iWYZE Car Insurance: Best protection for your vehicle | Reviews

iWYZE Car Insurance: Best protection for your vehicle | Reviews

In the realm of vehicle protection, iWYZE Car Insurance stands as a beacon of reliability and comprehensive coverage. Backed by the esteemed Old Mutual, a name synonymous with trust and expertise in the insurance industry, iWYZE offers a range of products tailored to meet the diverse needs of South African drivers. From the bustling streets of Johannesburg to the scenic routes of the Cape, iWYZE ensures that your journey is safeguarded, no matter where the road takes you.

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King Price Car Insurance

Choose the excess that best suits your budget. Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued.

In this article, we delve into the intricate details of iWYZE Car Insurance. We explore its rich history, the varied insurance options available, and the multitude of benefits it brings to the table. Whether you're a new car owner or looking to switch insurers, our comprehensive guide is designed to answer all your queries and guide you towards making an informed decision about your car insurance.

iWYZE Car Insurance History

Tracing its roots back to the venerable Old Mutual, iWYZE Car Insurance has been a part of South Africa's insurance landscape for a significant period. Old Mutual, established over 177 years ago, brings a wealth of experience and a solid reputation to the table, making iWYZE a trusted choice for car insurance. This rich history is not just a testament to longevity but also reflects a deep understanding of the insurance needs specific to South African motorists.

Who Owns iWYZE Insurance?

iWYZE Insurance, a subsidiary of Old Mutual, is part of a legacy that spans nearly two centuries. This association with Old Mutual ensures that iWYZE benefits from a deep reservoir of knowledge and an unshakeable foundation in the insurance sector. The ownership by such a reputed entity also means that policyholders can rest assured of the stability and reliability of their car insurance provider.

Is iWYZE Car Insurance Good?

When evaluating the quality of iWYZE Car Insurance, several factors come into play. The company's comprehensive coverage options, its ability to cater to a wide range of vehicles, and the inclusion of unique benefits like Drive WYZE Life and iWyze Scratch and Dent Cover speak volumes about its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of customers. Coupled with competitive pricing and a strong customer service ethos, iWYZE stands as a robust and appealing choice for South African drivers.

iWYZE Car Insurance Benefits

The benefits of choosing iWYZE Car Insurance are manifold, offering policyholders more than just the standard coverage. Opting for iWYZE Car Insurance from Old Mutual not only ensures your vehicle's safety but also brings a suite of benefits, making it a top choice for Car Insurance in South Africa. Here's a closer look at the advantages:

  • Cash Back Bonus: Unique to iWYZE, this feature allows policyholders to receive a return of a portion of their premiums every three claim-free years, promoting safe driving and offering a financial reward.
  • Bundle and Save Option: When you choose to insure multiple vehicles or combine your car and home insurance with iWYZE, you can enjoy significant savings on your premiums. This not only makes managing your insurance more convenient but also more cost-effective.
  • Comprehensive Customer Care: iWYZE goes beyond the usual coverage; it looks after the well-being of its customers. This includes covering emergency medical expenses and providing trauma counselling after car accidents or incidents, reflecting a commitment to comprehensive care.

Each of these benefits enhances the value of choosing iWYZE for your Car Insurance needs in South Africa, ensuring that your insurance experience is as rewarding and stress-free as possible.

Another significant benefit is the Bundle and Save option. This feature enables customers to enjoy reduced premiums when they insure multiple vehicles with iWYZE, or combine their car and home insurance. This not only simplifies the insurance process but also makes it more cost-effective.

Furthermore, iWYZE prioritises the well-being of its customers with provisions for emergency medical expenses and trauma counselling following car accidents or violent incidents. This holistic approach to insurance underscores iWYZE’s commitment to not just the vehicle, but the people within it.

iWYZE Car Insurance Covers

iWYZE Car Insurance offers a range of cover options to suit various needs and budgets. These include:

Third Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance

This cover offers protection against damage or loss due to fire, theft, or lightning, as well as liability to third parties in case of accidents. It’s a balanced choice for those seeking more than basic third-party coverage but not requiring full comprehensive insurance.

