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What Is the 1st for Women Insurance Car Quote? Requirements and Contact Information

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1st for Women Insurance Car Quote

1st for women offers you different options of vehicle insurance products and great benefits to take care of any difficulty that you may encounter when travelling from home or work to any place you need to go.

There are 4 alternatives for car insurance policies that you can choose from: Comprehensive, 3rd Party Fire & Theft , 3rd Party Only and Better Car Value.  Analyze deeply the best option that suits your needs and your vehicle and contact them.

As regards the Comprehensive Car Insurance, it is an all-inclusive policy that covers your vehicle against any serious danger or risk that it may go through. In this particular case, your vehicle will be covered if it is stolen or if there is a break-in. Moreover, you will be covered for your own  damage or if a third party is damaged even when you caused it. Damage, costs and expenses are all payed by the company. The policy also includes:  the pulling and storage of your vehicle when it is involved in an accident (if you always use the 1st for women towline to pull your car); in case of an accident the insurance company is in charge of the medical costs up to R500; you can choose to have hail damage cover included in this policy; another option available for you is car hire, which will get you back on the road if your car is stolen or damaged in only a few minutes.

In the case that you opt for 3rd Party Fire & Theft Insurance, it will protect your car against theft, damages related to fire and damages you can cause to another person´s car if an accident occurs. You have to take into account that this insurance does not include any cover for accidents or accident related damages. However, it includes the dragging and storage of your vehicle in case an accident happens (if you always use the 1st for women towline to pull your car); medical costs of up to R500 if a person that travels inside the car is injured following an accident.

You also have the chance to upgrade this policy and include some additional cover options such as your vehicle´s canopy, the sound system and windscreen; you can choose the car hire option to be protected in case your car is stolen and you can´t get back to your home; and you can also pay a small additional fee in order to increase your Third Party Liability Cover to R5 million, R10 million or even R20 million.

The alternative of 3rd Party Only is designed to protect you financially and also it cover expenses, costs and damages that you have caused to another person´s vehicle during an accident. Important note: You will be covered in case that your car damages another person´s property. Some disadvantages are that this insurance policy does not include towing and storage; and some advantages are that it will cover your medical expenses if anyone is involved in an accident (the amount is up to R500) and you can protect your vehicle´s sound system along with your policy, you only have to specify that you want to be covered. You can also increase your liability cover to R5 million, R10 million or R 20 million by paying a small addition fee.

Better Car Value is another good option to add to your vehicle insurance. It consists in allowing you to replace your written off car for the same value. With 1st for women´s Better Car Value option, you can replace your vehicle with the same model but one year newer.

Terms and Conditions that apply for Better Car Value are:

  • It applies to all vehicle models less than or equal to 8 years old.

  • It does not apply to vehicles written off in case of theft, attempted theft, hi-jacking or attempted hi-jacking.

  • The minimum Better Car Value payout will be of 15% and the addition of the retail value of the written off vehicle.

  • The maximum Better Car Value payout will be of 40% and the addition of the retail value of the written off vehicle.

You can get a quote online by filling an application form in 3 easy steps (1: personal information, 2: cover information, 3: get an estimate quote) or by calling 0861 00 30 01.

Some important information about Travel Benefits:

  • Directions Assist: It is a 24-hour service, which helps you providing guidance as you travel on the road within the borders of South Africa. It can be your own telephonic GPS navigation system or a personal pilot. You only have to call and they will provide you with the directions that you need to make your journey en-route. They can also faxed or e-mailed to you before you begin your journey.

  • Trip Monitor: This option will contact you every 30 minutes to ensure that you are travelling safe. If the contact is interrupted, they call a family member or another previously specify person so as to inform them what happens and also the last communication and location stated. A good alternative to make your travel safer!

  • Accident Assist: They help you to travel safe and secure. They can tow you to the nearest approved panel beater after an accident occurs with the advantage of a collision procedure advice.

  • Guardian Angels: You can call 0860 10 42 12 and they will assist you or any woman motorists if they have a mechanical breakdown, a flat battery or a flat tyre in a dangerous area of the city. So do not hesitate to take this extra service.

  • Road Assist:  It offers you comprehensive solutions for any emergency that you can have on the road such as the necessity of petrol as soon as possible, locking keys inside your car, stranded far from home… they can rescue you in no time!

  • They can also offer you motorcycle insurance, off-road insurance, caravan and trailer insurance, and watercraft insurance.-


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Questions and Answers

Does the company ensure you a 24-hour service?
Yes, they assist you 24-hour within the limits of South Africa.
Can I apply for the policy online or do I have to go to the insurance company personally?
Yes, you can apply online filling an application form in 3 steps or call us 0861 00 30 01.
Does the comprehensive car insurance policy protect you against theft?
Yes, it is an all-inclusive policy that covers your vehicle against any serious danger or risk that it may go through even when it is stolen.