How is Dial Direct Car Insurance? Get it Online and Save Time

How is Dial Direct Car Insurance? Get it Online and Save Time

When citizens decide to buy insurance protection for their vehicle, they encounter a considerable variety of options to choose from. Not only do they find many covers but also, they find many car insurance companies offering them. Dial Direct Car Insurance is one of those companies you should look at. You need to read this article to discover how can you save money on your quote, and enjoy driving.

Does Dial Direct have Car Insurance in South Africa?   

Being the known company Dial Direct is, it would be ridiculous not to find car insurance in South Africa with them. In fact, they have some pretty good covers to make sure South African drivers get the most of their products. Moreover, you can find a wide range of vehicle insurance plans to select from among their general covers and the additional ones. Focusing on their general plans, there are four covers: the basic 3rd party liability, the following Third Party, Theft and Fire, the standard Comprehensive cover and, BetterCar Insurance cover. This last option goes beyond what Comprehensive vehicle insurance offers and, aims to cover you motor vehicle in any possible situation. Among its benefits, you can receive cash back if your vehicle is written off but, as a plus, Dial Direct will consider the value of a one-year newer version of your car. Of course, this sounds excellent but, you need to consider the price for such coverage.

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

Choose the excess that best suits your budget. Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued.

What will I get from an Online Car Insurance Quote from Dial Direct?  

As I’ve just said, you need to keep in mind how much will Dial Direct charge you for the plan you choose. This is when everything can get a little confused so, you have to know how to make the most of Dial Direct car insurance online quotes. How? Simple: you must go into every detail of each cover to study if the quote they have given you is reasonable. In addition, you must remember, Dial Direct will consider the risks your vehicle faces to set your quote. So, once you get your car insurance price, if you think it’s too expensive for you to afford it, you can lower the payments by choosing a simper cover. For instance, if you chose comprehensive, you may consider 3rd Party, Theft and Fire but, you can add some optional covers to increase your car’s protection. Having your quote online is perfect to get the lowest price.

What to pay attention when going through Dial Direct Car Insurance Application?   

It may occur that a customer gets troubled when trying to buy Dial Direct vehicle insurance due to the many options and benefits. This is why I recommend you to take some measures when applying for one of these products. First, carefully read the terms and conditions for the insurance product you chose to perfectly know what’s included under such plan. Second, before officially signing the purchase, make sure you agree with what’s detailed in your car insurance policy wording so as to avoid misunderstandings when you need to make a claim.

What about Dial Direct car insurance customers Reviews? Are there any good? 

When someone needs to discuss about how well a company works, there’s no better judge than their own customers. When focusing on Dial Direct motor insurance reviews, clearly, there are many positive points to highlight. For example, Dial Direct has a particular coverage for Off roads, proving they perfectly understand about preventive measures for any kind of vehicles and roads. So, those clients owning 4×4 vehicles, get to drive them feeling completely protected by Dial Direct.

Other positive comments relate to how Dial Direct allows car insurance buyers to get extra protection for windscreen and sound system. These details, though may not represent a priority to drive safe, will help you be calm knowing you won’t lose the money you invested on your vehicle.

Finally, having a guarantee lasting 3 years on any kind of repair Dial Direct Car Insurance covers for your automobile is probably one of the most claimed features.

What’s covered under Dial Direct Comprehensive car insurance? 

As with any Comprehensive car coverage, Dial Direct’s will cover the cost of damages your car might suffer due to collision, flood or fire. Certainly, it will also cover 3rd party damages in car accidents and it will take care of the situation if your vehicle gets stolen. Besides, Dial Direct comprehensive coverage gives you full permission to ask for their tow truck and emergency assistance at any time. Naturally, such great insurance company rewards their claim free clients after 4 years with payback bonus. Besides, there are some claims you’re allowed to make without loosing your payback bonus.

On top of that, through their DialDirect App, you can get a monetary compensation for perfect driving. The particular feature of this option is that those payments can be made on monthly basis so, you don’t have to wait few years to enjoy this benefit as long as you do your homework driving well.

What is Dial Direct Payback Booster? Is it related to car insurance? 

Payback Booster is an additional program you can activate as long as you have Comprehensive cover with Dial Direct. Its main function is to make you gain 5% more on your cash back if you are willing to make a safety check to your car, to go over an Eye test, to confirm your risks details are accurate and to complete a brief questionnaire. Although these are really simple steps to take, you must know Payback Booster has an additional cost.

Is there a Breakdown Cover at Dial Direct car insurance?  

