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Are There Car Insurance in Free State? Phone Numbers and Queries

In the following article, we are going to mention some of the main insurance companies and brokerage groups that offer services in the area of the province of Free State. Below the name of each company, you will find a brief description of the products and services that company provides and the contact information necessary to get in touch with each of the companies. It is important to mention that each company has its own products and rates and that rates depend on many factors, including the make, model and year of the car, the age and driving history of the driver, the safety devices installed in the vehicle, the color of the vehicle, the area where you live and it even depends on what you use the vehicle for; so it is important that you get a customized quote. Some of these companies also offer special discounts for students, mothers, retired people and responsible drivers. Now, let’s go over these insurance options available in Free State.

Alexander Forbes

When looking for car insurance in Free State, Alexander Forbes is a really good option. The company has been offering insurance products in the country for decades. At Alexander Forbes, you will have access to insurance for your vehicle at very good rates. To get to know all their products, you can go online to The company offers special insurance packages for people over the age of 55, for women and teenagers, for low-income families, and for customers who want to insure more than one vehicle under one policy. You can also visit an Alexander Forbes branch personally or e-mail them to

Zurich Insurance

Another company you can resort to if you are looking for car insurance is Zurich Insurance. Zurich also operates under the name SA Eagle Insurance across the country. This company has an excellent reputation internationally and it is well-known for its excellent customer service. You can visit the company’s website at Zurich specializes in short-term insurance for individuals but it also offers business insurance and long-term insurance. Some of the most popular products are car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, marine insurance and risk finance insurance. For individuals, Zurich also offers a single policy that includes car insurance and home insurance. If you are interested in car insurance from Zurich, you can contact the company over the phone at the number 27 11 370 9111. A representative will be able to provide you with some further information and a free quote.

Sapcor Brokers

Sapcor is a regional insurance company that offers several kinds of insurance for individuals, professionals and corporations. You can have a look at the products offered by Sapcor on their website You can also contact the company over the phone at the number 0861 111945 and get a car insurance quote. With Sapcor, you can insure your car, motorcycle, watercraft, and any other motor vehicle. You can also insurance buildings and businesses. The company has a 24/7 roadside assistance service you can contact at the number 086 172 7267and an after-hours claim number, which is 084 851 5231. Insurance also includes rental coverage if your car needs to be at the shop after the accident or if it is stolen.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

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Goudveld Insurance

Goudveld insurance is an insurance company that operates in the area and has been doing so since 1982. The company is a family business and it is characterized by an excellent and warm customer service. Goudveld is one of the oldest and largest independent insurance companies in the Free State. You can visit the website of the company at Goudveld Insurance is a registeredFinancial Service Provider by the Financial Service Board. It is also a member of the Financial Intermediary Association of South Africa (FIA). Goudveld provides services from and works in partnership with some other insurance companies, such as Santam, CIA, Hollard, Frontline, Zurich and Zenith. If you want to get personalized attention, you can walk into one of the two main branches:

> Bloemfontein Branch: Located at Schnehagesingel 27 Fichardtpark Bloemfontein 9301. P.O. Box 32726 Fichardtpark 9317. Tel:051 522 0179/80. Fax:051 522 0184

> Welkom Branch: 422 State Way Doorn Welkom 9359. P.O. Box 511 Welkom 9460. Tel:057 352 7345 and 057 352 7346. Fax:057 353 2175 and 086 612 1396.

Santam Insurance

Santam is another option for your car insurance if you live in the Free State. With Santam, you can get insurance policies for your car, light delivery vehicle, trailer, 4x4, caravan and motorcycle. Santam has a multi-vehicle policy in which you can insure more than one vehicle and pay only one monthly payment and have a single premium. You can go over all the insurance products offered by Santam on their website The company offers constant roadside assistance, emergency assistance, medical assistance, car key replacement, rental coverage reimbursement. On the website, you can search for Santam locations in the Free State with your zip code or city and province. You can also get in touch with a representative from Santam, you can call the number 0860 444 - 444, or send an e-mail to

As a general comment, we would like to add that most of the companies mentioned in this post offer the three traditional types of coverage: Comprehensive Coverage (full coverage), Limited Coverage (Fire, Theft and Third Party Liability) and Basic Coverage (Third Party Liability Only), as well as some extra types of coverage. Most companies also allow you to customize your policy and include the coverage options that suit your needs and pocket!

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Questions and answers

How can I make my payments to my Santam policy?

You can make the over the phone or at a local banch.

Does Alexander Forbes offer insurance in Northern Cape?

Yes. Alexander Forbes is available in Northern Cape.

Is SA Eagle the same company as Zurich?

SA Eagle belongs to Zurich.

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