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Types of Car Insurance in South Africa | Prices and Differences

Are you looking forward to finding the right insurance for your vehicle? What if I tell you that there are not only one, but many types of car insurance in South Africa? They are all different and bring different benefits. Explore the varied types of insurance for your vehicle in this article and get started.

Can I get insurance for paid up cars in South Africa?

If you are looking for insurance for paid up cars in South Africa, you will find different sorts of agencies and companies that provide insurance. One of the companies is called Better Compare. This company allows you to compare quotas regarding insurance for paid up cars. You can have access to actual rates from insurers. You can:

  • Contrast different insurers really fast

  • Make a comparison between quotes in just a matter of minutes

  • Get an impartial and independent comparison

Is there car insurance for women in South Africa?

Unfortunately, there are no specific options available for women regarding car insurance. You can find options regarding car insurance for both women and men. You can explore these possibilities through different companies. One of the agencies offering car insurance is called Hippo. It started its journey in the year 2007 and it has been active since then. This website is particularly useful to obtain quotes, compare insurance programs for your vehicle or personal use. It allows customers to find cheaper quotes in the market.

Is there a new car insurance policy?

Car insurance policies are in constant change, which means that it is important to explore and evaluate the options we have at hand. Each company offers a different car insurance policy, generally involving some similarities with other companies. Out Surance, for instance, is a company that allows you to compare:

  • Car insurance policies

  • Quotes

  • Covers of different sort

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • Essential car insurance

This agency will explain to you how to build insurance and how disability covers work.

Is there mechanical car insurance in South Africa?

Whenever you have a mechanical problem or issue with your car, it is important to have the right insurance so that you can face these situations with a solution in hand. There is a company that you can turn to called AA. It designs warranty policies that help you deal with mechanical costs or electronic, electrical failures that your vehicle may suffer. This way, you can have financial support and security if any of those situations occur.

Is there car insurance when someone borrows your car?

The question that we all tend to ask is the following: will my insurance still cover me for an accident if I am not the one who is driving? If you are not driving yourself but someone else is, and an accident takes place, then it is likely that you vehicle insurance will cover the costs of damage. The company in general assumes that you have given permission for that person to drive. However, the problem may arise if the person who borrowed your car caused injury or damage to another vehicle or person. In that case, the company chosen will determine the solution.

Is there full insurance for cars in South Africa?

This concept isn’t new. Getting access to full insurance for cars means that:

  • you will have access to comprehensive insurance

  • you will have access to collision insurance

  • you will have access to liability insurance

In general, it means that you will obtain insurance in full but always in accordance with your own risk profile, assets and personal income. Out Surance, for instance, is a company that has this possibility available. This company can make sure that within only five seconds you will be able to connect with an advisor and you will be able to have your vehicle insured in only fifteen minutes. It offers:

  • 10% in cash out bonus

  • Free roadside assistance for emergencies

  • Guaranteed premiums for a period of twelve months

  • Low flat excess

  • Outstanding service

South Africa is full of companies that are ready to provide you with full insurance for your vehicle. This is only one of them.

Where can I get essential car insurance?

Out Surance is one of the companies that offer essential car insurance, as well as comprehensive insurance. Essential car insurance includes:

  • Liabilities cover up. The company will pay for the damaged done. The top is R1 million

  • Cover for theft: if your vehicle happens to be hijacked or stolen, then the company will make sure to pay the value of full retail, minus the amount of excess.

  • You can access a cover up to 40% of the vehicle’s value. If there is an explosion, snow, an earthquake, fire, flood, hail or storm and your car is damaged, the company will be in charge of paying out the value that was damaged

  • The repair process is up to you. Claims are paid in cash and the excess will be deducted from amount regarding the final payout. It is beneficial, since you will be in charge of the repair process, having more control over it and you will also have cash in your hands.

Do companies offer car insurance when hijacking occurs?

