Does Hippo do Car Insurance? | Get your Quote Online

Does Hippo do Car Insurance? | Get your Quote Online

When South African citizens start informing themselves about vehicle insurance, it’s common they feel rather confused. This happens due to the different insurance covers. There’s a typical confusion in South Africa about Hippo car insurance and the service they offer. Next, you’ll find out exactly what can you take from them when referring to getting insurance for cars.

Does Hippo do Car insurance?  

Hippo, as we all know, is an online company working in South Africa. Despite what most users think, Hippo is not a vehicle insurance provider. They can help you in the looking for right cover insurance process but, they will not be the company insuring your car. Among the many services they can provide you with, they aim to be a guide for South African drivers when deciding on their vehicles’ protection.

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How does Hippo car insurance calculator work?   

Nowadays, there might not be many car insurance companies not working online. More and more citizens look for the comfort of doing most errands from their house. Of course, as we have said in the previous question, Hippo car insurance is one of those companies working mainly online. Thanks to that, clearly, you can start getting vehicle insurance quotes without even getting out of your house.

All the same, there is one step you should take before asking for a quote: it is important you read about car insurance products available in this country and, the range of coverage you can get with each of them. If you take this simple step at the beginning, you will be able of knowing exactly what you are looking for which, obviously, will conduct you faster to your motor vehicle insurance. Do not forget that understanding how vehicle insurance works is key to find what your car needs.

How does Hippo compare car insurance online quotes?   

When you are focused on getting the best motor vehicle insurance possible, you have to know you should dedicate time on doing certain comparisons. Those comparisons don’t refer just to prices but, also to different covers. Hippo, for instance, can show you some vehicle insurance quote options after you’ve shared with them your vehicle details. They can give you an estimate of how much would it cost your vehicle insurance premiums as regards the characteristics of your car. But it will then be your job to make the decision to buy car insurance from one of the many companies in South Africa. This is why, although you can take advantage of this online service, we always highlight the importance of getting information about the different types of car insurance, not only of the quotes and premiums.

Does Hippo offer car insurance reviews?

The chief purpose of Hippo is to offer drivers car insurance quotes from several companies. This means, if you submit the information they request, you will be able of having an approximated price for the vehicle insurance cover you want to buy. However, you won’t find reviews form the different vehicle insurance companies you might buy protection for. Luckily, we are here to help you on this matter as, you will find information about those car insurance companies at our site. After you read about the company you like, you will be qualified to make the smartest decision.

Which company offers the best comprehensive car insurance according to Hippo?      

Well, before delving into your alternatives, let’s recap briefly what a comprehensive vehicle insurance cover offers. This particular plan is one of the most popular thanks to its complete coverage which includes:

  • Paying for damage caused to 3rd party cars.

  • Paying for damage made to your own car.

  • Paying for repairing your motor vehicle.

  • Paying in case it’s hijacked or if it’s stolen.

  • In some cases, paying if the vehicle gets written of, meaning unusable.

It’s visible, comprehensive cover is the one that offers the widest range of protection as, 3rd party Only will just pay for other people’s cars that were damaged in a collision you caused.  

Now, as regards the best company, the only way to know which one is it is by paying attention to the extra benefits they offer and, which of those benefits are more important to you. For instance, you might or might not have windscreens cover included depending on the car insurance company. Hippo will only display your car insurance quote for this cover and, you’ll select the company you think has an affordable price.

Will Hippo give me business car insurance?  

As you know, Hippo car insurance can’t protect your vehicle, whether it’s for business or personal use. Still, if you can give Hippo information about the car you want to use for business, they can calculate the quote companies may offer you for vehicle insurance. The think in this particular case is, of course, what kind of business you run. This is so as, the risks your car faces will depend on the type of business you run.  For example, if your business refers to transportation of passengers, you should have liability cover against them in case they get injured in a car accident. Now, if your vehicle takes care of transporting goods on a truck, for instance, you would want to cover not only your truck but also, the load in it.

Are there Hippo contact details to get car insurance?  

Hippo car insurance has some contact information for you to ask them any question. Besides working online, Hippo can answer your doubts if you call them on the phone. You just need to dial the number 08 61 007 371 to talk to one of their assistants who will gather your car information. Unluckily, they don’t tend to give motor vehicle insurance quote information through SMS but, you can also contact them through internet.

Hippo Car Insurance

Hippo Requirements to get a car insurance quote

You just need to have your vehicle registration number.

Hippo Telephone Number

Drivers can call to 0861-007-371

Hippo Business Hours

If you get through them online, you can do it at any time.

It was necessary to refer to Hippo to inform you about such an important topic as vehicle insurance. It will be much simpler for you now you know what does Hippo offer. We advise you to go over some companies before choosing which is the best insurance provider.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I ask for a quote by phone?

Yes. You can request your quote by calling at 0861 007 371.

How do I receive news about car insurance deals?

When filling in the quote form, check the box “Yes, I'd like to be first to hear about Hippo news, savings tips and deals”.

Do I need a Hippo account to get my quote?

No, you can navigate the page and ask for quotes without creating an account at

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