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What Car Insurance includes Windscreen Cover? Calculate Excess

Car insurance is an arrangement you will make with an insurance company or an insurance broker to get your vehicle covered against different types of risks when driving around. When you choose among the different covers they offer, you will select particular risks and parts of your car to get specifically covered. One of the most popular parts to protect is windscreen. Being aware of the relevance this item has when driving, we think is essential to devote these lines to this matter. Next, we will refer to windscreen covers when buying for vehicle insurance in South Africa.

Can I calculate car insurance with windscreen cover to get it at a reasonable price?

Of course! Getting affordable premium on car insurance is always a possibility. Clearly, it will depend on how well you do your homework because you need to gather a lot of information first and then, study it with special care and attention. When referring to buying windscreen cover on your vehicle insurance, you know you will have to pay an additional cost, as this service is not usually included in any of the normal car insurance plans. Because of this, you will have to take your time to research about different companies offering this service and, knowing about how much would they charge you for that cover.

You have to be sure about the extent of your insurance cover to be able of leaving outside those little details you don’t need. By doing that, you can calculate how to pay for windscreen cover without increasing your car insurance quote too much.  For example, if hailstorms are common where you live, it makes sense you try to get cover for possible cracked windscreen. 

How does excess work on car insurance with windscreen cover?  

When you get motor vehicle car insurance, your car gets examined to state the price you should pay to cover for possible problems. At that moment, your insurer will inform you about how your policy will work. One of the main items to deal with is excess. Excess is the sum of money you have to pay if you make a claim and that amount will be stated according to the type of claim you make. We’ll state an example focusing on our topic, windscreen cover. If you have your window cracked, for instance, you will agree with the insurer how much of the total cost to fix it or repair it will you pay, and how much of it will be their responsibility.

A common request from clients is to have no windscreen excess on their policy, meaning, the insurance company pays for the total cost. If you get a company accepting that deal, you should know it will have an increase on your premium. You can avoid paying excess, but you will be paying for that issue on monthly basis.

4 tips to get cheap car insurance with Windscreen Cover 

Having your windscreen damaged can be a minor issue, but it could also affect your good driving due to having difficulty when trying to see the road. So, although some drivers think is not a problem that would need urgent repair, the truth is that if you can pay for it, you should have it. To help you get a cheaper price, we want to leave you useful tip when getting car insurance with windscreen cover:

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  • Windscreen cover can be included in Comprehensive coverage.  To give you an example, Dial Direct offers windscreen cover in their comprehensive car insurance product. This is a great benefit as you don’t need to pay extra, but don’t forget to read the car insurance policy to make sure the terms and conditions referred to windscreen.

  • You can ask the insurer to take covers you don’t need out of your policy to make your premium cheaper, even if you have windscreen cover. For example, car hire or, scratch and dent may not be that relevant.

  • Find out about cash bonus or requirements the vehicle insurance company asks to do everything you can to lower your premium. A very common request is to have a tracker installed in your car for the insurer to make sure you have good driving habits.

  • If you agree to have high excess, you can have your premium lowered.

Does any company offer car insurance with free windscreen replacement?

Let’s clarify an important detail first, nothing is free. When you get car insurance, you pay each month to cover the cost of possible future problems you can have with your car. So, instead of paying the total amount when and if the problem occurs, you pay per month to a company so as to have financial support in an unforeseen event. But, either way, it is possible your insurance broker includes in your motor vehicle insurance policy free windscreen replacement providing, of course, you pay a higher premium. Here’s when you must analyse what’s essential for you and how much can you afford on your premium.

There’s an important aspect to consider on this matter: if your windscreen never gets broken, you will never use the coverage you paid so much for. So, try to be realistic when it comes to the risk you want to insure and you will prevent you from paying extra useless cover. You can get your windscreen protected, but at a lower and reasonable price.

Car Insurance with Windscreen Cover

What is windscreen cover in car insurance?

It’s a particular type of coverage you can add to your car insurance policy to protect your windscreen,

How does it work?

You are allowed to make claims if your windscreen get cracked to have the insurance company paying for repairing or replacing it.

What should you know about Windscreen insurance cover?

This is an additional cover you have to pay extra for.

To sum up, it’s not impossible to get affordable windscreen cover in your car insurance policy, as long as you take time to research about it. If you need to, you can read about how to choose car insurance to have a guideline to get your vehicle perfectly covered.

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Can I have 3rd party cover with windscreen included?

As Third-party cover is the simplest type of cover, windscreens are not normally included in that plan. All the same, if you are willing to pay more, some companies let you add it to your policy.

Does hail cover accept windscreen claims?

If your windscreen got cracked due to hailstorm, your hail cover policy should cover it. But it will depend on what you agree with your insurer.

What if somebody breaks my windscreen intentionally? Is it covered?

Yes, but you must ask to add it to your policy. You may also find vandalism cover in this case.

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