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What Does FNB Car Insurance Quote Cover? Requirements, Insurance Options and Contact Numbers

     Among the many types of insurance FNB has to offer, we’ll specifically refer to car insurance. When you finish reading, you’ll have information about the requirements, cover options, contact details to reach FNB and, much more.

FNB Requirements to get car insurance

Before starting explaining the options, I want you to make sure you can be eligible for FNB so, let’s take a look at the requirements you must meet:

a) To begin, you must own a SA driver license. Keep in mind, it must be valid and you must have it for at least 1 year. The other option is to have an international permit to drive.

b) Second, you must be South African and have the green bar coded ID or, if not, a passport.

c) Finally, your asset must be insurable.

Of course, you’ll be asked to submit proper documentation to verify the previous information and, the following:

d) You must present your SA ID

e) Also, you should show a proof of residence which must be three months old or less. Bear in mind, it should also be issued in your name.

What are the Cover Options available with FNB?

    Now, I want to refer to the choices you have when working with this company. Remember, we’re just focusing on car insurance so, you may find other options as well. As regard your car, you can choose among these alternatives: Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance, Third Party Only or, Comprehensive Insurance. If you’re not sure which is the ideal option for you, keep reading as, I’ll detail what each of these Covers are about.

            - In the case of the 3rd party, fire and theft Cover, your vehicle won’t be insured if it suffers accidental damage. This option will cover the damage caused to a third party’s car and, the theft or burnt of your vehicle.

            - If you go to the 3rd party only, you should know it won’t cover your own vehicle in any case. This option will cover the damages caused by you to another car. Of course, on the policy will be stated the limit according to the premium, and some other factors.

            - Lastly, the Comprehensive Cover is the one that would help you in almost any situation. Why’s that? Because through this option you can protect your vehicle from theft or damage – accidentally, maliciously or even, from natural disasters -, and third party vehicles involved in accidents your car has caused.

FNB insurance Information

Insurance Choices for vehicles

Third Party, fire and theft Insurance. Comprehensive Insurance or, Third party only Insurance

FNB Address

In Kimberly, 13 Bishop Ave, Labram

FNB Email

What number to call?

0860 328 328

Qualifying criteria

Be from South Africa, have valid driver license for over a year.

The chart presented above about FNB will be valuable and practical for you as, you can see some key information summarized to make it easier to contact them, for example.

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How to get in touch with FNB?

    If you have some doubts about your insurance, you can call the following number and select the right option. The number is 08 60 32 83 28 and, if you need assistance on your road, select option number 1. Option 2 would be in the case you need a new policy, option 3 would be for clients needing to elicit doubts and changes. Finally, option 4 should be selected in case of claims and, 5 for group schemes. The number 08 77 36 08 16 is for customers that need to present a complaint or compliments to the company.

FNB Email Addresses

    If you don’t like waiting on the phone for a consultant to answer, you can send your enquiries vie email and, wait doing some errands, for instance. Next, I’ll detail the different addresses.

    For general assistance email to, which also works when you want to make a change on your policy. If you want to take a new policy, request it to At last, there’re two more email addresses. One of them,, is for claims and, the other,, is for compliments or complaints.

    If you still prefer to have one to one in person conversation, FNB has quite few branches around the country for you to find one near your house. For instance, for Kimberley citizens, there’s a branch at number 13 of Bishop Avenue in Labram. Besides, there’s another branch in Central Avenue at number 32 in Flamwood, Klerksdorp. A fourth branch can be located in the city of Rustenburg. This branch can be found in Kruis Street. Besides, in this city, there’s another branch in Landros Street.

What are the benefits FNB has to offer?

    Let’s go over the advantages of choosing FNB to get your items insured. You must know, FNB works with many insurers so as to provide their insure holders the best alternatives possible. As a result, they are likely to get affordable premiums to make their client’s life simpler. As these companies FNB works with, are among the most trustworthy of South Africa, they are capable of getting multiple quotes to choose from. In addition, FNB clients are benefited with free assistance and evaluation on certain products at no extra cost.

    Also, their team will give you some recommendation on what items are worth insuring and what are not so, you won’t waste money you don’t need to. But, two of the most important benefits they offer are that first, FNB allows gathering in one policy all your risks and, second, your items can be covered against natural hazards.

    As you can see, choosing FNB as your insurance company can make you enjoy some tempting advantages.  

    Now we’ve gone over all you need to know about this insurance company – what you need to qualify, how to get in touch with them, what options they offer, etc. - all you have to do is to study your choices and decide on the best policy for your items. Remember, there’s nothing like that calm you feel when you know you’re prepared for any eventuality life may throw at you.

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Questions and Answers

What does FNB take into account when quoting a vehicle?
FNB will pay attention to the model of your car, the place where you keep your car during the night, who drives it, the purpose to drive it, and if you have previous claims.
Can I hire a insurance plan without hiring an insurance broker?
Yes, the insurance broker is optional.
Can I have one of the extra benefits if I have the Third Party Only?
Yes, you can apply to any of the extra benefits with the three plans
Can I have an Insurance Broker if I don't have a bank accont?
No, you need to have a bank account in order to subscribe for both the Insurance Broker and the Insurance Plan
What other insurance company can I take into account?
You can take a look at Budget Insurance and compare it to FNB in order to decide which is suitable for you.
Do they work in Gauteng?
Yes! There’s even a branch in Vereeniging. You can go to 119 General Hertzog Road in Three Rivers.

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