Car Insurance for Professionals:PPS | Calculate Online

Car Insurance for Professionals:PPS | Calculate Online

Many of us perfectly understand the importance of having car insurance and strive to get the best cover. Here, we want to ease the path for you by offering you information about a vehicle insurance company that can be particularly beneficial for your vehicle: PPS for Professionals. This company works entirely for professionals taking into account the specific needs and demands this particular group of citizens must cover. Join us to discover their products and to find out if they really are what you're looking for.

Does PPS offer car insurance quote to any South African?  

Before we start mentioning the many advantages you can get at PPS, we have to refer to the risk car insurers evaluate when displaying a quote. As people having a course of studied finished are seen as responsible citizens, that responsibility is moved to driving risks. Consequently, your vehicle insurance quote may be cheaper. Now, to answer who can ask for a PPS car insurance quote, such request is only available for professionals as this company directs their different services only to South Africans professionals. This means, you need to have a degree to be accepted as PPS customer. Of course, you will be asked to prove you are a South African graduate by submitting a copy of your degree among other documents.  

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

Choose the excess that best suits your budget. Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued.

We think it’s important you know what motor vehicle are available at PPS. Paying attention to motor insurance, there are two principal options

  • A limited cover that refers to fire and theft cover. So, they’ll pay for accidental damage or loss just if the cause is one of these: explosion, fire, theft or lighting.

  • A Comprehensive Cover that adds paying for damage cause by a collision for instance.

Bear in mind, in both options, you have 3rd party liability included.

PPS Car Insurance: Coverage Reviews           

When assessing PPS Motor insurance, it’s impossible not to include some reviews as, ultimately, the vehicle insurance alternatives are as important as the quote. You have already read about the 2 main insurance packages they offer for vehicles. Now, it’s essential we refer to 2 extra covers PPS displays among their products:

  • Chips and Dents insurance plan.

  • Emergency SOS

We all like to have out car neat and clean to show we take ourselves seriously in every aspects of our life. This, of course, will show us as responsible professionals. That’s why Minor Chips and Dents is a protection that will serve perfectly to get your car in proper conditions on the outside as the first day you bought it.

Apart from that, knowing you can ask for PPS help 24/7 is another great benefit to highlight. As we consider this is an essential point to talk about, you’ll get detailed information about it later. But now, we can easily know why PPS clients refer to this amazing service when assessing some reviews.

What does PPS motor insurance include in their Emergency SOS service?

As we promised you, it’s time to expand on the specific scenarios in which you can be assisted by PPS roadside assistance.

To start, running out of fuel in the middle of your trip won’t be a problem anymore as PPS takes care of it with their Fuel Delivery service. Then, as regards mechanical breakdown in the road, PPS will take care of towing your vehicle to a panel beater if it’s necessary. For those problems that can be solved on the road, tyre change for instance, you will have PPs assisting you and so, you’ll avoid getting your clothes dirty when driving to a business meeting, for instance.

Finally, PPs offers a special service of emergency assistance in case you’re at least 100km away from your home and have one of these vehicle problems. You will drive safe no matter the distance you need to cover for working meetings or errands.

Who is best on car insurance if we compare PPS vs Discovery?  

If you are trying to decide between PPS and Discovery car insurance, you must compare their products to make a smart decision about it. As we have delved into PPS car insurance, let’s take a peek at what you’ll find with Discovery vehicle insurance. This company has 3 alternatives: Essential, Classic and Purple car insurance plans. It’s easy to see you have specific issues you can cover at Discovery and, some of them are:

  • Getting Uber service or car hire while you wait for your car to be fixed.

  • Paying no excess in a collision caused by another vehicle.

  • Having mental experts assisting you after a car related trauma.

Of course, whixh of these benefits you’ll enjoy will depend on the cover you choose. However, the main difference with PPs is that Discovery issues car insurance for all kinds of citizens and PPS, on the contrary, focuses on car insurance for degrees holders.

How to get PPS Car insurance in South Africa? Contact Details  

At PPS vehicle insurance, they are eager to help you on any vehicle insurance detail. If you are interested in becoming a PPS member to be allowed to get their products to insure your car, you have few options to communicate with them. The most practical way is calling them to 08 – 60 – 12 – 37 – 77. All the same, they give you the chance to contact them online to request them to call you. In this case, you can tell them what time is convenient for you to make the phone call without interrupting your working day.

PPS Car Insurance

 PPs vehicle insurance Requirements

You must own a degree to be a member and get car insurance from PPS.

PPs Phone Number to buy Car insurance

 Dial 0860 12 3777

PPs vehicle insurance covers

 Limited and Comprehensive insurance covers

These short-term car insurance covers PPs offers are well seen among South African professionals. Keeping in mind the relevance of having your vehicle in good conditions, PPs has tried their best to give you just the motor insurance your vehicle needs.

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Can I begin an application for my cellular phone?

Yes you can

Can I obtain an insurance for my Polo?

Of course you can

Can new cars be insured?

Yes they can

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