Car Insurance Quotes | Easy – Fast – Online | Start on R100

Car Insurance Quotes | Easy - Fast - Online | Start on R100

When we look for convenient insurance offers for a vehicle, many companies come to mind along with many doubts and questions. In order to solve these questions there are various tools, one of them is the car insurance calculator. This tool will allow you to quote the cost of insurance for your car and thus be able to compare between the different offers on the market. In this article we will explain what they are and how to use a car insurance quote calculator.

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What is a car insurance calculator?

A car insurance calculator is simply an online tool that enables you to gauge the cost of your car insurance plan policy. It makes it easy to get estimates by entering data like your car model, year of purchase, and other crucial information.

An online insurance calculator saves time. It instantly informs and lets you compare premium plans from several insurance providers. This allows you to establish the right add-on covers for your vehicle insurance and your budget and requirements.

Car Insurance Calculator: How to quote in South Africa?

The first step towards estimating car insurance costs is deliberating on the coverage needed. Besides meeting the South African minimum insurance requirements, you need to factor in your car's value and budget to land the best coverage for your ride.

Car insurance providers often charge depending on various factors, regularly reviewing your car insurance coverage to define your coverage needs. This helps you decide where to increase your car coverage limits or cut down on unnecessary coverage.

Most insurers allow customers to calculate monthly or yearly insurance on their websites or apps. You will need to enter the following data to get your car insurance quote:

  1. First and last name
  2. Car owner's email address 
  3. Contact number
  4. Marital status
  5. ID number

After keying in these data and submit, you can get your insurance quote. The best part is that some calculators enable you to compare different quotes.

How to calculate car insurance premium

Calculating car insurance is not as easy as it may seem. Many factors can affect your insurance premium in South Africa. Risk is one of the factors that may influence your insurance cost. Most insurers in the market charge premiums based on the risk. High risks attract high premium rates, while low risks attract low rates.

The insurer must analyze all the risks and associated costs before deciding on your premium. Car insurance providers look into several factors to determine risk. Here are some of the factors;

  1. Where and when you drive, and park: How often you drive and where you drive and park may affect your premium during risk assessment. Driving 80 km daily while parking in unsafe areas may attract high fees. On the other hand, parking in a garage and driving 2 km per day may be considered low risk, attracting low premiums. Areas like slums are often considered high risk; therefore, you may pay high rates if you drive in sketchy neighborhoods.
  2. Driving track record: How do you drive? Insurance providers look through your track record to get to know the type of driver you are. Reckless driving means high premiums as the risk is high. On the other hand, a clean driving record means low risk, and the insurer may charge a low premium.
  3. Age: Car insurance companies factor in your age to determine your premium. Most service providers consider the 25-70 age bracket low-risk and charge normal rates. If you are above the age bracket, you might dig your pocket dipper as it is considered high risk.

It is worth noting that different insurers look into different factors and employ measures to evaluate and determine car insurance premiums. Please follow up with your potential insurance provider in case you are stacked with calculating your premiums.

Can I calculate car insurance quotes online?

Yes, it is always possible to calculate and compare and contrast the different quotes offered by companies. You can compare the costs, the benefits, the amount of cover you would get, the additional that you may add, the installments and payout.

Are there any instant quotes for car insurance?

In general, it only takes a few minutes to get a quote. Now, there is a catch. You can only access a quote if you are a South African resident and if you provide all the details asked by the quote generator machine or company that provides them.

Is there a car insurance calculator in South Africa?

Many companies as well as websites offer you the possibility to consult car insurance quotes calculators. These tools are meant to help you find the best financial deal for your vehicle. Outsurance is one of the companies that allow you to use a quotes calculator. All you have to do is “start quote” and you can choose the vehicle you want to do it for:

  • Vehicle quotes

  • Motorcycle quotes

  • Buildings quote

  • Contents quote

  • Life insurance quote

  • Funeral plan quotes

  • Business insurance quotes

Any of these car insurance quotes calculators will give you a quote regarding different matters. So, if we decide to pick a vehicle and motorcycle quote, these are some of the questions you may encounter:

  • your title

  • your last name

  • your first name

  • your email address

  • your cell phone number

  • your marital status

  • your ID number

Monthly Car Insurance Calculator

The market offers different types of car insurance calculators, excluding monthly calculators. Most of the insurers, however, have monthly or yearly plans. Online car insurance lets you estimate your monthly car insurance cost by keying important data. Some car insurance calculators have gone to the extent of allowing you to compare products from various insurers.

Is there car insurance for R 650000?

There probably must be companies that offer car insurance for R 650000. However, it is impossible to know whether a company offers you this price for vehicle insurance unless you provide the specific company with your data. The company needs to have access to your previous information because otherwise it cannot evaluate your particular situation and what would you qualify for.

Is there car insurance under R 50000?

The same happens here as with the first question. Although there may be agencies that do offer prices under R 50000, you will not access the prices of car insurance unless you provide them with previous insurance details and details of your own vehicle and risk profile. Unfortunately, this is the way in which the system works in South Africa and therefore, you will have to look for the prices online.

