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Does AIG Offer Car Insurance in South Africa? How Can I Get a Quote?

    If you need to know how to get a car insurance quotein South Africa, you must read these lines to be fully informed. Not only will we refer to insurance quotes but also, we’ll develop requirements and tips to pay attention to. Apart from this, we’ll provide you with contact information from an insurance company for you to have at hand when buying your car insurance.

    Although AIG is a well-known insurance entity, we can’t find car insurance among their products in our country. That’s why we’ll refer to other entity to get your car insured in South Africa: FNB. However, before we delve into that, it’s important to make sure you perfectly understand what’s involved in this type of service.

How much is the average Car Insurance in South Africa?

    Let’s start referring to how much will it cost your car insurance. The truth is there’s no official way to know the average car insurance price and, to explain it, I should expand on how the quote for a car insurance is calculated.

The entity will have certain points in mind:

  • It’s imperative they know what type of vehicle you want to insure: car, motorcycle, picks up.

  • Then, they have to know the particular characteristics of that vehicle. This is so because that information – model, year, etc. - will help determine the value of the car.

  • Because a car insurance is a contract, they also request your personal information and contact data to get in touch with you.

  • Finally, how you decide to pay for your policy and the coverage you select will also affect the premium of the insurance.

All these factors will determine the quote to insure your vehicle. 

How to find out about your Car Insurance Quote Online?

    Even though you need to wait for the insurance company to send you the quote, the steps to apply for it are super easy. The first step is to go over your coverage options to decide which type of cover would be the best for your vehicle. (Later on in this article, you’ll be shown the standard alternatives insurance company tend to offer their clients). After you decide the type of car insurance, you find the option “Quote” in the webpage of the entity and, follow the instructions. Basically, it involves submitting the information detailed in the previous questions to allow the insurance company to calculate your car’s quote.

Remember, this process can be fulfilled entirely online so, you don’t need to visit the office until you decide to buy it.

What does Car Insurance cover in South Africa?

As regards the type of cover you can select, you can get protection:

  • against damages in your car. Whether it was caused by an accident or, any other factor.

  • against the theft or loss of your car.

  • against damage you caused to another car that’s doesn’t belong to you.

    Now, I’ll inform you about the options FNB offers to get your car insured. One option is to get protection only in the case of damaging another person’s vehicle. Another alternative could be the solution for paid off vehicles, for example: a Third party, fire and theft cover can provide the client a more suitable premium. Finally, you can choose to obtain full coverage for your car with a comprehensive insurance. This option will pay for damages in a 3rd party’s car o, your own car. The special characteristic is that it doesn’t matter the cause of why your vehicle got damaged, FNB will help you fix it. If this doesn’t sound good enough, this last cover includes roadside assistance and, you can give them a call to require this service at any time free of cost.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

What to keep in mind when getting Car Insurance in South Africa: USEFUL TIPS

    If this is your first time insuring a vehicle, you can use some tips to keep in mind before making the final decision:

                1. A relevant point is you aim to get the highest protection your budget can afford. Even though it may be more expensive, it will make a big difference when having to use the policy.

                2. Another piece of advice is to investigate different insurance entities to compare their products and quotes and, have the advantage of choosing the cheapest one.

                3. Pay special attention to extra benefits some companies offer. For instance, you may get important discounts on your premium that will facilitate paying for the service.

                4. When you select your cover, you are also allowed to extend that protection with some additional services. You will have to pay a little more but, you will enjoy extra help in specific situations.

                5. Make sure the requirements asked by the company are perfectly met. Also, prepare to submit documents verifying the information you presented.

                6. Be sure you know how to report a claim to be ready if you need to do it and, don’t waste time.

Reviews about car insurance: Is FNB good?

    When we focus on FNB car insurance products and the service they provide, there are some pertinent points we must mention. This entity gets a number of quotes from some companies before presenting you the best deal they found. These companies are the most trustful of South Africa, which makes their clients feel secure of getting car insurance with them. Besides, an optional benefit comprises Car Hire, which serves as assistance if your car gets out of use temporarily. It’s obvious FNB offers high quality service.

Car Insurance South Africa: FNB

Email Address

Contact Number to call

  0860-328-328 (select 2)


 Driver license from South Africa

    Only when you finish getting all the information you need, will you be able of deciding properly about your car insurance. Even if AIG can’t help you with this, I’ll leave you two other entities for you to make some research to see if any of them provides you with the solution. You can follow these links: Absa and DialDirect.

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Questions and Answers

How will car hire help me?
If you need to leave your vehicle to get it repaired, you can hire a car to use during that time. In this way, you won’t have to change your daily routine.
Can you give me the email address to make a claim with FNB?
Of course! If you need to report a claim, you can write to
What do I need to get vehicle insurance with FNB?
The requirements for FNB are only 2: being a South African citizen and owing a valid license to drive that’s one year old at least.

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