Sanlam Car Insurance, get your quote online | QuotesAdvisor

Sanlam Car Insurance, get your quote online | QuotesAdvisor

If you are thinking of having car insurance in South Africa, many clients like to turn to a company that is committed and responsible. Sanlam is one of those companies that have everything you need all in one place. Whether you are looking for car insurance, life insurance, cover possibilities, Sanlam has got what you are looking for. Go on reading this articule so you can get properly informed about Sanlam vehicle insurane which in turns, will help you decide on the right cover for your car,

What are Sanlam car insurance benefits?

Sanlam is a very complete company that offers personal services, business deals and institutional services. In general, Sanlam is mainly focused in providing:

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

Choose the excess that best suits your budget. Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued.

  • Life insurance

  • Severe illness

  • Personal insurance

  • Disability cover

  • Funeral cover

  • Income protection

  • Go cover

  • Medical aid

  • Credit life cover

  • Insurance in short term

  • Gap cover

As for vehicle or car insurance, Sanlam offers different benefits:

  • There is a program called Sanlam Reality which is meant for rewards, for all clients

  • Get plenty of rewards with the program

  • You can access special discounts while saving money on many products.

  • You can save money on wellness, entertainment and travel

  • Financial planners at Sanlam are meant to help you find your best financial deal for your vehicle

How can I get at Sanlam a car insurance quote?

Just like with every other car insurance company, Sanlam requires you to provide some specific details in order to enable you to get a quote. Unless you prove Sanlam with this information, the company does not allow you to get a quote. They are all made for each client in particular, making sure that their expectations and needs are all covered. The company allows you to get a quote and buy it online so that you do not have to leave your home. You must provide data of the one of is about to be insured.

Is there a Sanlam car insurance calculator?

The company on its website counts with different resources, such as calculators and tools. It is not necessary for you to be a financial planner in order to plan the future that lies ahead of you. You simply need the assistance of a member of the company or simply a calculator. The range of tools that company has at your disposal is incredible. They allow you to foresee some unexpected situations and get rid of obstacles to achieve your goals. There calculators available are for:

  • Education

  • Income tax

  • Retirement

  • Online quotes

Unfortunately it does not have a calculator for car insurance exclusively. Let us explore the education calculator. You can use it for:

  • Comparing costs of different tertiary education

  • Foreseeing the amounts you would have to invest on education

  • Saving money for your child’s education with anticipation

Imagine that your goal is to compare the education costs of the year 2019. You would have to pick the course first, such as Health sciences, and the type of fee, for instance, one that includes tuition plus residence. You will see a figure with all the places of residence with the price of tuition. For instance, tuition in Rhodes would be 47778. Residence in Rhodes would be of 63203. Plus, you can even calculate the cost for your first child, using the estimates of costs per year, the current age and the study period.

Are there any Sanlam car insurance reviews?

Many clients have left on the company’s website their opinion on Sanlam. The most common feature that has been praised at Sanlam is benefit claims. Many clients have said that the company made everything easier. Many clients claimed that when they have had an accident, the company covers for the loss of specific body parts, especially resulting from an accident. It does cover too accidental injuries. Other users have mentioned that the company offers not only car insurance, but also personal insurance and life insurance with a lot of varied options and possibilities. The company will have you covered in case there is an event of an illness or an injury that may prevent you from performing or carrying out your regular occupation activities.

How do I cancel my Sanlam policy?

In order to cancel your Sanlam policy, you can get in touch with the company and give it a notice one month before. You can do this by calling the contact centre. The cancellation generally is carried out immediately. Under no circumstances are you allowed to cancel if you haven’t respected the cooling-off period. Otherwise, you will not be able to ask for a refund or qualify for premiums that have already been paid.

Which are Sanlam car insurance contact details?

In case you need to contact the company, here are some details that can be useful:

  • If you need any advice or need to ask for a service, you can call at 0860 726 526

  • If you need to reach the head office, then you can call at (021) 947-9111

  • If you need the address of the head office, then you can go to 2 Strand Road in Bellville and visit it.

Is there a Sanlam car insurance contact number? Unfortunately, the number given is the one used for all kinds of actions. You can reach that number and then proceed to ask for car insurance.

Is Sanlam car insurance in South Africa convenient?

It is definitely a convenient option since you can access all the following options:

  • Critical illness cover

  • Life insurance

  • Income protection

  • Saving that are tax free

  • Retirement annuity

  • Unit trusts

  • Medical gap cover

  • Online will

  • Personal loans and more

As you can see, Sanlam was not made only for car insurance but also for offering all types of insurance. The benefit of choosing Sanlam is that you can do things online without the need of visiting the company at all times. Besides, you can complement your car insurance with other types of cover meant to cover you if you have a terrible injury or you have an accident on the road.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Is it possible to insure multiple cars?

If your budget allows you to yes

Can I afford an insurance on my own?

You must contact a professional and check affordability

Is there a way to refinance an insurance?

Yes there is

I need comprehensive cover for my 2005 Mercedes C180 Kompressor, how much is the monthly premium?. Thank you

Sanlam is a reliable and well-known company in South Africa that offers different types of insurance products, including vehicle insurance. To get a quote for a premium coverage for your 2005 Mercedes C180 Kompressor, it is necessary to provide more details about you and the vehicle. Without this information, the company will not give you an estimate, as each insurance plan is adjusted to each client. 

Please call me after 5pm. I need a life, car and household cover.

Sanlam Car Insurance is a big company that offers a great range of insurance products including life, car, and household cover. If you are interested in getting this product, you will need to contact the company directly, so you can obtain more information about their application process and main requirements. 

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