Third Party Car Insurance

A fundamental option, this cover provides for liabilities to third parties in case of damages or injuries caused by the insured vehicle, suitable for drivers looking for basic, cost-effective insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Offering the most extensive protection, this cover includes damages or loss due to accidents, theft, hijackings, and natural disasters, as well as third-party liabilities. It’s the ideal choice for those seeking complete peace of mind.

Drive WYZE Life

For vehicles valued up to R75,000 and fully paid off, Drive WYZE Life presents a budget-friendly insurance option, with premiums significantly lower than traditional car insurance.

iWyze Scratch and Dent Cover

This additional cover takes care of minor cosmetic damages to the car, such as small dents and light scratches.

iWyze Tyre and Rim Cover

This cover is designed to protect against damages to tyres and rims, which are often excluded in standard car insurance policies.

Type of Cover Accident Damage Theft/Hijacking Natural Disasters Third-Party Liability
Comprehensive Car Insurance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Third Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance No Yes Yes (Fire and Explosion) Yes
Third Party Car Insurance No No No Yes
Drive WYZE Life Yes Yes Yes Yes
iWyze Scratch and Dent Cover Minor damages only No No No
iWyze Tyre and Rim Cover No No No No

What is the Excess for iWYZE Car Insurance?

The excess in insurance terms is the amount you are required to pay out of pocket when you make a claim. iWYZE Car Insurance's excess amount varies depending on the type of cover and the specific circumstances of the claim. Understanding this excess structure is crucial for policyholders to gauge their potential financial commitment in the event of an insurance claim.

How Does the Excess Work?

When a claim is made, the excess is the initial amount paid by the policyholder before iWYZE steps in to cover the remaining costs. This amount is predetermined in your policy agreement. Factors influencing the excess amount can include the age of the driver, the type of vehicle, and the nature of the claim. It's essential to review these details when choosing your iWYZE car insurance plan to ensure it aligns with your financial capacity and risk preference.

iWYZE Car Insurance Quote

Getting a quote for iWYZE Car Insurance is a straightforward process that can lead to finding the best insurance option for your needs.

How to Get an iWYZE Car Insurance Quote Online?

To obtain an online quote, visit the iWYZE website and fill out the necessary forms with your personal and vehicle details. This process allows for a customized insurance quote that matches your specific requirements and vehicle type.

How to Quote Online in Quotes Advisor?

Using a service like Quotes Advisor further simplifies this process. By entering your information once, you can compare iWYZE's offerings with other insurers, ensuring you receive the most competitive and suitable options available.

iWYZE Car Insurance Contact Details

For more information or assistance, iWYZE provides several contact options:

  • iWYZE Car Insurance Contact Number: Accessible for direct inquiries and support.
  • iWYZE Car Insurance Email Address: For those who prefer digital communication or need to send documents electronically.

iWYZE Car Insurance Reviews

Evaluating customer reviews is a vital part of understanding the performance and reliability of iWYZE Car Insurance. Reviews, such as those on Hello Peter, provide real customer experiences, offering insights into the company's customer service, claim handling, and overall satisfaction.

iWYZE Car Insurance Hello Peter

The comments on Hello Peter provide a window into the customer's experience with iWYZE, showing their strengths and areas for improvement in customer service and complaint handling. Old Mutual's iWYZE currently has a score of 3.78 with over 11 thousand reviews.


iWYZE Car Insurance, with its comprehensive coverage options, customer-centric benefits, and the backing of Old Mutual, stands as a solid choice for South African drivers. Whether seeking basic third-party coverage or extensive comprehensive insurance, iWYZE tailors its offerings to meet diverse needs and budgets, ensuring peace of mind on every journey.


How to Cancel iWyze Car Insurance?

Cancelling your iWYZE car insurance policy involves contacting their customer service and following the provided instructions, which typically include a notice period and the completion of necessary documentation.

How Do I Make a Claim on iWYZE?

To make a claim, contact iWYZE as soon as possible after an incident. Provide all relevant details and documentation to support your claim. iWYZE's team will guide you through the claims process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Writer: Cristian Renella

Update date: 28/02/2024

Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I ask for fire insurance at Iwyze?

Yes, you can get fire insurance there

How can I reach customer service?

You can reach customer service by calling at 0860 63 33 39.

Can I pick Drive Wyze Lite?

Yes, you can get it at Iwyze.

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