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Can I Obtain Car insurance for Volkswagen, Polo Vivo and Polo? Features and Contact Details

    At present, it is really important that drivers have a decent car insurance so as to take care of the different misfortunes that can take place while they are driving. There are two wonderful companies in the market which are the most preferred by those clients that have a Volkswagen, Polo Vivo and those that also have a Polo.

    I am talking about Santam and Mutual Federal, reason for which I will devote the article to talking about them and explain the different pieces of information related to its car insurances for the type of cars just mentioned.

 So, for Polo and Volkswagen drivers these are the car insurances available:



   This is the cover that comprehends numerous situations with the cars not only on the road but also when the client is in a situation with the vehicle inside its home or place of residence.

What are its features?

-You get another car when yours cannot be found

-You get assistance by a mechanic

-You get protection from outside forces

-You get coverage of expenses

-You get another remote control


This insurance enables drivers of Volkswagen and Polo cars to apply for a cover that gives them protection in accidents created by people or nature and also third party liabilities.


   Only third parties will receive money to compensate for the damage caused by you to them or their personal vehicle. But, it is the cheapest option that exists in the market, so you might want to try this insurance first so as to save capital in the long run.

If you have doubts about which one to choose, I have some tips:

-For modern cars the comprehensive is the best option

-For used cars apply for the second option

-For old cars please apply for the Comprehensive or Third Party Only

Those are pieces of advice that can be given based on the experience of other drivers with a car insurance of their preference.

Mutual and Federal´s car insurance for Volkswagen or Polo

Let’s find out together how this incredible firm can help drivers:


As you can see from its name, it comprehends all. It means that every situation in which you feel life is in danger or that your car is about to lose control or be fully broken, the company can help. And, it is important to stress that if you have something inside of it and you have just lost it, the firm can replace it with no extra charges. Excellent, right?

Its characteristics are delighting:

+Protection for third party responsibility

+Duties of the third driver

+Accidents are totally covered

+Procurement of R 50 000

+New appliances for your car

+More content for your car

Find the best insurance of South Africa

+Financial pieces of advice and medical too if requested

-Talking to a mechanic to start the repair of your car


This is the type of care that enables Volkswagen and Polo drivers to get assistance from a person of the legal field and someone from a clinic, a doctor.


This is the third option offered in terms of a car insurance for Polo and Volkswagen car and aims at giving he driver shelter against the situations caused by nature such as hurricanes and strong storms and also burglary and explosions. Moreover, you can insure from a car to a motorbike or a ship. It does not matter what type of vehicle you are driving, the company can take care of its safety and repay for the expenses created by the damages.


This is the last option in matters of an insurance offered and simply is the one that costs the least and assists every driver while they are driving the vehicle so as to enable them to talk to a lawyer and get advice or to a doctor if medical aid is needed

Contacting Santam to protect your Volkswagen or Polo

There currently exists a free line that enables clients make any type of inquiry they have in mind, so that please keep this number or paste it somewhere near you:21 915 7000. It is a free line, which means that you won’t have to pay anything to use it and at the same time it is available all day regardless of the day, so please take that into account.

If you want to establish face to face communication with a person of the company please take your car or the means of transport you usually take and go to an office in Cape Town, exactly ay Bellville Park inside the Sportica Cres. It opens during the morning from 09 until the afternoon (5 pm).

You also have the possibility of starting online application in the website of the company which is also free and available to the clients at any time, since it never closes.

Contacting Mutual and Federal to insure your Volkswagen or Polo

You also have available the website of the company, where there is lots of data about many of the insurances that are offered and also a list of pieces of advice given to new clients that are just starting to operate with the company. You also get the chance of sending electronic messages to the different specialists of the company.

And, now a chart with data of a branch of Mutual and Federal in South Africa:

Online facilities

Online application it is available

The telephone number

 401 6911


In person or directly by phone


Mutual Park, Jan Smuts Doctor. Cape Town


Salary statement



Working hours

Weekdays on business hours

    To conclude, if you have a Volkswagen or a Polo and need to insure it, you can take advantage of two of the most reliable companies in South Africa and forget about worrying about your safety and that of your car. You deserve peace and a car insurance can give it to you

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Can I phone the bank now?
You can phone on weekdays
Is mutual bank an African bank?
Yes it is
Can I obtain a quote?
You can phone the company´s members

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