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Is There Car insurance for Ombudsman? Contact Details and Requirements

 In the following article I would like to inform you about the different choices there are available in Ombudsman the market regarding car insurance in Ombudsman. That is right, there are numerous companies in charge of those matters, but I will focus on two of the greatest: Discovery and Old Mutual.

    Discovery´s insurances

    There are 3 essential car insurance programs available to the citizens of South Africa, so if you live in Ombudsman pay attention to them now:


What can you do with it?

With this car insurance the residents of Ombudsman can be protected in the maximum of issues they can ever imagine, and one of the most common are accidents but I can also mention the fact of a strong storm that suddenly strikes the city and makes several scratches on your car or its glasses.


This is a plan very sophisticated since many situations are included such as the fact of being able to protect yourself from another driver´s damage or to protect that person too. Moreover, if your car gets lost as a cause of human intention then the company can look for it and if it is not found you get a big percentage of the total amount of your vehicle


Understanding the mechanics of this insurance is quite easy, since it is a basic plan that enables the residents of Ombudsman to protect other drivers. Moreover, they get to recover any pieces of electronic devices that are lost, such as the keys of the cars.


 Old Mutual’s insurances in Ombudsman

What category of car insurances can Ombudsman clients get if they go to Old Mutual?


Well, this is the car insurance that means more money for the client but it has the benefit of making sure he/she will never waste money on any repair. Want to know why? Because any type of situation that might come to your mind in which you and your car are involved, is included here. So, if you have an accident with a truck or you get stuck in the middle of a place you don’t know, you are protected for sure. What is more, the company for choosing this program enables clients to receive bonuses or discounts on several products they have developed just form them. And the good thing is that these products can be replaced and get upgraded whenever the client is ready.


What does this insurance enable clients to do?

This is an insurance that has protected during all these years all the situations related with fire such as explosions, in which the car can disappear or vanish away. Moreover, if the driver of the car does not know where to locate its own vehicle, the company can help too. But, if you have an accident do not count on this program, it will not be that supportive like the first one mentioned.


This is a car insurance ideal for those clients that want to make sure that if someone else is driving and then an accident happens, the other person is given money for the different damages and the client forgets about paying that capital.


+Car hire for no extra costs

+Possibility of getting upgrades

+Establishing an over the phone communication from any country of the world


Contacting Discovery

In person:

    Let me tell you that one of the offices inside the country is in Johannesburg, whose address is 107 Johan Avenue and remains open from Mondays to Fridays during banking times. You can also call this branch on this number, which is not free: 11 050 3700.

Another branch you can go in person is also in Johannesburg, but this time it is located at Eastland´s Office Park on Bent all Road. The days in which you can find it open are Mondays til Fridays. And you can phone it on this number: 11 383 5980.

By phone:

   Applying by phone is another option to consider if you wish to communicate from home, which is why you have the phone communication available, which means there is an exclusive line for the people of South Africa that lives in Ombudsman:0860 751 751.

Via internet:

You can also make use of internet and send just one email to the following address, so please keep this address with

You have also the chance of entering the website of this company and directly go to the section made for online applications.

Contacting Old Mutual

In person

   If you are interested in going in person to an office, try the one located in Johannesburg, whose address is Harrison Street 77 inside the Newton Mall. Its phone number is 724 6061

By phone

   You can also communicate with phone with the company by entering in your cellphone this number and waiting in line for a member to answer: 0860 93 94 93. This line has no limits regarding when you can call and how many times you are able to phone it.

Via internet

   The website that has been shaped by Old Mutual is really complete and not only gives customers the chance to finding new data but also the possibility of sending a simple message.

Interest rate

A Maximum of 20%

Telephone number

009 724 8193


R 6000


Old Mutual Square 2, in the 93 Grayston Doctor & West Road South


A recent Pay slip and just one personal ID


R 967

Working hours

08:00 am to 04:00 pm

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   To conclude, those clients that currently reside in Ombudsman and are looking to give their cars a good protection can certainly rely on Old Mutual and Discovery, since there exist multiple insurances that are designed to meet particular needs that drivers experience with their cars. They will get a good price and also a wonderful experience.

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