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When you are wondering about car insurance quotes, many companies may come to mind. When you are in South Africa, Aig is one of the companies that you may be thinking of. If you haven’t heard about it yet, this is the time to explore the benefits it has to offer. In this article, you will find everything about car insurance, opening hours, email address and contact details.

Can I carry my Aig car insurance renewal online?

It is possible to renew your car insurance online at AIG’s website. You can either call the company to let them know that you are interested in renewing your car insurance deal or you can simply renew it online. If you have problems renewing the insurance online, you can ask for assistance via email or phone.

How can I get an Aig car insurance online quote in South Africa?

If you are ready to enquire about your quote in Aig, then you should go to its official website and find the option that reads “request a quote now”. It will direct you to the following number: 0860 112 077. This means that you can only access a quote via cell phone. Now, there are some simulations on the website that you have you grasp an idea of the different insurance possibilities.

What is an Aig car insurance Price?

There are different insurance plans and so the cost varies. There will be changes since there will be:

  • A maximum benefit for the insured individual

  • An immediate lumpsum payout

  • A payment carried out annually for three years

Now, imagine that you are interested in picking plan A. This means that the benefit for the insured individual in this case would be of R100, 000, while the immediate payout would be of R50,000. The payment carried out annually would be in this case of R16, 667.

What kind of car insurance coverage can I Access at Aig?

There are different types of coverage:

  • Insurance for personal lines

  • Insurance for travelers

  • Insurance for health and accidents

  • Commercial insurance products

When it comes to vehicle coverage, the company Aig provides you with a family protection plan that offers cover against disability and death in case an accident should take place. You will be paid in three installments for a period of three years. In case there is total loss or permanent loss, you will be covered for:

  • The amputation of a leg, foot, arm, hand or toes.

  • The total loss or permanent loss of use of a hand, arm, toes, fingers or leg

  • The permanent loss of speech, hearing or sight

How can I carry an Aig car insurance cancellation?

In order to cancel your Aig car insurance, you will need to get in touch with an agent of the company. They will explain to you how the system works and what you will need in order to cut the service off. In general, the company needs to know in advance, that is, cancellation is not immediate and so you have to call with prior notice to have your car insurance cancelled at a certain time.

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What are the main Aig car insurance benefits?

If you are looking for benefits, at AIG you will find plenty of them. There are many options and discounts that you can enjoy at the company. From personal accident insurance and personal lines to travel insurance, at Aig you can benefit from multiple options. One of the greatest benefits of this company is that you can get an online quote in just matter of minutes by providing details of your income, profession and contact details.

How is the Aig car insurance excess?

In general, car insurance excess at Aig and at any other company means that you are dealing with a kind of policy that offers limits that exceed the liability policy that is underlying. The company does not specify any information about car insurance excess; however, you can definitely call the company or leave your question on the website.

Which are Aig car insurance opening hours?

The opening hours in AIG are from Mondays to Thursdays, from eight in the morning to six in the afternoon (this would be in South African time). In case you need to visit the company on Friday, it is available from eight in the morning till six in the afternoon. On Saturdays, it is available too but only u till midday, from eight in the morning to one at midday.

Is there an Aig car insurance email address that I can use?

If you need to make a complaint, ask a question or simply make a suggestion, you can use the email address provided by the company AIG: In case you need to give the company some feedback or ask for a service, you can send your email through the following address:

Is there an Aig car insurance contact number?

There are different telephone numbers you can use depending on the area where you are. In case you are in Johannesburg, you can call at +27(0)11 551 8000. In case you want to call via a toll free number, you can dial 086 148 8864.

Can you get car insurance Aig quotes?

You can get for sure car insurance quotes in Aig. Besides, you can enjoy the different benefits of choosing possible plans for insurance. This means that your budget can be tailored.


Provide personal details to get a quote


+27(0)11 551 8000


From A to F, you can choose different alternatives for coverage.

Explore the different plans for insurance and pick the one that suits you best. If you unable to decide, you can always turn to an Aig agent who will help you out in the journey. The idea and aim of the company is for clients to feel at ease with the company and service they have chosen. Whether you need roadside assistance or car insurance against accidents, Aig has it for you.

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If you need to leave your vehicle to get it repaired, you can hire a car to use during that time. In this way, you won’t have to change your daily routine.

Can you give me the email address to make a claim with FNB?

Of course! If you need to report a claim, you can write to

What do I need to get vehicle insurance with FNB?

The requirements for FNB are only 2: being a South African citizen and owing a valid license to drive that’s one year old at least.

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