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Can Professionals Acquire Car insurance in South Africa? Characteristics and Contact Information

Are you a professional client? Are you in need of an insurance to cover your vehicle when you go to your work? If that happens to be your personal situation, then what you need is to meet a reliable company that can take care of your case. Fortunately, I know not one but two firms that can help professionals obtain a car insurance in a simple way.

  Consequently, in this article I will deal with these two companies: ABSA and OLD MUTUAL


What type of car insurances does it exist for professionals?


What is it about?

With this car insurance you can be protected when there is an accident in which you are present, condition in which not only you but the other person as well will be protected. That is also the case with people experiencing personal injuries and also natural disasters that can have to do with a hurricane, storm and more than that. Also burglaries are included by this company.


This is a car insurance that professionals can use whenever they wish to safe their cars from third party damage, explosions and also any sort of theft that can happen in which their vehicle gets affected or the content cannot be located


For those professionals only interested in protecting a third party, then this option is just ideal for them, since it is very low priced and at the same time can insure any sort of vehicle, a new one or a second hand one.


There are different car insurances suggested for those professionals:


Just like in the previous case, if you need a car insurance that is not expensive, so a cheap one, then this is ideal for you. With such cover you can protect the car of another person whom you might have damaged unintentionally. And, the company will never examine if it was your fault or it was someone else´s fault, you will still receive the protection you deserve.


With this sort of car insurance you can expect a cover that can aid you in a wide range of causes such as when there are fire detonations, there are muggings on the road and also when someone robes you or your vehicle in the middle of nowhere. And finally, third party liabilities are included in such sort of insurance for professionals

And the last insurance for clients that are currently professionals is:


    It absolutely comprehends many situations in which the professional and its vehicle get affected, and the situations can be an accident, car crash, fire explosion, bursts, robbery, hail, storm and more.

In order to finish, let me give you hints regarding how to contact both companies if you happen to be a professional and you are interested in obtaining a car insurance for your vehicle, so let’s see:

Contacting Absa

In person

    One of the many agencies this firm has in the country is situated in Durban North, whose address is 67 k E Maringa, in Durban. It is open on weekdays from 08:30 am to 03:30 pm. It is not open on weekends and its main telephone number is the following one: 860 008 600.

There is another office of the company in Durban North, whose address is 84 Old Mill Way, in Durban North. It has the same opening hours as the previous office but it has a different phone number: 860 008 600. Please make sure to be patient while phoning on that number, since you will need to wait a while until someone from the company answers your call.

 By phone

Another way to get in touch could be by phone, that is by dialing a phone only designed for inquiries and questions, so keep the following one with you:0860 109 693.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

However, if you still want more details about each insurance, another phone line was created, which is also free of costs: 0861 722 272.

By Internet

There is an official website of the company which is full of data about any of the insurances mentioned in the article and also the different conditions and terms that stick to it. In such website you have access to the possibility of sending a quick message to their advisors and also the chance of sending an email to this

Contacting Old Mutual being a professional

In person

I believe that the main branch of this company is in Durban, and its address is 40 doctor ab in Uma Street. It opens on business times on weekdays. And you can establish a phone conversation to this number: 71 175 6434.

And, now, a complete chart full of data about another physical office

Online services

Online messages to advisors and quotes

Telephone number

302 5038

Quote given

Obtainable only in an office of the company

Address of the office

40 Doctor A B Xuma Street, area of Durban


Ready to be uses in the company´s website

Working hours

Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm

By phone

This is the fastest way of being in touch with the company, so make sure to stick to this telephone number: 0860 93 94 93.

If you would like to apply for a particular car insurance, please make sure to dial up this number from home or from your office, which remains open from 08:00 am to 06 in the afternoon on weekedays:0860 93 94 93. 


    Inside the website you will be amazed at how much information can be found regarding the different car insurances offered to professionals and the way you can make questions to professionals.

To sum up, if you are currently a professional that need a car insurance for its vehicle, then these two companies can make your dream come true and help you deal with the care that your car deserves

Video Old Mutual

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