Santam Car Insurance Quote | Get your Quote Online | Reviews

Santam Car Insurance Quote | Get your Quote Online | Reviews

Santam is one of the most renowned insurance companies in South Africa. It was founded in 1918, over a hundred years of experience. In this article we will be talking about Santam Car Insurance Quotes.

You will find out what benefits they offer, what coverage plans it offers, and what do people think about this company be means of reviews. Finally, you will also discover how to quote your car insurance online.  

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Does Santam have a Car Insurance Quotes Calculator?

In general, Quotes calculators are online applications used by banks to allow their clients to find out how much they would have to pay every month to repay for a product. In the case of insurance companies, having a car insurance calculator might not be useful since all you need to do is quote the car insurance you would like to buy.

Luckily, Santam has developed an online quotes calculator for you to fill out and quote your insurance online, but if you want to calculate your quotes fast, you can do it here in QuotesAdvisor. In this form, you will be asked personal information such as your name and telephone number and to agree to Santam’s terms and conditions. Then, you will be able to proceed with the application by entering the information about the car you want to insure.

Finally, you will be given the premium rates for each type of coverage plans offered by Santam for you to choose from. The system is super user-friendly, and you will be over with it in a matter of minutes. And, if you want, you will be able to buy the insurance online, too.

Is it easy to find Positive Reviews on Santam Car Insurance?

Basing yourself only on online reviews can be tricky. On the Internet we can find hundreds of comments about a company, but it is hard to actually assessing which one of them can be trusted or not. So, one way to go about it could be checking out if the company has an overall positive scoring or not.

We’ve already taken the trouble of doing this job ourselves with Santam, and we’ve noticed that most comments are highly positive. This does not mean that there are not unhappy clients at all. In fact, there were, but mots claims were related to other products offered by Santam, and not about car insurance.

What are the Benefits of Santam Car Insurance?

The first benefit we can think of is that this is a company that enjoys an amazing reputation and which has over a million policyholders. This means that a lot of people, including individuals and big companies trust in the services provided by Santam and have not been disappointed.

Another benefit is that this company has decided to segment their coverage plans into three options that can easily fit to your needs and your budget. These plans are:

  • Third party cover
  • Limited
  • Comprehensive

The first one will only cover you for liability in the event you cause damage to somebody else’s property or injury someone with your car. The second plan includes theft and fire. And the comprehensive coverage includes a wider range of incidents, such as material damage to your car, for instance.

Finally, Santam provides its clients with the benefit of receiving discounts at several other companies. Santam has also received accolades from important surveys rewarding its quality.

Is there a Plan with Scratch and Dent Coverage at Santam?

There are some insurance companies that design special packages for people who care for the aesthetics of their cars. So, you might have the choice of buying an additional coverage for scratch and dent, for instance. At Santam, you also have the possibility of buying additional coverage on top of your comprehensive car insurance. In this way, with an extra amount of money, you get more benefits and in the end you end up saving money.

Santam offers three different types of optional coverage. Let’ see what they’re all about:

  1. You will be allowed to specify accessories: mags, canopies.
  2. Adding cover for credit deficit
  3. Vehicle hire

This does not mean that you are obliged to add the additional coverage. They are optional, and they are only meant for providing clients with an extra added value.

Regardless which coverage plan you buy, you will be able to file your claims online. This is great since you will not need to go over Santam’s offices or even call them on the phone; you can file a complaint with your smartphone wherever you are.

Can I buy Car Insurance against Windscreen Crushes at Santam?

Hail, broken tree brunches can be the enemies of your windscreen. With Santam comprehensive plans, you got it covered. However, you will have to pay excess for it. This means that Santam will pay for a part of the cost of changing the windscreen, and you will have to pay for the other portion of it. The higher the coverage plan, the less excess you will have to pay for this.

If you live in an area where the risk of hail is too big, for example, or if your occupation involves driving in places where your windscreen could easily crush, you should consider taking extra precautions. You can contact Santam and ask for no excess cover for Windscreen on selected suppliers of Santam. However, this option is only available for a certain brand of Windscreens, contact Santam to find out if you can apply for it.

This is why it is convenient for you to buy comprehensive coverage. If you only buy third-party coverage, and a stone hits your windscreen crushing it into hundreds of pieces, you will have to cover the cost of replacement yourself.

Will I get Roadside Assistance with my Santam Car Insurance?

When you pay for insurance and you buy it from a company such as Santam whose mission is to deliver the best service possible to their clients. Then, of course you get roadside assistance. If you ever find yourself in need of assistance such as towing or mechanical aid, all you will have to do is contact Santam to ask for help; they will do all the rest. This service will be completely free for you.

This article had the aim of showing you that at Santam you can buy vehicle insurance that you will be able to count on 24/7. We told you the different plans you can choose from, how to quote online, and what other people say about the service offered by Santam

Preguntas Frecuentes

Will I lose my insurance if I don't pay my premium on the due date?

If you do not pay your premium on its due date, your will most proably be rejected and your cover can be cancelled.

Does it make a difference where the car is parked?

Yes, where the car is parked during the day and overnight is a risk factor that influences your premium.

Can I get a Comprehensive cover for 2002 mercedes benz e240?

You can obtain a Comprehensive Car Insurance for your Mercedes by paying less than R 1100 on a monthly basis

I want to switch to santam car insurance, how can i do it?

In order to switch to another insurance company, you must first cancell o settle the insurance you have with another company. Then, you can phone on this number and begin the application:0860 505 911

I am buying a New Mazda 2. I need an insurance how can i get a quote?

You can ask for a quote so as to insure your car at Santam by phoning on this number and giving the company the details of your New Mazda:0860 505 911

What will be my premium on jetta 6 2.0 tdi 2012 highline with comprehesive cover?

In order to know the value of a comprehensive car insurance you should get in touch with the company either by its official website or by phoning on this number:0860 444 444

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