As it was previously stated, many unfortunate situations can take place and our vehicles might be affected. That is why it is always important to have the right insurance in our hand. One of the situations that may happen is hijacking. Once again, Out Surance is a company that provides insurance for your vehicle against these sorts of situations. In order to access car insurance against hijacking you can order comprehensive insurance. It is considered as a good alternative since it may fit your budget. It is not only ideal for hijacking, but it is also ideal for theft, liability and fire claims or floods, accidental and hail damage. The company also offers coverage for your life, such as disability cover, death cover, critical illness cover, etc.

What is scratch and dent insurance?

A company that offers scratch and dent insurance is Hippo. In general, it covers the repair of chips, small dents and scratches if accidental damage were to happen. Hippo is a company that will enable you to compare and contrast different quotes and really quickly given by different providers, so that you can make the best decision possible. The company also offers:

In order to obtain a quote at this company, enter the model of your vehicle and the year. King Price Insurance is another South African company that can ensure you obtain scratch and dent insurance. It covers minor repairs that can be seen in the outside of the car. This insurance works in a period of twelve months: claims are paid (R3000 is the limit per claim). It covers dents, chips, scratches, hail, tar removal, etc.

Can we access a price comparison for new car insurance?

If you want to compare prices for new car insurance, then you can go to the official website of the company Out Surance and hit on the bottom that reads “start quote”. You should choose among the five options available for you:

  • Vehicle and motorcycle

  • Funeral plan

  • Business insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Contents and buildings

There, you should go for the option vehicle and motorcycle. In order to compare prices, you will have to fill out the empty form with:

  • Details about you that include email address, ID number, first and last name

  • Address

  • Provide details regarding previous insurance

  • Details of the driver

  • Confirmation

If you prefer to talk to the company, you can call by cell phone and have a telephone conversation regarding new car insurance and the difference in costs.

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Is there any insurance courtesy car that I can apply for?

There are many people who may not be familiar with this particular concept of “insurance courtesy car”. In case you are in doubt with its meaning, it means that it is a particular kind of insurance that is included in your comprehensive vehicle insurance package. When you have had an accident and your vehicle needs repairing, it is a great alternative and solution in order to obtain a car that you can make use of in your daily activities and routine while yours is being taken care of. A company that offers such service is Car Insurance in South Africa. This company gives you the possibility to access a courtesy car, which means that your own vehicle is going through repairs and so the company provides you a car for a temporary time until yours is ready. In that case, you should contact the company and ask for an insurance policy.

Is there a car insurance you can make use of when you are out of the country?

Out Surance is a company that offers you vehicle insurance when you are out of the country. The cover is worldwide for:

  • Damage

  • Accidental loss

It has a guarantee of twelve months. Whenever you are driving across the borders, it is of paramount importance to have vehicle insurance. In general, if you take comprehensive vehicle insurance, you are automatically covered when travelling outside of South Africa. It covers against:

  • Third party

  • Theft

  • Accidental damage

Some countries offer additional cover with additional features. In the company Out Surance, there is no for the client to tell the agency when they are travelling if that period does not exceed six months. If the client is carrying out a business trip, the company should be aware of this.  There are differences among agencies regarding these notifications, so you should talk to the insurance company you have chosen to find out the regulations and conditions.

Is it possible to access truck insurance quotes in South Africa?

When looking for truck insurance quotes in South Africa, it may be a little bit difficult to find what we are looking for.  Business Insurance is a company in South Africa that offers truck insurance quotes. In the industry section of the company’s website, you will find the section “transport” and there you will find the possibilities regarding insurance for:

  • Motorbike

  • Bus

  • Aircraft

  • Trucks

  • Uber

  • Taxi

As you may have noticed, the company offers insurance for all sorts of means of transportation. In case you want to get a quote, all you have to do is find the section mentioned, fill out with your name, last name, cell phone, email address, the cover required and the city from where you would be applying. Then, proceed to hit the bottom “get a quote”.  The process is easy and quite fast. It is a good resource since you can find out quotes before making any important decision for insurance.

Does Spot Money Offer Car Insurance?

