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Can I Get Santam Car Insurance Quotes? Online Calculator

Santam Car Insurance Quotes Online Calculator

Santam Limited is regarded as the largest and leading short-term insurance company in the South African market. Whether you are looking for insurance covers for your house, car or business, you will have good and proper options to make sure you are safe. Relying on this experienced company can be a smart decision. How can you get a quote with Santam? How does their online calculator work? Find out more here.

Getting a Quote

You can use the online services in order to request a quote at You will need to submit your personal details and wait for a callback from Santam. The details you have to provide are: full name, e-mail address and contact phone number. You will also have to accept their terms and conditions. Once you have finished, click Request a quote and one of their sales insurance representatives will inform you about the options available and guide you through the complete purchase process. Though having to wait for a callback is not a great idea, this is the only way the insurer can get to know your needs and car details to study your individual risk profile.

Note: In the terms & conditions section, Santam Limited ensures that all the information provided by you and all web-site visitors will be held private and it also lists a series of cases in which this information might be disclosed.

Santam Online Calculator

Santam online calculator is one of the most attractive functionalities of the company webpage It is a friendly-user environment that will allow those looking for an insurance cover to make up their minds with no delays. Santam understands that buying a car is a serious decision and having it insured implies a big commitment. Their online calculator is designed to allow clients to find out whether their property is sufficiently insured and hence, protected against any potential risks it might be exposed to.

Through their webpage you can estimate the value of your vehicle, your building and your house contents. With this calculator, first you enter the estimated value of any of these items and then go into more details. When the overall estimate matches the specifics provided, it means that you are properly insured. Important differences may reveal that your property is either over insured or under insured.

Let’s go over the car calculator and see how it works. It can be used for vehicles not over 10 years old. Firstly, you need to indicate the amount in rands corresponding to how much you think your vehicle is worth. Then you go on to the second section, where details of the vehicle will be considered. These include:

           - What year was your car made?

           - What make and model is your car?

           - What is the mileage of your vehicle?

           - What is the condition of your vehicle? You can choose excellent, very good, good, poor or very poor.

           - What is the total estimated value for any optional extras?

When you are done, click finish and get simple results. The information is displayed as in the following example:

          . You car is worth R300 000.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

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- Choose the excess that best suits your budget. - Save up to 20% when you cover 2+ cars with us.

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          . Your estimate: R250 000.

          . The difference: R50 000

          . You could be under insured or under insured by R…

The online calculator is linked to the Get a quote option to facilitate your online experience. The webpage is well organized and displays easy-to-read information. In addition, you can call Santam on 0860 444 444 to speak directly with one of their experts.

More about Santam

Insurance Options

The vehicle insurance options include the comprehensive insurance, the third party only cover and the limited insurance for theft and fire. You can read more about these options in our article Santam Car Insurance South Africa or on and compare the covers.

Bonus Option

If you go for the comprehensive cover, which is usually more expensive, there is still a way to save up on your insurance. The bonus option offered by Santam is designed to provide financial rewards to clients who have a good driving record. In order to access this 20% cash-back bonus, you must not submit any claims for a period of 2 consecutive years. Mind that any type of claim, regardless of how small it might be, will automatically make you lose the bonus option. Among the benefits included in the bonus option you may find:

  • 20 % cash-back bonus for not making any claims for 2 years

  • Vehicles, buildings and household appliance insured under one single package

  • Free access to Santam SOS emergency service

  • Insurance for personal items, such as your mobile phone or tablet in or outside South Africa

SOS service for emergencies

The issue with insurance companies is that you might have provided the insurer with complete and correct information, you might religiously be paying your monthly premium and excess, but still they may not be there when you most need them. Here is where Santam can make the difference. With the SOS service for emergency you can trust that you will not be alone in times of trouble. Be informed about the services you might not be using yet:

For your vehicle: get road side emergency services 24/7, including:

  • Assistance for mechanical and electrical breakdowns

  • Assistance if you are locked out of your car

  • Fuel supply

  • Change of tyres

  • Jump-start service

For your household: Santam can give you a hand through the assistance of plumbers, electricians, glaziers and locksmiths.

Summing up

With Santam Limited you can make informed decisions to get the most suitable insurance for your car. You can go for the comprehensive cover to stay insured in all occasions and benefit from the bonus option, or you can spend less and choose the limited cover and still be protected, or else stay legally insured with their third party only cover. You will also gain insight into how insurance cover works and get to read suggestions and tips for safe and conscious driving. By having in mind the actual value of your car, you can take the necessary precautions to have it insured properly.

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Questions and answers

Will I lose my insurance if I don't pay my premium on the due date?

If you do not pay your premium on its due date, your will most proably be rejected and your cover can be cancelled.

Does it make a difference where the car is parked?

Yes, where the car is parked during the day and overnight is a risk factor that influences your premium.

Can I use the estimate option for free?

Yes, the option is available at for users and non-users.

Can I get a Comprehensive cover for 2002 mercedes benz e240?

You can obtain a Comprehensive Car Insurance for your Mercedes by paying less than R 1100 on a monthly basis

I want to switch to santam car insurance, how can i do it?

In order to switch to another insurance company, you must first cancell o settle the insurance you have with another company. Then, you can phone on this number and begin the application:0860 505 911

I am buying a New Mazda 2. I need an insurance how can i get a quote?

You can ask for a quote so as to insure your car at Santam by phoning on this number and giving the company the details of your New Mazda:0860 505 911

What will be my premium on jetta 6 2.0 tdi 2012 highline with comprehesive cover?

In order to know the value of a comprehensive car insurance you should get in touch with the company either by its official website or by phoning on this number:0860 444 444

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