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How Can I Get Insurance for my Car in Thohoyandou? Locations, Application and Queries

Thohoyandu is a town in the north of the province of Limpopo. Although it is not one of the most populated areas of the country, it is home for a wide variety of companies that are located there so as to provide the most convenient services. In this case, we will focus on the services of car insurance.

                If you live in Thohoyandu and you are in search of a responsible insurance company, there are at least, two options to take into account: ABSA Insurance and Old Mutual Insurance. If you keep on reading this article, you will get all the information you need so as to know what are the programs offered by the companies as well as how to have access to them.


What are the services offered by ABSA Insurance for my car?

                The department of ABSA destined to provide clients with car insurance it called ABSA Idirect. It has designed three different programs that you can choose from:

1. Third party only: you can apply for this policy is you consider that the value of your car is low. In this way, if you have an accident, ABSA will be in charge of covering damage caused to any third party involved in the accident.

2. Third Party, fire and theft: this program includes protection for liability on third party damage. What is more, it also protects your vehicle in case of fire, theft or attempted theft. It is worth mentioning that your car is not 100% covered. Actually, be careful of natural disaster since there is no coverage included!

3. Absa Comprehensive Insurance: comprehensive programs are always the most inclusive. If you are involved in an accident and your car is broken and passengers are injured, ABSA will be in charge of covering whatever expense that may appear. What is more, comprehensive insurance includes protection against natural phenomenon, such as hail, strong winds and flood among others. The company will also give you the complete value of your vehicle if it is stolen. Regarding third parties, ABSA will cover cost for assistance in case of losses, injured and death.

Where it is posible to find a branch?

                In Thohoyandu, there is an office of ABSA Insurance located at Main Road, Thohoyandou, 0950, South Africa. You can also contact agents by phone dialing up 15 960 9600.

Can I ask for the policy in another way?

                Yes, you can! If you visit the official ABSA webpage, you can choose the program that best meets your needs and start application online. What is more, you can write e-mails to brokers to the this address: They will answer as soon as possible. Another way to have access to ABSA services is by phone. You can call the general information phone line that is 0860 109 693, or you can dial up 0861 722 272.

Find the best insurance of South Africa


What does Old Mutual offer for Thohoyandou’s residents?

                Old Mutual offers insurance for cars whose maximum weigh is 3 500kg. Vehicles  eligible for an Old Mutual policies are caravans, minibuses, trailers, cars and watercrafts among others. The policies available are the following:

1. Third Party Only: this program only provides coverage for injured people or damage properties caused to any third party involved in an accident. Old Mutual will be responsible to cover everything except for damage suffered by the policy holder.

2. Third Party, Fire and Theft: with this policy, third parties will be completely protected. Furthermore, there are other benefits. In case you vehicle is damaged due to fire or explosion, Old Mutual will pay to repair it. And finally, if it is theft, you will recover its value in cash money.

3. Comprehensive Coverage: don’t worry for money and damage if you are involved in an accident and you have this policy! It covers expenses so as to fix your own car and third party’s vehicle. Besides, it provides coverage for damage caused by fires explosion, flood, hail or any other natural disaster. And last but not least, it is totally protected in case of theft.

How can I get the policy in person?

                Old Mutual has brokers waiting for you in Mphephu St, Thohoyandou, 0950, South Africa. The phone number for customer assistance is 15 962 0484.

Are there other ways to contact the company?

                Fortunately, talking in person to a broker is not the only way to have access to Old Mutual policies. In fact, you can also contact the company exclusively by phone. The line available to answer client's questions and to apply for policies that is is 0800 123 000, available 24/7. If you have problems with this line, you can also call 0860 93 94 93. And last but not least, you can get in touch with Old Mutual by using Internet. Its official webpage gives you the opportunity to apply for the policies online.

                To conclude, no matter the king of vehicle you have, if you live in Thohoyandu, you can enjoy the most convenient insurance programs. There are leading insurers, such as ABSA and Old Mutual, with the most complete and affordable policies so that you drive safe on the road. This is the time for you to enjoying driving. 

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Questions and Answers

Is there any discount available if I apply for the policy online?
Old Mutual will give you 10% off.
What company should I visit to get insurance for my 4X4?
Please, resort to Old Mutual.
Are ABSA phone lines available 24/7?
Yes, they are.

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