Is there car insurance for R 100?

Once again, this is the typical question every client wants to know firsthand. In general, the answer is yes, there is car insurance for R100 but it implies looking through different companies and filling the forms in order to get a quote. This is the only way you will ever access the price of vehicle insurance and any other detail you may be wondering about.

How is car insurance per month average?

The average per month is different for vehicle insurance depending on the company of your preference. There are some companies that have created convenient deals and financial options for you to explore. In general, the values are based on the conditions set by the market so there is not such great difference between companies. Once again, you will need to use a calculator and provide details and documentation in order to find out the exact price of car insurance per month. Some companies you can turn to are the following:

All these companies have calculators to help you find quotes per month.

How to get car insurance quotes from multiple insurers?

Old mutual car insurance is one of the companies that will not only offer you car insurance quotes of the company itself but also of other companies. You can get vehicle quotes, optional add-ons, and road emergency deals. In general, the websites that don’t work as a company provide quotes stemming from multiple insurers. This way, you can compare and contrast all the quotes and benefits each of them has to offer. Some of them even specify when they offer premiums and the conditions implied.

Can I compare car insurance quotes online for free?

Yes, not only is it free but it is also possible to do in just a matter of minutes. Companies will not charge you anything for enquiring about the quotes. This way is amazing for clients who do not wish to lose their precious time by making long lines or who prefer to stay at home finding out everything they need. If they do not like working online, they can find information via cell phone and ask as many questions they have.

Can customers compare car insurance benefits?

One of the many companies that allow users to compare and contrast car insurance benefits is QuotesAdvisor. It allows you to compare the benefits of different deals, such as:

  • Comprehensive car insurance

  • Vehicle insurance for those who are under 25 years old

  • Third party only insurance

  • Fire and theft, third party insurance

It will display all the different companies that offer vehicle insurance and the benefits you can obtain at each of them. The best rated companies are the following:

  • King price was rated as 4.23

  • Iwyze was rated as 1.72

  • Out surance was rated as 3.84

  • Santam was rated as 1.81

  • Auto and general insurance was rated as 2.80

  • Firs for women was rated as 2.62

  • Dialdirect was rated as 2.77

  • Budget was rated as 2.45

Is there a car insurance payout calculator?

In general, there aren’t any calculators of this type. Payout takes place in many cases where there has been an accident and a car is considered to be a write off, although each particular situation must be evaluated separately to classify it that way. In case you are specifically wondering about payout, you can send an email to the company you are interested in or you can make a phone call to find out more about payout conditions.

Which are the cheapest cars to insure in South Africa?

There are vehicles that are cheaper to insure than others for sure. These are some of the vehicles that way more convenient to insure since they are less expensive than other vehicle models:

In case you are wondering, fully comprehensive car insurance for any of those vehicles above mentioned would be close to $126 monthly, on average. If you are thinking of purchasing a Subaru Outback or getting insurance for this vehicle, the insurance premium would be of $1,429 and the starting MSRP would be of $26,345.

Is there car insurance for 4×4 vehicles?

There is absolutely car insurance for 4×4 vehicles in South Africa. It may be a little bit higher than as with other vehicles. Go Compare is a site in South Africa that allows you to compare the prices and benefits of insurance plans for 4×4. In case you need it, you can visit the website and look for particular 4×4 and check the difference in costs.

Is there information about car insurance with Kia Picanto?

There isn’t any information about Kia Picanto, although there are some details when it comes to Kia in general. Carens is a brand that stems from Kia and that is available there. They are ideal for big families since they have 6 seats. Depending on the engine size and other factors, the price of the insurance deal fluctuates a little bit.

Is there a car insurance calculator for renewal premium?

As it was stated before, calculators are mainly available for comparing types of insurance and types of benefits or costs involved. If your main interest is to check the possibility of a renewal premium calculator, it is more specific and may be harder to find. In general, each company has its own rules regarding renewal options, so I would recommend clients to look for a company and ask them directly.

Is it expensive to get Car Insurance for a Land Rover Discovery Sport?

In order to get through this question, it’s important to take a glimpse to the car first. As it’s considered a luxury car, its value is expected to be high. In consequence, insuring it might have a more expensive cost. All the same, you must remember car insurance is thought to prevent you from having to spend a large amount of money unexpectedly, which can make your finances crumble.

Apart from having that in mind, you must know your Land Rover insurance premium can be higher or lower depending on how much protection are you willing to pay for. In general, you can choose between a basic cover or a medium cover. An option can also be getting a medium level of insurance but adding some special covers to your policy depending on the specific risks your Land Rover faces daily.  At last, if you have been an excellent driver, your premium can be lowered by the car insurance company.

Are there car insurance quotes online in South Africa?

As stated before, of course there are car insurance calculators and quotes in South Africa. Just remember that there are certain companies that do not allow for you to access a quote without providing personal details. In fact, the majority and I would dare to say that all companies only give you access to their personal quotes by receiving your own personal data such as email address, information about previous insurance, your risk profile and maybe credit profile or score.