Having mechanical issues is not fun so, Dial Direct has decided to include this assistance on their comprehensive plan. Their roadside assistance will help you on these occasions:

  • if you need to change a flat tyre.

  • When your battery runs out.

  • When running out of fuel, they’ll delivery it.

  • Logically, when having a collision to tow your vehicle.

It’s obvious that you can relay on Dial Direct motor car insurance when having any type of emergency on the road as, for example, your car breaking down on a trip.

How is it possible to get Courtesy Car from Dial Direct Car Insurance?  

Though there was a time where car insurance companies used to offer courtesy cars to their clients, today such option is called Car Hire and it works a little different. The similarity is that Dial Direct will provide you with a functioning car while your own vehicle is being repaired. That way, you can go on with your life without having to make unpleasant changes to get to the places you normally go. But the difference is that this is a cover you need to buy and, of course, pay apart from your car insurance cover. Basically, you are hiring a car beforehand to have things simpler when trouble arrives. So, to avoid having trouble to go to your work or, taking your kids to school, it may be a practical option to include in your vehicle insurance policy. Even though you might have to pay extra, you have to think on how much money would you save on transport if something happens to your vehicle.

What does Dial Direct Car Insurance offer for minor dent scratches?     

Not many insurers do but, Dial Direct offers Scratch and Dent cover that’s really beneficial to get help avoiding losing your claim free status. This plan takes care of fixing your lights if they’ve suffered scratches and repair your exterior panels for minor dents or chip. Bear in mind, the monetary amount it covers depends on what’s stated in your policy. As extra information, you must know Scratch and Dent plan doesn’t cover sunroofs and windscreen.

Can I change my Dial Direct car insurance plan when going over the Renewal process?  

When purchasing vehicle insurance, you do it for a stated time. After that period ends, you have to make a decision about the protection of your car. If Dial Direct car insurance was good enough, you can contact them to renew your policy but, prices will surely be updated. So, you start the process of evaluation your options all over again. Because of this, you can opt to change the plan or additional covers to get to a premium you can afford.

How does Dial Direct car insurance Customer Service work? 

Dial Direct is interested In offering the best service on car insurance. Because of this, there are contact details that refers specifically to what the customer needs. Following, I’ll delve into them to help you no matter what you need.

What’s Dial Direct car insurance Opening Times?  

Before expanding on the contact numbers and email, you must know you can contact Dial Direct car insurance any day but, Sundays. On weekdays, their office hours start at 7 am and finish at 6 pm. On Saturdays, they work only up to 2 pm.

is there a Dial Direct car insurance email address?   

Understanding you may not have time to make a call, you can have a fast consultation by sending Dial Direct an email. The email address is and you can make use of it for any vehicle insurance related query. 

What’s the telephone number to get Dial Direct car insurance?   

Dial Direct insurance has few phone numbers to refer to them. What number to use depends on the purpose of your call. If you are interested in buying your vehicle protection to Dial Direct, your number to call is 0861-007-367.

What’s Dial Direct Car Insurance Address? 

There are plenty of Dial Direct car insurance offices in South Africa so, I’m sure you won’t get much difficulty trying to find one close to your home. Their Head Office, for example, can be found in Midrand.

Is Dial Direct car insurance available in Cape Town? 

Of course! Dial Direct car insurance hasn’t forgotten about Cape Town drivers so, they have a branch in Century City. You must direct to Boulevard Place South and find third floor to talk to a Dial Direct car insurance consultant about your policy.

Dial Direct Car Insurance

Extra Cover

Scratch and Dent, Hail and Windscreen cover

Phone Number

08 61 00 73 67

Public Holidays Office Hours

From 8 am to 5 pm

To conclude, Dial Direct Car Insurance is one noticeable company ready to give you their service. However, you ought to read about Absa car insurance and Prime Meridian Direct first in order to have information about three companies to know which is best.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I add covers for whatever car insurance plan?

Yes, even for Third party only, Dial Direct lets you protect your car sound system.

Hi, I’m 25 years old, will my premium be more expensive?

Youngest drivers usually get the most expensive quote on car insurance. However, remember there are many factors Dial Direct takes into account when deciding it.

Is excess charged no matter the claim?

No, but it’s likely you have to pay excess. To lower it, you can arrange to increase the premium.

Can I get an online quote?

Yes, you can get a free online quote by calling them on 0860 10 45 80.

What does a third party, fire and theft includes?

It covers for the damage that you can cause to another person´s car or property. It also covers the damage caused by any car towed by your vehicle.

What does comprehensive insurance involve?

It covers your car against any damage even if you are driving other people´s car and you are involved in an accident.

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