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What Are the Features of Car Insurance in Eastern Cape? Phone Numbers and Queries

Are you interested in insuring your car and you live within Eastern Cape? In this article, you will find some useful information about insurance companies that offer car insurance products as well as other insurance products, such as motorcycle insurance, caravan insurance, watercraft insurance and trailer insurance, among other options. It is important to highlight that these companies are only some of the many companies available in the province of Eastern Cape and its surroundings.

Auto General Insurance Company

Auto General is an insurance institution that operates in the area of Eastern Cape and in other areas of the country as well. As regards vehicle insurance, Auto General offers motorcycle insurance, caravan insurance and trailer insurance. It also offers insurance for your home and for any other building. In order to get a quote, you can go online to and fill out the application for that is on the website or over the phone by dialing out the number 0861 00 02 38. To get a quote, you will have to complete the form with some personal information and some information about your vehicle either over the phone or through the website. You will have to state your first name, last name, marital status, gender, date of birth, cell phone number, contact number, email address and physical address. Some of the coverage options available at Auto General include:

-Comprehensive Coverage: This coverage option cover not only for third party claims but it will also cover for the damages made to your own car even if you are at fault. This option also includes towing and storage for your vehicle of you happen to be in an emergency in the middle of the road or if your car is damaged and you need a place to store it. It also includes accidental damage against objects other than vehicles, theft, hijacking, accidental death and injuries to others, damage to third party property and damages to your car accessories.

-Third Party, Fire and Theft Coverage: This coverage pays for all the accidental damage caused to somebody else’s vehicle and it also protects your vehicle against fire or theft. However, it does not cover for the damages caused to your vehicle.

-Third Party Coverage: This product is the most basic product and it only pays for the damages caused to somebody else’s vehicles or property during an accident for which you are to blame. This coverage does not pay for damages to your vehicle or for your car in case of fire or theft; however, this is the most inexpensive option available to insure your car with Auto General.

Some other additional coverage options that you can include in your policy with Auto General are: adverse insurance, value added products coverage, and assist benefits.

As we already mentioned, Auto General also has motorcycle insurance, trailer insurance, watercraft insurance and caravan insurance available for its customers.

If you are interested in any of the insurance products offered by Auto General, you can find a local broker on their website by entering your province and city.

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Santam Insurance Company

Santam offers insurance products across Eastern Cape. The insurance products include: cars insurance, light delivery vehicles insurance, trailer insurance, caravan insurance and motorcycle insurance. The coverage options that you can choose between at Santam are the following ones:

>Comprehensive Coverage: This covers for any damage to your vehicle and loss of your vehicle. This option is the most complete option available at Santam.

>Limited Coverage: Limited coverage includes fire and theft and also third party liability. Santam will pay for the damages or the car after any event which includes fire, theft, explosion, natural disasters, or lightning, among others.

>Third Party Only: This is the most basic coverage and it only includes third party liability.

Some additional coverage you can add to your policy at Santam includes: vehicle replacement after theft or loss, locks/keys/remote controls replacement, emergency accommodation, and trauma treatment expenses, among other further options.

At Auto General, you can also insure your 4x4 vehicle with special premium coverage, or even your luxury vehicle, caravan or trailer with all their accessories included in the coverage.

You can find a local insurance broker if you go online to and enter you city and province.

Alexander Forbes Insurance Company

This company has been operating in the country for several decades. Alexander Forbes offers different insurance programs that have different characteristics to suit each customer’s needs. Some of the programs available are:

*55 Plus: This product is for customers who are 55 or older. It has a low-level risk and, as a consequence, the premiums are lower as well.

*Envoy: This product provides you with a wide coverage; this means that you can insure all your assets under one policy.

*Priceless: The priceless program is a special program that has an average coverage at a very good rate.

*Platinum Woman: The platinum woman, as the name indicates, is a special program for women to insure their vehicles and homes under the same policy.

You can visit any of the two branches located in Eastern Cape. One is located in East London at 1st Floor Short Mill House Quarry Office Park Berea Eastern Cape, South Africa and their direct phone number is 043 701 4800. The other branch is in Port Elizabeth and you can visit it at 256 Cape Road Newton Park Eastern Cape, South Africa and their phone number is 041 392 8300. You can also contact the company via e-mail to

If you have any questions about any of the products offered by Alexander Forbes, do not hesitate to walk into your closest branch or to contact one of the representative over the phone.

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Questions and answers

Where can I insure my business?

Alexander Forbes offers a business insurance line you may be interested in.

How can I get a quote from Alexander Forbes?

You can get it online or over the phone. You do not need to visit a local branch.

Is the comprehensive coverage compulsory in Eastern Cape?

The only coverage that is compulsory, and not in every corner of he country, is the third party liability or third party only.

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