What Kind of Car Insurance can you Find at Indwe and how to Get Quotes

Indwe Risk Services is a company that has been offering vehicle insurance in South Africa for over fourteen years. This company has devised three main categories to insure your car. The first one is the comprehensive insurance. With this type of insurance you are covered if your car is stolen, or someone breaks into it. You will also be covered if you are involved in an accident and your car is damaged or if you are injured. Moreover, if another car is damaged or if someone other than you is injured if you have an accident, this insurance also covers them. This type of insurance will be mandatory if you buy the car by means of a car loan.

The second type is the third party insurance. With this level of insurance you and your car are not covered. That is, if you accidentally crush another car, your insurance will pay for the expenses related to the damages cause to that car or the injuries suffered by the people in that car. Finally, the third party, fire and theft insurance includes coverage covers damages and injuries caused to other cars or people, plus coverage in the event of theft or damages caused by fire.

If you want to ask for quotes for any of the insurance categories mentioned above, you will have to contact Indwe by filling in an application or by calling them on the phone.

What is the Best Insurance for an Isuzu car?

Isuzu is a Japanese company that manufactures commercial vehicles. In South Africa, Isuzu Motors offers a product for roadside assistance. However, this product does not cover for other issues such as third party liability or theft cover, for instance. We know how much you care for your car; this is why we want to introduce you to one of the best companies to get insurance for your Isuzu car.

Prime Meridian Direct is an underwriting company that started operating in 2009 and has been offering affordable premiums since then. One of the best things about this company is that you can do all the insurance purchase process completely online and within minutes. Also, it enjoys an excellent reputation and has a highly positive client satisfaction score.

PMD created three levels of insurance:

  • 3rd Party Plus
  • Customised Cover
  • Comprehensive Cover

You can choose any of these products for your Isuzu car in terms of your needs and pocket. Please be advised that if you bought your Isuzu car with car loan you will be required to obtain a comprehensive cover. 

How to Find the Best Car Insurance Quote for a Ford Ranger?

A Ford Ranger is an expensive pickup truck; you want to have it insured since, in the long run, this might save you a lot of money. Many people ask themselves “what’s the use in purchasing insurance if I my car is new and I’m an excellent driver?” You know when these people realize that they had it all wrong? They figure this out when something happens and they have to pay for car-related expenses out of their pockets. You might be an outstanding driver, but you’re not the only one at the streets, are you?

The best way to protect yourself and your Ford Ranger is to obtain insurance. Looking for insurance can be a tough task, though. There are hundreds of car insurance options in South Africa and you might get overwhelmed and lost as to which one would be more convenient for you. This is one of the reasons we create content in our website: to help you find accurate information to make a more informed decision. Feel free to browse our site to find articles about the best insurance companies to insure your Ford Ranger. 

What are the Best Car Insurance Companies for Ford Ranger?

As it was said above, these pickup trucks are expensive and it would be in your best interest to have it insured. Spare parts for these kinds of vehicles are not cheap and if you had an accident you would have to pay for repairs out of your own pocket. One of the best-known insurance companies in South Africa is Prime Meridian Direct. You will  be able to insure your Ford Ranger with PMD with one of their three coverage plans, from Third Party Coverage to Comprehensive Coverage. 

What are the Main Benefits of Oaksure Car Insurance in South Africa?

It goes without saying that purchasing car insurance will help you save money at the end of the day. If you are faced with an emergency you don’t have to cover all the costs by yourself when you are insured. However, not all companies enjoy the same reputation. It is important that you study very carefully which insurance company you will choose so that when and if you need them, you can really count on their assistance.

Our goal is always to help you make an informed decision and to offer the tools to come to that decision. Also, in order to help you out, we objectively search for companies in the vehicle insurance market in South Africa to introduce you to the best offers available.

Oaksure Financial Services is a reputable company that also provides car insurance. This business has hired the best brokers out there to help you find an insurance product that meets your every need.  What are the main benefits of the insurance offered by Oaksure?

  • There are no claim bonuses
  • Roadside assistance for free
  • Excess options to accommodate your needs
  • Excellent customer care

What are Indwe Risk Car Insurance Contact Details?

This company is happy to help their clients in any way that they can and your questions or doubts are always welcomed. For this reason, they have a number of options for you to reach them out. Since Indwe knows that many people prefer doing things online, they have designed a web application for you to contact them. All you have to do is enter your personal information and write your question or comment. You can also send them an e-mail at If you wish to talk to their staff members, you can call them on +27 (0) 11 012 7300.

What is it?

A tool for you to compare prices

How does it work?

You forward your personal information first, they provide later a solution

What to consider?

Have your documentation at hand

Evaluate the options available for you and get what you need in just a couple of minutes.

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Yes, you can

Can I also obtain a loan?

Of course, there are loans available

Can I contact companies on holidays?

Only by email

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