurance OutBonus work?

OUTbonus is a special benefit offered to drivers. It’s about getting a part of your premium back as long as you manage to stay claim free for few years and it works like this. As we said, after 3 years you get 10% back. Then, if you manage to continue that way 2 more years, you get other 10% of your premium back. Finally, after that, you receive your OUTbonus for each year you don’t make a claim at OUTsurance.

Are OUTsurance Car Insurance Reviews good?

As a matter of fact, yes, we were able of getting some pretty good reviews about OUTsurance car insurance. There’s a big group of OUTsurance clients appreciating they were allowed to add 2 little coverages for their sound system and for those citizens that regularly need to drive outside South Africa. In addition, the vast majority agrees on a special characteristic of Cash OUTbonus. In case you need to make a claim, the OUTbonus cash cycle will go back to the beginning for you to get 10% back after 3 years. Also, using HELPOUT assistance, service related to assistance on the road this company offers, does not count as claim. This means that you can use it freely and still, have your money back after 3 years free of claims.

Apart from these 2 important features, OUTsurance clients claim they have had a fine experience when dealing with this company’s consultants, even when they had to lodge a claim. They could make the claim and, move on with their daily routine as, OUTsurance took care of everything. 

What’s included on OUTsurance Car Insurance’s Terms and Conditions of OUTsurance?

When you buy car insurance, at OUTsurance or any other company, you choose among the options they offer you. Once you decide the plan to get, you go over some specific points like, level of protection, methods of payment and types of claim they will take care of. All those details, known as terms and conditions, are perfectly explained on the car insurance policy so, it’s of paramount importance you read it carefully before signing in the documents.

What does OUTsurance Comprehensive Car Insurance cover?

Whenever we talk about Comprehensive car insurance, we talk about the highest level of protection to get for a vehicle. As such, Comprehensive car insurance at OUTsurance will be at your side in almost any aspect you can think of. Your vehicle is protected against damage or loss due to being hijacked the same as for theft and fire. To add to those situations, OUTsurance will take care if you are in an accident or if someone damages your car on purpose. As regards natural phenomena, flood and hail are included in this policy. Of course, 3rd party liability claims are also covered with this car insurance plan.

Remember, comprehensive insurance for your car includes all the benefits we have mentioned earlier and, you can also buy any of the additional covers OUTsurance offers. You just have to detect what problems may your car has as regards risks and, be prepared to deal with them.

What do I get from Essential Car Insurance with OUTsurance?

For some South African citizens buying a comprehensive car insurance might not be an option due to being on a tight budget. OUTsurance knows about it and, for that reason they offer Essential car insurance with different benefits. This cover is more accessible, and it still covers the basic issues any driver must face. Before we delve into this low cost option, we want to tell you it will surely be the perfect option for 5 years cars (or olders) that aren’t financed. The reason is simple, you get to choose the amount for which you want to get car insurance for as long as the vehicle is worth R125000 or less. As regards this particularity, remember OUTsurance states that 40% of the retail value of the car is the maximum amount to cover. Another great advantage of essential cover is that OUTsurance will pay you on cash and you choose who will repay your car.

How much will my car be covered with 3rd Party insurance? Is OUTsurance an option?

Among the car insurance options available in the market, there’s 3rd Party car insurance which is known to be the one offering the lowest level of protection. For such plan, for example, if your car gets damaged, the insurance company won’t cover for its reparation. No matter the cause - accident, fire, theft or other- you won’t get money to fix it. Third Party will only cover for damages your car makes on other vehicles. A great example is if you cause an accident with your insured vehicle, your insurance company will take care of paying the damages the other cars involved in the accident suffered. This is what’s known as liability claim. Basically, 3rd Party will only take care of that situation. If, due to the accident, your car gets damaged, you will have to pay the total cost of such repair. Referring to OUTsurance specifically, their Essential Cover matches with what’s known as 3rd Party.

What OUTsurance Vehicle Insurance cover is recommended for an old car?

Clearly, the Essential cover from OUTsurance is seen as the best option for older cars thanks to what we have explained some paragraphs above. As OUTsurance will pay your claim in cash, it will be your decision how to spend that money. This means, you will be able of looking for the best repairer in your area to fix your car. But, as we are aware this cover is not that complete, keep in mind you can add coverage to your sound system, or add car hire, for example. An interesting detail is that, for women drivers, OUTsurance offers some special benefits that recognize women’s exposal to danger when having their cars broken down on the road. Besides, they know about women’s responsibility when driving, which is translated into lower premiums, of course.

Now, if you have a vintage car and you’re looking to get car insurance for it, OUTsurance will not be of help as, that issue needs to be taken care differently. All the same, don’ t worry as there’re companies directing their products to vintage car insurance.

Does OUTsurance cover Hail Damage?

As OUTsurance perfectly understands how important it is for you to look after any detail about your vehicle, they have made all the necessary studies to get to know every little detail about what matters most on vehicle owners. This is why OUTsurance decided to include hail damage in their comprehensive plan. So, if you buy this cover, OUTsurance will pay in case of your vehicle gets caught on a hailstorm and gets damaged because of it. Even though you might not find a cover to get your windscreen covered, you will find such protection on OUTsurance comprehensive car insurance, if such damage was caused by hail. This is how, it’s easy to see this is an important advantage any driver would want to take from their car insurance cover.

