Santam Car Insurance | Get the Perfect Cover for your Car

Santam Car Insurance | Get the Perfect Cover for your Car

Santam is a highly recognized South African company offering a whole set of diverse products. Among those products, we can find plenty of car insurance products aiming to satisfy all kinds of drivers’ needs. As we know that you’ve come here to discover what this insurance company has on display for South African drivers, we have gathered basic and useful information that will simplify you the buying car insurance process. In this article, we’ll analyse that information to make you understand what’s Santam Car Insurance about and what’s the perfect cover for you

Why to contact Santam car insurance brokers?

One of the best ways to assure yourself you’ll have the best car insurance product is by talking to a broker. If you need a little extra assistance, Santam’s brokers will be at your side to guide you even when you have to lodge a claim.

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

Choose the excess that best suits your budget. Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued.

Santam Car Insurance: what’s comprehensive cover about?    

Comprehensive car insurance at Santam is one of the most complete plans you get to buy in South Africa. Apart from including a wide range of risks, they have also special covers for 4×4 or luxury vehicles. But, coming back to what comprehensive car insurance offers, you must know Santam will protect your vehicle from the most known risks. One of the best characteristics is related to the cost of medical treatment in a car accident. Santam will cover it whether your passengers are members of your family or not. In case your passengers are your family, they will give you even a higher amount. Then, focusing on the vehicle, Santam will take care of: replacing your car, towing and safeguarding it, assisting you on emergency repairs as well as delivering your car once it’s fixed and, what’s more, vehicle transfer is comprised in this cover. If you buy this cover, you will use your car completely protected.

Is it possible to get car insurance for a truck at Santam?    

As we said, Santam has insurance products for all kinds of necessities for example insurances for business cars. If you pay attention to their business-related insurance, you’ll find they also protect heavy vehicles like, trucks. In this package, you can get vehicle insurance for trucks that weigh 3.500kg or more. there are two particular characteristics in this plan. On one hand, the vehicle gets covered for liability claims, damaged, towing, medical cost for the driver and, even in case the fuel tank spills fuel. This last feature is clearly an indication of how well Santam understands this kind of vehicle issues. On the other hand, they also cover the good your truck transports. For instance, you’ll get:

  • Load protection coverage

  • Household stock cover

  • Agricultural goods cover

  • Recovery cover

  • Cover for settlement and equipment.

It’s important to mention that such cover applies to Southern African Development Community only.

Remember you can add optional coverage to your policy wording and get the most suitable protection for your truck.

How does Santam Home Drive Assistance work? Can I get it with my car insurance policy?  

Home Drive Assistance is a service thought to reduce car incident caused by driving when drinking. If you are out and have drunk, you can call Home Drive Assistance to pick you up from where you are and, take you home. They will even drive your car so; you won’t have to worry about picking it up the next day. As simple as it seems, this service can even save your life avoiding a possible car accident.

How much excess should I pay with Santam Car Insurance?   

When dealing with car insurance, you need to know about excess. If you don’t know exactly what is it, we’ll explain it. Simply put, excess is the sum of money you would have to pay if you lodge a claim. For example, your car’s broken and you need R10000 to fix it. If we imagine your policy cover only R8000, you will have to pay for the remaining R2000. Such topic is dealt with when discussing your car insurance policy so, how much excess will you have to pay will depend on these 2 factors:

1) Which cover you selected

2) How much premium are you paying.

You have to decide if you want to pay less premium but, remember the excess will be higher in such case. Now, if you want to lower your excess, you will have to accept paying for a higher premium. Keep in mind, in times of trouble, having the best help is essential so, if you can, try to lower your excess so, you won’t have to worry about it if you need to make a claim.

What happens if I have Santam car insurance and my car is written off?  

A car is written off when, due to an accident for example, it suffers so much damage that the cost to repair it is higher than the car’s retail value and, as a consequence, it is not worth repairing. In such case, if you opted to get a comprehensive car insurance with Santam, they have Guaranteed Value Insurance which is a cover planned to help you if your car gets written off to protect you from losing it completely. Such cover also applies in case of having your car stolen.

Does MyBroadband issue Santam’s car insurance?    

MyBroadband is not an insurance provider of any kind so, you can’t get Santam vehicle insurance through them. At MyBroadband, you might get information about many topics of main interested in South Africa. Although you may even get some data about car insurance with Santam, you won’t be allowed to buy car insurance there. Basically, it’s a forum in which South African information is shared but, that’s all. To buy Santam vehicle insurance, you need to contact them and request your quote.

Santam Car Insurance Contact Details   

It’s time to focus on contact information to get these covers form Santam. Following, you’ll get their telephone number, email address and you will even get a table with key information summarized. When you have your insurance, you can use them if you have to make claims.

What’s Santam Car Insurance Contact Number?  

In order to have an instant response, the best option is to make a phone call. Santam’s phone number for personal insurance, which is the type that includes vehicle insurance, is 08 60 44 4444.

What’s Santam email address if I need car insurance?  

There are citizens in South Africa that prefer to communicate through email so, we’ll detailed Santam’s email address to make queries of any kind. No matter what you need, you can write to and ask them your question.

Where’s Santam office in Cape Town to buy car isnurance?  

If you live in Cape Town and you want to buy car insurance to Santam, you can simply go to Unit 6 in TPT Park along Gordon Road where you find one of the many Santam car insurance branches around the country.

Santam Car Insurance

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Registered car- Licence driver

Car Insurance

Short term insurance

Now, we can say you are closer to find the car insurance product you long for. Remember that driving around properly protected can make a difference in your life to have piece of mind.

Preguntas Frecuentes

I'm looking for car insurance in Cape Town, how do I do it with Santam?

You can quote with Santam to see if the price they charge you is accessible. Remember, you can go to the branch or call them.

I want to get the insurance for my new car, what's the best cover?

Santam’s cover that most protection offers is comprehensive. If you can afford it, you need to get it.

Can a car be insured if a person just join the insurance and they confirm that is approved but they did not deduct the monthly premium?

If you have just got car insurance, you might wait some time until Santam finishing processing the service. Your car isn’t protected until you have your policy wording.

Good day i want affordable cover, can I get it?

At Santam you can obtain affordable cover such as the most basic insurance which is the Third Party Only. Moroever, depending on the value of your car, the price can decrease

Are the plans for cars the same than for motorcycles?

Yes, these three plans are for cars, motorcycles and motorhomes

What is a short term insurance?

Short term insurance is a type of insurance that is hired for a set period of time. It includes all types of insurance except for life insurance. The client decides the time and the amount to insure.

Is it possible to have coverage outside South Africa?

The coverage outside South Africa is a special bonus that can be added to the comprehensive plan only.

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