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How to take Advantage of Iwyze Car Insurance? Rates Online

Are you interested in finding car insurance? With so many options in the insurance industry, it is hard to choose quickly but wisely which might be the best cover for your car. A company ready to provide you with insurance options for your vehicle, home and personal life is called Iwyze. This company has been in the insurance industry for a long time.

Is it possible to request an online quote at Iwyze for car insurance?

If you are looking for a possibility of requesting an online car insurance quote at Iwyze, you can do it through their website. In only two minutes you can get a quote and purchase your policy virtually through their website. All you have to do is to select a product of your interest:

  • GAP

  • VAP

  • Home

  • Life

  • Car

Then proceed to add your surname, name and cell phone number. You can ask the agency to call you back or directly to start a quote.

What are Iwyze car insurance benefits?

Iwyze is a company aware of the importance of having your vehicle insured in the right way. You invested in your vehicle and it is expensive. Thus, no matter the vehicle you need to make sure to choose wise insurance. Which insurance can you pick?

  • Iwyze car insurance

  • Drive Wyze Lite

If you decide to go for the former insurance, then it includes cover options that include:

  • Third party insurance

  • Fire insurance

  • Third party only

  • Theft insurance

  • Comprehensive insurance

If you decide to go for the latter, you can access vehicle insurance at 50% of the cost of traditional ones. This option is quite unique and it is particularly made for cars and vehicles that have been fully paid up. The vehicles can be valued up to R75 000. Any of these two options has benefits for your vehicle to keep it the best investment possible.

How to cancel Iwyze car insurance?

Many clients may have a desire to cancel car insurance for some reason. If this happens, there are some details that need to be considered. In case you decide to call off your policy at Iwyze, you can cancel it by writing a message or by making a phone call to the company. Until your upcoming debit date, your policy will stay in force. It is important to bear in mind that the initiation fee, however, will be kept. If the company were to decide that your insurance policy needs cancelling, then you will be given thirty days notice via post or email.

Is there a contact number for Iwyze car insurance?

If you live in South Africa, you can reach the company by making a phone call to the number on screen: 0860 63 33 39. If you are an international caller, then you should call at +27 (11) 556 6103.

Is there an email address for Iwyze car insurance?

Even though there is no email address, there is another way. You can get in touch with Iwyze online by leaving your personal data, choosing the product and department, and submitting the message you want to send.

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How is Iwyze the customer service number to contact for car insurance?

The service number is the same number you can dial up to contact the company. The number is 0860 63 33 39. This number only works if you are inside South Africa. Otherwise, you need to use the number for international callers.

Do I have to pay for excess if I already have Iwyze car insurance?

This is a question that frequently comes to mind, especially if you are involved in an accident that you didn’t cause. Before the claim is settled, you should pay an excess. It does not matter who caused the accident. If the third party is to blame, then you should claim the amount back so that you can take back your money. Clients must also take into account that there is no guarantee that you will recoup your costs. 

How does roadside assistance for car insurance work at Iwyze?

If you need to find roadside assistance for car insurance, you can find two different options:

  • Scratch and dent cover at Iwyze: it allows covering minor scratches and dents so that your vehicle still looks brand new.

  • Tyre and rim at Iwyze: it allows covering rim and tyre damage. Your standard vehicle insurance does not normally cover these features.

The company will assist you while driving on the road if any of those situations take place.

Which are the reviews for Iwyze car insurance?

There are many testimonials at Iwyze. They have left their comments about the services performed and the products received there. These are some of the testimonials:

  • One of the customers reported “the service is pretty efficient. In less than a month the vehicle claim was settled”

  • Another customer stated “I have been choosing this company for three years now. You can insure with them anything you want”

  • Other customers stated being impressed with the serviced performed: “I was involved in an accident and they took care of everything”

  • Another clients claimed “the company offers affordable comprehensive insurance”

  • Another customer said “they made the claim process much easier and less stressful”

Most clients mentioned the fact that the company makes sure to live up to your expectations and find you a financial deal that works for your budget.

Can I get car insurance at Iwyze?

If you need the requirements or telephone number, you can find them in this chart:


Apply online and fill the form with your informaton


0860 63 33 39

Dent Cover

You can ask for this featured product besides your comprehensive insurance

If you need to find a company that offers car insurance, Iwyze is an excellent option. It offers not only car insurance, but also home insurance, life insurance and much more. Whatever you may be looking for, the company can provide you with insurance to help you stay covered in every moment when driving around.

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Questions and answers

Can I ask for fire insurance at Iwyze?

Yes, you can get fire insurance there

How can I reach customer service?

You can reach customer service by calling at 0860 63 33 39.

Can I pick Drive Wyze Lite?

Yes, you can get it at Iwyze.

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