Does FNB have Car Insurance in South Africa?

Does FNB have Car Insurance in South Africa?

South Africans deal with a polemic dilemma when getting their car on roads. As car insurance is not mandatory in our country, there are many people who think it’s not worth buying it. On the contrary, car insurance should be a priority before even purchasing and registering a car. As there are plenty of car insurance companies, I’ll detailed information about a specific option for you: FNB. I’ll deal with FNB car insurance options, quote and much more to guide you on a better understanding on how car insurance works with them.

Does FNB have Car Insurance?    

FNB is known to be one of the most complete financial service providers in South Africa. Of course, car insurance it’s not something they’ve left aside. On one hand, they have three plans:

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

Choose the excess that best suits your budget. Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued.

  • The basic Third Party Only, that will pay for 3rd party damage for a limited sum of money.

  • Third Party, Fire and Theft, which adds cover to your car if it’s burnt or stolen but, it won’t cover it for accidents.

  • The highest Comprehensive in which your car gets covered even in car accidents.

Besides, there’s 1st Warranty to get your engine repaired, for example, without having to spend a big amount of money all of the sudden.

But, there are some other additional packages FNB offers their clients. These are options you can ask FNB brokers to include in your policy:

  • Scratch and Dent

  • Roadside Assistance

As these special packages have some great benefits on their own, I’ll expand on them separately along this article.

Is it useful to use a car insurance calculator before selecting FNB?   

It never hurts to calculate the price of car insurance, whether it is at FNB or any other company. Actually, is one of the best strategies to find a reasonable quote for the type of car insurance cover you plan to buy. The main issue when trying to calculate an estimate quote for insuring your vehicle is that the premium will always vary from vehicle to vehicle. It’s not enough to know what cover you will select because the specific features of the vehicle you’ll protect will be decisive for FNB when giving you their quote offer. For example, it won’t be the same to get car insurance for a new vehicle than for an old one as, the retail value is higher on new cars. As a consequence, only by calculating the prices different car insurance entities give you for similar protection, will you be able of spotting the best price.

Car Insurance Quote Online: is it possible at FNB?   

As FNB needs to discuss your cover details face to face, they don’t offer car insurance online quote. If you want to find out the price for their products, you will have to make some time to approach one of their branches. However, if you prefer to avoid the journey, you can start the process over the phone. Although is simpler than going to their offices, keep in mind you may only get some information about your car insurance quote over the phone.

How much should I pay for FNB Roadside Assistance?    

As you know, one of the services FNB has for their car insurance clients is roadside assistance. Before I go over the advantages of this service it is important to clarify you won’t have to pay extra to use the benefits of this cover if you get FNB motor vehicle insurance.

Now, I want to tell you what can you do with FNB Roadside Assistance. If you have keys locked related problems, if you run out of fuel on your way, if your tyre needs changing or if your vehicle suffers mechanical breakdowns, you’ll be immediately helped by this cover. Moreover, they have a Point to Point service to drive you to your destination when your car breaks down on the road. Also, in such situation, they can send an assistance to wait with you until your car gets towed, which gives you calm when driving at night or in unsafe areas.

How will Scratch and Dent car insurance at FNB help me?   

There are many things to say about Scratch and Dent cover at FNB. Firstly, it’s an additional package so, in case you want to buy it, you need to add it to the motor vehicle insurance plan you choose. Now, as this is an extra coverage, in case you need to use it, you’ll remain claim free on your car insurance plan (Comprehensive, 3rd Party Only or 3rd Party, Fire and Theft), which allows you to enjoy your bonus.

While any insurance entity will make you go to a panel beater, at FNB they prefer not to bother you for these minor issues and, they’ll try to go to your premises to repair your car. Of course, this is only possible for scratch and dent. Some of the benefits are:

  • No limits for repair.

  • Guarantee for 3 years.

  • You don’t have to pay excess when using this cover.

  • There’s no waiting time.

Is there a Take me Home Service with FNB Car Insurance?   

Of course! This service has gained popularity and many South Africans look for it in their car insurance package so, FNB has added it to their Roadside Assistance Cover. It will help you enjoy a night out without worrying about driving back home and, we all know that’s good from time to time. Still, FNB Take me Home Service accepts a maximum of 6 incident per year so, being responsible at driving and use this service wisely is a must.

How to take advantage of FNB car insurance reviews?  

