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Is There Can Insurance for People That are Under 25? Contact Details

   Do you have less than 25 years old? Do you possess your own car? Then, if that is your age and you hold a vehicle, you need a car insurance to make sure it is well taken care of. So, I can guarantee there are two excellent companies that aim to help you: Old Mutual and Absa.

Thus, in this article, I will give you all the data you need regarding the different car insurances that can be applied for in these companies and the contact information of them so that you can talk to a representative and get the data you need without delays.


What are the car insurances for people under 25?


That is right, people that are less than 25 years old can access to the most expensive sort of car insurance but the one that will make them happier, since most of the situations that could take place with their cars are included, such as mechanic labor, hail, hurricanes, robberies, explosions and more


What can people get from it?

What people can get from it simply has to do with the chance of paying to another driver whose damage was caused to, restoring the car after fire explosions and protecting against thief’s.


Yes, the situation in which clients can receive protection is whenever they have damaged another vehicle so that vehicle is the one that gets benefits or whose expenses get paid by the insuring company.

Absa´s Car insurances for people under 25

There are many insurances to apply for, specially 3 that will really help clients that have from 18 years old to 25:


This is the one most chosen by clients that aim at getting good protection and at the same time a good price. If they want accident shield, it is given by the company with no problem and the same happens with third party liability, which is of course included.


What are its features?

-One of the most inexpensive insurances

-Many ways of financing it

-Many explosions are included

-Expenses get paid the same day

-Repairs of vehicles

-Huge amounts of cash given to the driver

-Protection against natural disasters

-Protection against violence received by another driver

-Protection against car crash whenever you are located


     This is the third insurance offered and it gives people under 25 the chance of applying for a car insurance that will help them save some money and at the same time make sure that another driver on the road is protected thanks to their supervision and the payment of its expenses. This is the cheapest option, reason for which most students tend to prefer, since they are trying to pay their studies and at the same times take care of their cars.

     Thus, if you are under 25 years old and need an insurance for your car, I will know tell you the many means of communication available to you. I will start with Old Mutual and then move on with the other company mentioned. I will give you phone numbers, addresses of physical offices, emails and also useful pieces of information about online services available.

Old Mutual´s contact details

     If you really favor personalized attention you can get with your car or also by foot if you are close to the PHG Building, which is open on weekdays specially on business hours and has developed a special line to communicate with the members that compose the company:505 2600. That is a free number you get access to and you can call whenever you want so as to clarify any possible doubt you have regarding services of the company.

Another branch is in Bloemfontein and it is in 172 Zastron Street, whose phone number is 505 2111. It remains open on weekdays from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm and it is closed on weekends, so do not waste time trying to go there on a Saturday or Sunday-

You can also communicate with the company by entering from your tablet or computer to the website, which gives you the chance of chatting with a member and letting them know about your concerns and worries. They will for sure answer your questions kindly and make you choose wisely.

Contacting ABSA being less than 25

   One of the offices you can visit of Absa is In Bloemfontein, exactly in Nelson Mandela Doctor, and its phone number is a free one, so do not hesitate to call from home to it:401 0682. It is especially open on weekdays during banking hours.

There is another phone number, also designed for inquiries which is free and available 24/7 to every citizen of the country that is searching for a reliable and affordable car insurance. The number is: 086-000-8600.

    Lastly, you can enter the company´s official website and find all the data you need regarding the different products and services and also data about how to start a savings account in Absa and helping you throughout the application procedure. So, in this means of contact you will finds tons of data to make use of.

Now I will show you in a chart all the data you must know regarding one of the offices that the company has in the country just for you:

Online services

Online application and sending online messages

Telephone number

406  8000


Given just in person


Shop 18 Loch Logan Waterfront, on Henry Street


Good salary


Only online

Working hours

Business times

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   To conclude, those people that currently have less than 25 years old and are looking for a sustainable car insurance to take care of their needs and the ones their cars possess, can really look forward to meeting two great companies with lots of experience in the field, willing to grant them an insurance regardless of their age.

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