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What Are Dial Direct Car Insurance Quotes? Phone Numbers and Requirements

Car Insurance in South Africa

DialDirect Car Insurance covers you according to your needs

You have the following options to choose from:

  • I. Comprehensive Insurance: It covers your car against any damage even if you are driving a friend´s car and you are involved in an accident.

  • II. Third Party, Fire and Theft: It covers for the damage that you can cause to another person´s car or property. It also covers the damage caused by any car towed by your vehicle.

  • III. Third Party Only: It has a cost effective cover for vehicles, which have a low value, as they are fully paid.

For more information about Dialdirect Insurance you can call them on 0860 10 45 80 and you will receive complete professional advice.

You can also choose from additional alternatives in order to add value to your Dialdirect Car Insurance. Some of the products they offer you are the ones mentioned below:

  • Mechanical Breakdown:  A s your car can break down at any moment, you can cover the different mechanical parts of your vehicle such as engine, steering, fuel system, cooling system, air conditioner, drive shaft, prop shaft among others.

  • Touch-Up:  They will help you with your vehicle in case it can be tarnished by chips, dents and scratches. Choosing this option will not affect your claim free status.

  • Sound System: It will protect your vehicles sound system.

  • Hail Damage: This alternative will really help you in those days of hail storms when you are not prepared to put it in a safer place.

  • Canopy: It covers your vehicle´s canopy against any damage.

  • Tyre and Rim Guard:  With this additional cover option, you can keep your tyres and rim safe. They will repair your tyres and rim as the bad conditions of roads can really damage them.

You can get a FREE car insurance quote if you call them on 0860 10 45 80.

Car Insurance needs in South Africa: The different policies of car insurance in South Africa have to protect people´s car against any predictable damage that the car may suffer. The insurance company has to take into account diverse factors such as auto theft, hijacking and malicious damage to vehicles because of unrest or related matters. Another factor that should be included when companies develop their insurance for vehicles is the deteriorating condition of South Africa´s roads. They should include an option that can protect the vehicles against damages originated by the bad condition of roads. Moreover, an obstacle to be considered by car insurances is the unlicensed drivers, who can cause road accidents and vehicle damage. Thus, companies need to consider all the factors mentioned above so as to develop complete and secure car insurance policies. If you want to be covered for South African conditions and get your car insurance right now, you can do it for FREE.

A car insurance that can suit your needs: Dialdirect provides South Africans citizens with modern car insurance policies that any person can afford. Furthermore, their policies include convenient advantages as well as an ASSIST benefit at no extra cost. So do not hesitate to call them on 0860 10 45 80 today for a Free quote and complete relax when driving your car. No other companies will offer you these adequate, affordable car insurance policies, which are developed especially for South African circumstances.

You can call them today and get a free quote and professional advice!

Find the best insurance of South Africa

About the Company

They have an outstanding history of covering South African citizen´s vehicles. Dialdirect was launched into the market in 2003 and through the years they grow as an important car insurance company, which tries to make people´s lives simpler and easier by insuring their vehicles. They seek to build durable relationships with their clients and reward them with an excellent service and professional assistance. Dialdirect differentiates form other insurance companies because they listen and pay special attention to the needs of all their clients. They are also committed to make insurance easy, which means that they offer their clients more time to spend on things they enjoy.

Call them on 0860 10 45 80 and get an excellent and affordable insurance service now.

Dialdirect Benefits

  • Cash Back Bonus: It means that they pay back to you. You can choose between receive your first years insurance premiums back or receive 25% of all your insurance premiums after 4 consecutive years of insurance with dialdirect and remain claim-free. Some of the claims that do not count include: car theft, fire brigade charges, theft of garden furniture, medical expenses, loss of rent, damage of household goods, among others. Dialdirect makes you save money and time. Use their Cash Back Bonus nd ge cash back. So you can contact them today for a free online insurance quote and start using and taking advantage of the service. Their clients save almost R3,000 per year on insurance, around R900 per month on insurance premium amounts and the pay increases to around R1,125 per month if you insure through a broker.

  • Repairs: Dialdirect manages all your vehicle repairs on your behalf. This include the following:

  • Vehicle repair processes

  • Vehicles quotes and repairs

  • Regular feedback on repairs by sms

  • Lifetime guarantee on approved vehicle repairs.

  • Assistance Service: They offer you the following services:

  • Management of vehicle repairs, which includes quotes and regular feedback

  • Claims assistance: Source and delivery of household goods on a claim to you

  • Recovery of excess form third parties in case they are responsible for damage or loss

  • Adjustment of your home and car amount with their value in order to be able to replace lost, stolen or damaged items. Remember that if you want to insure a new item, it should be added to your policy.

  • Protection Plan Plus: This plan is included with your motor, household and business insurance packages. HIV/Aids benefits include: blood tests, medical consultations, appropriate treatment, assistance during the 72 hours window period after the accident and improvement as regards counseling and security.

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Questions and Answers

Can I get an online quote?
Yes, you can get a free online quote by calling them on 0860 10 45 80.
What does a third party, fire and theft includes?
It covers for the damage that you can cause to another person´s car or property. It also covers the damage caused by any car towed by your vehicle.
What does comprehensive insurance involve?
It covers your car against any damage even if you are driving other people´s car and you are involved in an accident.

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