What are the advantages of buying OUTsurance car insurance for Scratch and Dent? 

We always say that the more protected your car is, the less stressful you’ll drive. Therefore, you have to aim to cover as many details as you can. If you have the chance of paying for scratch and dent, and as long as the quote the car insurance company presents you is reasonable, you must have it as a possible alternative. Of course, it will also depend on how often you use your car and, the purpose. As in this article we are referring to OUTsurance car insurance, it’s important to point out this protection is included on their comprehensive package. However, don’t forget to read your policy to make sure the terms and condition for such damage as there might be some restrictions about the cause of such damage, for instance.

However, if you want to compare products, we recommend you to take a look at PMD Car insurance as, they permit their clients to get customized insurance for their vehicles.

Is it Roadside Assistance included in OUTsurance Car Insurance?

Yes, it is! In fact, this is one of the best offers you can enjoy at OUTsurance. When you buy insurance cover for your vehicle at OUTsurance, they provide you with free roadside assistance for whenever you need to use. There’s no need to expand on the importance of driving knowing you have 100% backup along your trip for any type of emergency you can find. At OUTsurance, you could ask for roadside help at any time and, they have their own App to allow you to get help in the easiest and fastest way. This tool will be in charge of making you feel safe when driving around South Africa. In addition, you can expand that cover to Africa to feel truly free when travelling.

Will I get a Courtesy car from OUTsurance car cover?

Today, it’s difficult to get a company that still provides courtesy car in their car insurance products. However, we can find another service called Car Hire. This service works in a similar way but, it’s an additional coverage you must buy when getting OUTsurance car insurance. If you select to add this cover, you will have a rental car in case you have to send your insured car to a panel beater after a car accident. If this situation happens and you had paid car hire cover, you will be able of using this vehicle for 30 days top, which it’s enough time to recover your fixed car and move on with your life. Now, if your car suffers total loss, this cover will help you until OUTsurance pays your claim out. The causes of suffering total loss might be theft, hijacking or if the car gets written off. Even though this extra cover means paying a little more on your premium, you will get an amazing help.

Can I insure my Uber Car with OUTsurance? 

OUTsurance offers their products to vehicles used for business purposes so, you might find cover for your Uber. None the less, their business car insurance products don’t offer great cover for those vehicles used for transporting passengers. Maybe, if your Uber car is protected by OUTsurance, you can ask them to cover it for the risks we’ll list next on the options you’ll find on OUTsurance for business cars:

  • Having to replace lost keys is a stress you can avoid thanks to OUTsurance as they incudes it in their policy for business cars.

  • Keeping your car in a panel beater to be repaired will affect your income so, having rental car with OUTsurance will allow you to keep working until your Uber car is ready to use again.

  • In case of an accident, OUTsurance covers for medical costs to the passengers but, there’s a limit on the amount of money it covers.

  • Obviously, roadside assistance in case of emergency is a must when you spend most of your time driving around the country.

What are OUTsurance Contact Details to get car insurance?   

If you are thinking OUTsurance is the right company to protect your car, you might give them a call and ask to start your quote by dialing 08 600 6000. If you are already a client wanting to renovate your policy, for instance, you can call 08 600 70000. Even though some companies let their clients to contact them via sms or email, OUTsurance prefers a personalized attention and, for that reason they don’t have email address to buy insurance.

OUTsurance Car Insurance Online Quote

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Your car must not be financed.

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Operating Hours

From Monday to Friday -7 am to 8 pm. Fridays – 7 am to 6 pm.

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To conclude, we’ve accomplished on giving you data about those details that must be taken care on detail when selecting vehicle insurance. If you have OUTsurance Car insurance products among your alternatives, surely this article helped you make up your mind about this topic. After these reasons to buy car insurance at OUTsurance, you just have to decide on the cover you think will help you the most.

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Questions and answers

Can I get an affordable good quality insurance for both house hold and vehicle?

Of course, it’s totally possible! You just have to look around and compare prices and, surely, we can help you with that.

I need full comprehensive car insurance, how can I get it?

You can submit OUTsurance your car information and ask them for a quote. Then, you decide whether you take it or look for another company.

Hi, I have a vehicle with motor insurance including comprehensive cover. My engine is damaged does outsurance cover replacement of the engine?

To start, OUTsurance needs to take a look at your car to decide if the engine can be repaired or it needs to be replaced.

How much can i pay for an insurance?

Hippo Car Insurance allows clients to apply for minimums amounts of money on their third party insurance and maximums which apply to comprehensive cover, depending on the sort of car you would like to insure and your budget.

How much can i pay for 2018 polo trendsetter?

At Outsurance you can apply for a Comprehensive Insurance and pay not more than R 1100 per month so as to insure your Polo car.

Is it possible for me to choose a panel beater?

The company has their own repairers included in the policy. If you want to choose your panel bearer, OUTsurance won’t guarantee the quality of the repair.

What is included in “car hire”?

When you need to get your car repaired, OUTsurance will provide you with another vehicle for over a month for you to keep on with your routine.

Can my car be insured without inspection?

No, you will need to take it so OUTsurance can verify the general condition of the vehicle.

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