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6 Steps to Get your Prime Meridian Car Insurance in South Africa

Prime Meridian Car Insurance is one of the first company South Africans think of to get their vehicle protected. This is so due to the great benefits that can be found within this company. However, the only way to know if PMD is the right car insurance company for you is by getting all the information about their products. That’s why, we’ll deal with these products offered in South Africa and, by the end of the reading, you will be able of deciding whether PMD is what you were looking for.

How does PMD Car Insurance work?  

When a South African citizen needs to get car insurance, it’s absolutely important he or she knows how everything works. Understanding the entire process will be the key to get the best service at an affordable price. In case of PMD, there’re three different proposals as regards car insurance:

In this short list, you’ll find the simplest cover at the beginning and, the most complete cover at the end. Either way, even the simplest cover will protect your car pretty well as, it includes coverage if your car’s written off and for hail damage. What’s important to point out is that, whatever plan you choose, you can add some fine additional alternatives to take care of particular situations like, for instance, getting car hire or cover in case of accidental death. This is how Prime Meridian Direct makes sure you find exactly what you need.

Is PMD a good Car Insurance?

We can say PMD is a recognized car insurance company providing citizens with useful plans to protect their vehicle keeping in mind what does it mean to own a car. Although this may seem a little obvious, you will find not every company reflects it in their products. Having the opportunity to customize your coverage will give you a sense of being suitable covered. Yet, each customer will have to decide whether the service PMD offers is good or bad.

PMD Car Insurance: Reviews

As we have just mentioned, the official opinion about PMD Car Insurance must be given by their customers so, let’s see what do they say. One of the reviews we found thanks PMD consultants for being friendly when answering a query which, as the customer claims, made the whole process much easy. Another client assures she would recommend PMD Car Insurance due to the excellent service they offer since the moment you take the product until the moment you need to make a claim.

What does a Car Insurance quotation from PMD includes?

Receiving a quote from a car insurance entity means you get to know the price they establish to protect your automobile. So, you have to include precise information about your car as well as you and, for example, your past experience at driving. These factors will allow PMD to calculate your quote in a manner that covers every detail you need to cover at a reasonable price. Remember, as long as you submit honest and true information, you can get your quote online.

How is it possible to get a cheap price on Car Insurance with PMD calculator? 

Car Insurance calculators are great tools that permit the future insured to detect the best price. However, you will only obtain the price that company, in this case PMD, will charge you over the different coverages they offer. So, to find the best price, you will have no other option but to compare prices with different companies. The most important detail in this matter is to take all the time you need to go over what those companies include in the car insurance plan you chose. For example, if you plan to ask for comprehensive insurance, read carefully what’s taken into consideration under such package by each insurer. Thanks to the car insurance calculator, you may detect a cheap quote but, latter on you find out there were important coverage left out. While you detect these issues on time, you will avoid choosing for the wrong car insurance which, consequently, can make you save money.

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PMD Car Insurance: What’s Comprehensive Cover about?

We all know Comprehensive car insurance is one of the most asked cover and, we also know why. Such package includes the most complete coverage for cars. For this reason, we’ll discuss about what PMD comprehensive car insurance offers their clients:

  • Of course, 3° party liability is included and, up to a million rand per accident.

  • As regards the exterior of your vehicle, hail damage along with glass cover are included in PMD’s comprehensive plan.

  • Whatever causes your car to break down on your way, you have roadside assistance at any time.

  • In case your vehicle is damaged by an accident or natural disaster, you know PMD will take care of it.

  • Not many companies do but PMD covers the vehicle for its complete retail value.

  • If your vehicle gets written off, it won’t be a problem if you have PMD Comprehensive Cover.

Clearly, this alternative encompasses important risks to be taken seriously.

What are the disadvantages of PMD Car Insurance you may find?

While there are many advantages of PMD car insurance, you might also find some disadvantages. One of them is that, even though you have many options to complete the cover you chose, you will have to pay extra for each of them. This means, you’ll pay for the plan you bought but, if you want to keep protecting your car on little details, you will have to think about paying all those extra costs. So, you might analyze if it’s more convenient to get a higher cover.

How to get in touch with PMD to buy Car Insurance? Contact Details

To get your PMD Car Insurance you can write an email to info@primemeridian,co,za or use this phone number 74 57 800. If you prefer to communicate through fax or, to send documents for example, PMD fax number is 36 77 000. Also remember if you live in Johannesburg, you can approach Prime Meridian Direct office to discuss about your car insurance and get doubt free. No matter which mean of communication you choose, PMD will be glad to assist you on your vehicle protection.

Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance

PMD Office Hours

Weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm.

PMD Phone N°

74 57 800


Valid driving license

After covering the main plans from Prime Meridian Direct Car Insurance, you can now have a better idea about what it’s worth paying for. All that’s left to do is to decide how much car insurance you want and, get your quote to decide if PMD is the entity you wanted.

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Questions and answers

On what grounds should I claim for tyres?

The insurance company Prime Meridian may be in charge of replacing or repairing your vehicle tyres, depending on the conditions and restrictions stated in your insurance policy. Some circumstances that the company may consider as a claim for tyres are as follows accidental damage, theft or vandalism, fire or natural disaster, among others.

What do you mean when you say I can add extra coverage?

There are additional plans you can choose to add, just if you want. For example, to cover windscreen, to have a car borrowed for few days while you have yours at the panel beater and more.

Does PMD cover old cars?

It depends on the type pf coverage. Customised and Comprehensive covers only work for cars 15 years old at maximum.

Hi, I’m interested in Customer cover, how much do the pay in an accident?

The third-Party liability protection of this cover won’t be higher than R500000.

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