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Can I Get The Hippo Car Insurance in South Africa? Queries and Requirements

Do you feel that you are paying too much on your car insurance every month? What if you could get a free quote for your car insurance? What if you could get up to seventeen free quotes from different car insurance brands? In this article you will find about a new, simple way to shop around and decide on the best insurance for your vehicle.

Based in South Africa, Hippo Insurance Comparison strives to help consumers make informed decisions when choosing the most suitable insurance for their needs. Hippo car insurance, through their online aggregator launched in 2007 –– offers a comparison website that sources quotes from a range of South African brands. In this way, you get your quotes for free and then decide which option is best for you. With this information at hand, it is easier and faster than ever to know how and where you would like to spend your money.

How Does Hippo Assess Car Insurance?

Hippo is a Comparative Services Company and not an insurance company itself. This means that the company’s goal is to offer a wide range of options, rather than advertise a particular insurance brand. Even though is part of Telesure Group, owner of leading insurance brands in South Africa, the comparison company ensures users that they do not favour any brand as their objective is quite the opposite, offering a myriad of options for those seeking for an insurance cover.

Car insurance is then assessed on the basis of succinct information entered by the user, and which can be categorized as follows:

  • Car details– year, make, and model of your car

  • Driver’s details–  like insurance history, licence, contact information

  • Other details–  where the vehicle is parked overnight, type of cover needed

Hippo guarantees that the information you enter is kept confidential, and that the results obtained will be unbiased and impartial. In addition, besides motor insurance, you can select other products to compare insurance and make your choice. Hippo offers insurance quotes comparison in the categories of home, business, health, personal insurance, finance, and travel. These include life insurance, medical aid, cell phone cover, credit card accounts, and legal assistance, among many others options offered.

Keep Your Options Open

You never know whether you could spend your money more wisely. With Hippo car insurance you will be able to:

  • Change your current provider: Many South African consumers might not be aware of the high costs they are paying monthly on their motor insurance. By knowing the actual market prices, switching insurance carriers can be done in a simple and risk-free way. Also, have you realized that the cost of your insurance is going up? Have you considered that the actual value of your car depreciates year after year? This may imply that your premium might not be correctly adjusted. Consumers can now use this search tool to avoid paying more than what they should.

  • Decide on the best option for your new car: Buying a car is not an easy decision. Buying insurance is not either. Once you have decided to purchase a new car, it is pivotal to consider motor insurance. It should be a mindful decision though, which can be aided by a services comparison company like Hippo. Using this service will be like shopping around at multiple stores.

  • Simply do some research for free: Information is retrieved instantly at no charge. In this sense, you have nothing to lose. You will be getting comparatively organized quotes, and you will be doing it for free, from home or wherever you are, at your best convenience. You can even profit from this opportunity before deciding which car to buy, as maintenance costs are a must to take into consideration.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

How Do I Get Started?

You can try Hippo car insurance for free at any time and place. The convenience of the company webpage will allow you to do your research from home. will guide you step by step to making your choice. is a user-friendly interface that will make your shopping experience efficient and enjoyable. Just click on the product insurance you are interested in. Then fill in a quick quote form that will help Hippo assess insurance for you. Check out the online results to compare prices and benefits at a glance. Finally, do not forget to click “I’m interested”. The provider will contact you to give you more information or to help you get your cover right away.

Is It Actually For Free?

Yes, it is. There are no charges, nor commissions for consumers using the comparison service. The way this system has been set up allows users to freely search for and consider multiple options for free. Hippo works hand in hand with insurance companies in a partnership that benefits them all. Hippo’s partners are charged a flat rate in return for customers’ enquires. That means that every time you show your interest on a particular insurance cover and request more information, the company pays this flat rate. It is a win-win business where insurance companies reach more clients, Hippo encourages efficiency in the buying and selling of car covers, and you get to make an easy and fast insurance purchase on a single webpage.

Summing up

Whether you need insurance for your new vehicle, want to change your current provider, or just would like to check out prices, is time and cost saving. With Hippo Car Insurance you will get to choose insurance out of up to seventeen quotes at no charge. It is easy and fast:

1. Select the car insurance category – or go for any of the different product quotes offered by Hippo

2. Fill in your quote form

3. Check out your results

4. Click “I’m interested”

As a first priority for consumers, the choice of insurance cover for their car needs to be suitable. Implementing this online tool through Hippo Car Insurance may finally ensure that you are paying the right vehicle insurance premium every month.

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Questions and Answers

How do I receive news about car insurance deals?
When filling in the quote form, check the box “Yes, I'd like to be first to hear about Hippo news, savings tips and deals”.
Do I need a Hippo account to get my quote?
No, you can navigate the page and ask for quotes without creating an account at
Can I ask for a quote by phone?
Yes. You can request your quote by calling at 0861 007 371.

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Find the best insurance of South Africa