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Having to solve a car related problem in a hurry is one of those things we think it will never happen to us. Unfortunately, such issue does not always depend on us. You can be the most responsible driver and yet, you encounter with an irresponsible one that causes an accident. Or, you can be victim of the many crime related problems South African citizens face on daily bases. Consequently, being prepared to deal with any situation is key to make your driving experience enjoyable. In this opportunity, you’ll read about 1st For Women, a car insurance company that offers their products particularly for women.  

Is First for Women Car Insurance Quote accessible?

Getting the most accessible price is the main interest of any driver looking for vehicle insurance. A little advice as regards that detail is that, even though getting a fair price should be one of your aims, you shouldn’t lose focus on the level of protection to get. Consequently, there’s a balance that should be found between price and cover. The only way to do so is by researching all your alternatives available to have the chance of comparing them. For instance, if you have 1st for Women car insurance as a viable option, you will have to analyse the three plans they offer to study the cost for each of them. It’s important you keep in mind your quote will be based on the value of your car and your driving history among many other considerations. After checking those three covers, you can try to make the price accessible for you by having a clear idea of the risks your car faces.

 What are the Benefits of getting Car insurance with First for Women?

Before we go over some reviews about this company’s car insurance service, we think it’s necessary we expand on special benefits they offer to women driving their vehicles. This great company has few benefits for their car insurance options. Starting, there’s a benefit available for any plan you select. That benefit permits you to get assistance on the road by simply using their App. Then, if you take the most complete cover, you can enjoy from adding some special coverage, like protecting your vehicle form hail damage or, taking advantage of car hire when your car’s being fixed. Besides, if you go for the medium or the basic coverage, 1st for Women allows you to increase your cover up to 20 million rands by just paying a little more on your premium, which permits you to get a low price but, getting enough monetary backup if you car suffers mayor damage.

1st for Women: Car Insurance Reviews  

Now, we can inform you about some comments 1st for Women customers have made about their car insurance products. As most women having this product have highlighted they’ve felt having 3 options to choose form was a good advantage, we want to mention them with a short explanation about the difference among them to assist you on your decision making. Their clients have also mentioned having optional covers was one of the reasons they chose 1st for Women:

  • You’ll get the lest protection by just getting 3rd party for damage you cause to another person’s property or vehicle.

  • To add protection to your own car for damage or theft, you can add the coverage that follows named 3rd Party, Fire and Theft.

  • Finally, to include all risks in one plan, the Comprehensive coverage is the perfect policy as it also covers medical cost in case of having an accident. Clearly, protecting the person as well as the vehicle is important.

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Can I get Take me Home Service by 1st for Women Car Insurance?

1st for Women knows being stuck on the road can be more dangerous for women and, for that reason they offer a special service. This service, called Guardian Angell Call, will be at your back if you need an ambulance, a tow-truck, or a lift to get to your destination if your car breaks down. Apart from all this, they would even send a 1st for Women assistant to wait for help at your side.

What should you do to get a car insurance cancellation form 1st for Women?

If you are about to cancel your 1st for Women car insurance, there are some things to revise before doing it.

Being insured on the road is of paramount importance. As it will be that hand you need when time gets difficult, you must think about getting another plan as soon as you end up your existing car insurance policy. For this reason, it’s essential to know the motives why you are not pleased with this service. When you do, you will be able of knowing exactly what direction to follow to find the car insurance company that suits your vehicle’s needs. Firstly, you can study if changing your 1st for Women car insurance plan is enough, instead of looking for another company. If you think 1st for Women can’t give you the service you want, then, you can read aboutOUTSurance or Hollard to find out about their vehicle insurance products.

Can I get 1st for Women Contact Details to ask for a quote?      

Before we finish, let’s see how can you contact 1st for Women to get your car insurance. Their email address is and, the contact number for new clients is 08-61-00-43-32. Bear in mind, these contact details can be used for citizens interested in getting their vehicle insured by 1st for Women so, if you are already a 1st for Women client, you will have to use a different contact information. Either way, you’ll have friendly consultants helping you get your quote.

1st for Women Car Insurance

What’s the main requirement for 1st for Women car insurance?

As this is a company thought for women, this is a specific requirement.

What’s 1st for Women Phone Number?

It’s 0861 33 93 39

What covers does 1st for Women offer?

3rd Party, 3rd Party-Theft and Fire and, Comprehensive

We can now close this article as you know all the data you need about 1st for Women Car Insurance before making up your mind. As always, if you need extra advice, you can leave your question and we’ll do our best to help you find proper insurance for your car.

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Questions and answers

If one has a policy with First for Women, does one have to pay towards any roadside assist? Thank you.

If you have First for Women car insurance, you will need to check about the inclusion of roadside assistance. The advice is to verify the terms and conditions of your policy, as you may not need to pay any additional fees. In case of having a premium policy, this service may be completely covered. 

Which plan would give me towing service?

Yes! The basic cover can protect your vehicle for such amount.

Can i lower my cover to just 5 million rands?

The only 1st for Women plan that leaves aside such service is Third Party Only. You will get that option on any of the other covers.

How much will 1sr for women pay for medical costs?

In case of an accident, 1st for Women will pay a maximum of R500 on medical expenses.

Does the company ensure you a 24-hour service?

Yes, they assist you 24-hour within the limits of South Africa.

Can I apply for the policy online or do I have to go to the insurance company personally?

Yes, you can apply online filling an application form in 3 steps or call us 0861 00 30 01.

Does the comprehensive car insurance policy protect you against theft?

Yes, it is an all-inclusive policy that covers your vehicle against any serious danger or risk that it may go through even when it is stolen.

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