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How to Get a Car Insurance with OUTsurance? Quote Online and Benefits

    When trying to get the best car insurance, drivers usually choose to get all the information they can to make the smartest decision. That’s why, I want to help you gather all the data you need about OUTsurance, which is a company issuing different types of insurance in South Africa since 1998. We also know one of the most important point is to understand how to get an online quote so, we’ll delve into this process and explain what you need to do it.

How much is the average car insurance?

    Actually, it’s not easy to state an average car insurance prime because it will depend on many features. For instance, the quote and prime for an old car won’t be similar to for a modern one. Also, the quote will be affected by what you use your car for as, those vehicles used for commercial purposes tend to get damaged fast due to the constant use. This is mainly the reason why we recommend getting an online quote to compare different options before deciding.

How to get your car insured with OUTsurance?

    As it’s been stated in the previous question, it’s of relevant importance you try to get a quote before applying for a car insurance so as to be able of choosing the best alternative. Luckily, OUTsurance offers this service completely free of charge and, what’s more, you can go through it online. This is how the process go:

            1) Start by getting details of the covers the company, in this case OUTsurance, has to offer.

            2) Decide on the cover you would like to get according to your car and how you use it.

            3) Get online on their webpage and find the “Online Quote” section.

            4) In the form you’ll be shown next, submit the information requested.

            5) Once you receive the quote, analyse it carefully to decide if it’s what you want. Pay attention to the prime and, be realistic about the payment in order to avoid getting in debt in a future.

How does Comprehensive insurance work?

    Comprehensive Insurance will cover the damage produced to your car by collision or other causes like, natural hazard or another person. I’ll show you a clear example for you to understand the difference between Essential and Comprehensive Insurance: let’s imagine you own a car that’s worth R15000 and, the deductible is R1500. If the vehicle is destroyed completely by an earthquake, the insurance company will give you R135000. But, if the car isn’t protected with a Comprehensive insurance, you won’t receive any money because Essential Insurance doesn’t cover loss caused by weather conditions. This means, you will probably need a loan to get a new car.

What does a comprehensive car insurance with OUTsurance cover?

    OUTsurance has two different covers in their products. One of them, named Essential, is more basic than the other, named Comprehensive. We’ll pay attention to what range of protection your car will receive with a Comprehensive cover.

    OUTsurance will protect your vehicle from damage or loss caused by theft or fire. Besides, they receive and take care of liability claims and, this company will also pay for the damage caused by weather conditions – flood or hail, for instance-, by a third party or, even, caused accidentally.

OUTsurance Car Insurance: Important Benefits

Apart from the covers and what they include, there are benefits OUTsurance offers for their clients to take the most out of them:

  • You can get a bonus of 10% if you pass a period of 3 years minimum without reporting any claim.

  • You’ll enjoy road assistance 24 hours a day to get help if you are in an emergency in the middle of your trip.

  • Your prime will be guaranteed for a fix period of 12 months. Even if you need to report a claim, the prime won’t change.

  • The excess will be fixed, which means it won’t increase, no matter the claim you report.

  • OUTsurance takes pride in the speed they offer to process the claim and, in the friendly service of their assistants.

  • Panel beaters guarantee to repair your vehicle for 1 year.

  • Optional covers for you to decide if they are worth paying for: Car hire, LifeProtector, Sound equipment and more. You can go over the alternatives and choose the ones you think should be included in your insurance policy.

What requirements should clients meet to obtain a car insurance with OUTsurance?

Find the best insurance of South Africa

    As a car insurance is a contract, the first requirement is to have age majority; then, you also need to live in South Africa. Now, if we refer to the car to be insured, it’s essential you be able of providing OUTsurance with the information and all the legal documents about the vehicle. This is so, because every detail will help them get the best quote for you.

    On the other hand, there’re three specific requests if you want an Essential car insurance with OUTsurance: the value of the vehicle can’t be higher than R 125000, and it shouldn’t be younger than 5 years or be financed.

What’s the meaning of full cover auto insurance?

    This expression refers to the most complete insurance cover for your vehicle. There are different companies issuing different levels of protection, form the basic like liability or third party cover, up to protection in case of vandalism, for instance. Of course, what a “full cover” includes depends on each car insurance entity. For example, Discovery, another car insurance entity, won’t charge you the excess for claims related to natural hazards.

OUTsurance: Contact Information to get your car insurance

What number should I call?


Requirements for Essential car Insurance

Car 5 years old at least, worth R125000 top

What Email Address to write?

Now you’ve gathered all this information about OUTsurance, you should try to follow the steps to get an online quote and then, try to get quotes from other companies to compare them. Only by researching and comparing the quotes, will you be capable of choosing the best car insurance for your vehicle.

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Questions and Answers

How much can i pay for an insurance?
Hippo Car Insurance allows clients to apply for minimums amounts of money on their third party insurance and maximums which apply to comprehensive cover, depending on the sort of car you would like to insure and your budget.
How much can i pay for 2018 polo trendsetter?
At Outsurance you can apply for a Comprehensive Insurance and pay not more than R 1100 per month so as to insure your Polo car.
Is it possible for me to choose a panel beater?
The company has their own repairers included in the policy. If you want to choose your panel bearer, OUTsurance won’t guarantee the quality of the repair.
What is included in “car hire”?
When you need to get your car repaired, OUTsurance will provide you with another vehicle for over a month for you to keep on with your routine.
Can my car be insured without inspection?
No, you will need to take it so OUTsurance can verify the general condition of the vehicle.

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