Knowing what FNB clients think about the car insurance they’ve bought is the most effective strategy to get a good service. Not only can you know about the company reputation but also, you can get informed about the characteristics of a specific cover. In that way, you get to know which is the coverage you want. For example, the fact that FNB negotiates with many insurance brokers to show you all your quote options is the feature that most customers pointed out as, it’s what assures them to get the best price. Then, as regards the service, they highlight the many car insurance plans and optional covers. Some of the most chosen are natural hazards covers, credit shortfall, roadside assistance and, of course, the many benefits included in comprehensive car insurance package. A very interested point is that First National Bank will comprise all your insurance products into one policy.

What are the most common complaints about FNB Car Insurance?     

Honestly, we couldn’t find serious complaints about the products and service FNB provides their customer with. As I’ve just told you, they have numerous options to make you feel safe when driving your car around. The only thing worth paying attention to is the risks you and your vehicle usually takes. If you don’t have it that clear, you might increase your premium with a cover your car doesn’t really need like, Scratch and Dent.

How will FNB Car Insurance Brokers assist me? 

An insurance broker has a big responsibility with the insured client. Their job is to be at your side from the moment you start analysing your vehicle insurance and, keep the help all the way. What I mean is that they will recommend you to get affordable car insurance. When studying your car’s value, they can advice you on an insurance plan that fits perfectly to it. For example, they can give you useful advice on buying some extra cover and, if it’s worth paying for it. Of course, they’ll refer to the relation coverage-quote to help you understand if the price you get is fair or, you have chances of getting a better one. At last, they will also be at your side if the time to make a claim arrives. As you know, it might get a little hard to pay attention to your car insurance needs so, having an FNB car insurance broker will make everything much easy for you.

What are FNB Car Insurance contact details?   

For those that want to get FNB vehicle Insurance, you have here their contact number to buy it: 0860-328-328. After dialling it, you must choose Option 1. There’s also an email address, for queries about this topic.

Can I contact any FNB car insurance broker in Pretoria?   

If you want, you can always go to Burnett Street and Festival Street in Hatfield to talk to one of FNB car insurance brokers, if you live in Pretoria. They will advise you on the best cover for your vehicle.

FNB Car Insurance South Africa

FNB Requirements to get car insurance

SA ID and driving license for 3 years or more.

FNB Car Insurance Contact Number

08 60 32 83 28

Roadside Assistance Operating Hours


To conclude, car insurance is about understanding not only your motor vehicle needs but also, how FNB car insurance works in order to obtain affordable premium for certain degree of protection to make us drive in piece. To finish deciding on this, we recommend you to read about Absa to know about other alternatives on car insurance.

Author: Cristian Rennella

Updated: 28/09/2023

Preguntas Frecuentes

I want know if ur fixing every damage in car

It mainly depends on the cover you take. The simplest cover has certain limitations.

How can i get fnb car insurance less than r1000?

A fine method to make your premium cheaper is by start cancelling extra covers your car doesn’t need.

Hi,how much would you quote me on my 2013 mini cooper? I'm a 26 year old, female

A car insurance quote is stablished only after having a set of information. For example, it’s necessary to know about you having past claims, your driver behaviour, where you live and more. You need to contact FNB to get an official quote

What does FNB take into account when quoting a vehicle?

FNB will pay attention to the model of your car, the place where you keep your car during the night, who drives it, the purpose to drive it, and if you have previous claims.

Can I hire a insurance plan without hiring an insurance broker?

Yes, the insurance broker is optional.

Can I have one of the extra benefits if I have the Third Party Only?

Yes, you can apply to any of the extra benefits with the three plans

Can I have an Insurance Broker if I don't have a bank accont?

No, you need to have a bank account in order to subscribe for both the Insurance Broker and the Insurance Plan

What other insurance company can I take into account?

You can take a look at Budget Insurance and compare it to FNB in order to decide which is suitable for you.

Do they work in Gauteng?

Yes! There’s even a branch in Vereeniging. You can go to 119 General Hertzog Road in Three Rivers.

Does FNB have an excess to be paid and if so, how much?

This will depend on the kind of coverage you purchase with FNB for your car insurance. For instance, if you choose to get the comprehensive insurance such as the Scratch and Dent Cover, you will not be charged any kind of excess. However, if you buy the third party insurance, you will only be covered up to the limit stated at your policy.

How much will it cost per month to cover the new Mazda 3?

In order to know how much you will be paying for a car insurance with FNB, it is important to consider some factors: for example, your driving behaviour, past claims,  the place where you live, etc. So, the recommendation is to get in touch with an FNB advisor to obtain an official quote for your new Mazda 3. 

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