With Spot Money you can find the best deals for car insurance in South Africa with just a few clicks. However, Spot Money is not the insurance provider. This digital bank partners with leading can insurance companies such as OUTsource, KingPrice, and Sanlam, for instance, to help you find the best car insurance for you. 

You do not have to pay any kind of fee for using Spot Money’s system. If you choose one of the insurance options shown by Spot Money, you will be referred to the consultants of that company for you to request your insurance. 

Spot Money helps you compare the best options for car insurance based on what you entered. You will have to provide personal information, such as your name, and your contact details. But do not worry, Spot Money uses encrypted systems to protect your privacy. 

You might be wondering how come Spot Money does not charge any fee for their service to you. This is because Spot Money charges a fee to the car insurance company you choose. 

How does car hire insurance work in South Africa?

If you happen to be in an accident or your car hire vehicle happens to be damaged for some reason, you may have to pay a difference in cost for the excess. Car hire excess insurance gives you the possibility to avoid a huge fee by paying a smaller one. In case you damage your car, your packet can be saved with the right cover and the right companies that offer insurance even for the slightest scratches. The first part of the claim is paid when the car is given back and so then you can reclaim the money via an insurer, that is, the company you have chosen.  It is important to bear some details in mind, such as costs and the method for repaying, that is, if it is credit card or debit card. Make sure to read all the conditions set by the insurance company you would be working with. You should also consider that desk staff may earn commission at some companies on the insurance sold.

Is there car insurance for pensioners in South Africa?

One of the agencies that offer car insurance for pensioners in South Africa is called Fiest. No matter your age or your vehicle’s value, there is always an urgency to get car insurance. Even if you are a safer driver, it is always convenient to hire vehicle insurance for those situations we can’t prevent. Car owners of all ages can access vehicle insurance at Fiest. At Fiest, you have some benefits:

  • If you are over  55 years old, then car insurance is actually cheaper for those pensioners

  • You can get it online

  • Choose between comprehensive vehicle insurance or third party insurance

The company gives some important advice on vehicle insurance costs, and the best options available for senior drivers.

Can you get car insurance when buying a used car?

It is possible to get car insurance in these situations, but it is important to take into account some details. In order to get car insurance when you are purchasing a used car, there are some steps that need to be followed:

  • First of all, estimate the cost and value of insuring your vehicle. If you are not sure, contact a lender to find out.

  • Choose the coverage for your liability.

  • Consider the possibility of acquiring new coverage

  • Evaluate factors that could that could increase the costs of insurance

  • Look out for a reasonable and convenient vehicle insurance rate

  • Consider different insurance providers and choose a potential one.

  • Ask for insurance quotes

  • Compare different discounts and premiums

  • Think of other ways to save money

  • Purchase vehicle insurance

  • Make sure to check the terms given of the current policy

How is car insurance off roads cover?

This is a very common and typical question that comes to mind when thinking of insurance. You need to be properly covered with off road vehicles. Under standard vehicle insurance policies, they are not commonly covered. In order to cover off road vehicles such as terrain vehicles, bikes and 4x4s, you may be in need of a special policy. Vehicle insurance companies may not agree on the policies. If it is meant to be used in Public Street, then you should talk to a member of an insurance company to assist you fully.

Are the different types of car insurance in South Africa beneficial?

Each type of vehicle insurance offers a different set of advantages and features. Clients are advised to pick insurance programs that benefit them the most according to their budget and personal situation.

What is it?

Car insurance is a type of insurance that includes other types of insurance, beneficial for your vehicle

How does it work?

Choose a company and pick the insurance program you like most

What should I take into account?

There are different types of insurance; some of them cover scratched, dents and other programs cover accidents, for example.

In conclusion, the types of car insurance are varied and may benefit you in varied forms.

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Questions and answers

Could I access vehicle insurance against third parties?

Yes, this can be done without any inconveniences at Outsurance

Can I cover my vehicle against scratches?

Yes, with dent and scratches cover.

How to know if a premium is convenient?

In order to find out, you have to analyze multiple factors such as your paying capacity.

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