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Can Jeep Drivers Obtain a Car insurance? Features and Contact Details

    Are you the type of clients that has bought a Jeep so as to go around during the summer? Do you think it needs more protection? Okay, you need a car insurance. And fortunately, I know two excellent firms that can take care of your Jeep without affecting how much money you have inside your pocket.

For such motive, in this article I will deal with Old Mutual and Hollard, firms that have authentically created car insurances that will just match your needs

 What type of car insurances are just great for a Jeep car?

1. COMPREHENSIVE: this is a type of insurance that will make sure all the needs a client possesses at the moment of getting a new car are fully covered, since as its name can suggest, it comprehends many causes. The causes can be ordinary disasters, burst caused by the car, mugging and the list can go on I can assure.

2. THIRD PARTY, FIRE AND THEFT: this is the typical way through which Old Mutual can protect you in a mid-way. What does that mean? You will still be protected but not against EVERY damage caused to a third party or to your Jeep. You receive protection against fire, impacts and baggage.

3. THIRD PARTY ONLY: it is simply the sort of insurance that guarantees that if you crash another car with your Jeep, the other person will not be affected, since you are covered by Old Mutual.



This insurance is like the one mentioned for Old Mutual, comprehends multiple possibilities in terms of circumstances that might affect you or another party, or even you’re Jeep.


What is this sort of insurance like?

     This is a comprehensive insurance, yes, but it has the benefit of offering you a good price, designed for those clients that are living today on a tight budget and really need nice protection and excellent prices in the market. It enables you to be covered no matter the distance or how any kilometers you drive with your Jeep. But, the company based on the value of your car, its model and how long have you had it, can calculate a maximum of miles made by month, so please ask that the moment you begin the application. It is an effective way of getting to know beforehand whether you are protected away or not.


This is an insurance just ideal for people that do not want to damage the third party or their cars, so that when an accident strikes, the costs are paid by the company and the client forgets about wasting money on it.

Contact details of Old Mutual for Jeep protection

In person

    You must know that Old Mutual has an exclusive office in Rustenburg, precisely on Steen Street so you can go by car or you can also make a phone call to this number:14 590 0100.

There is another branch of the company at 209 Beyers Naude Doctor, which is also located in Rustenburg and open during weekdays. You can establish a phone communication by dialing up: 14 594 8080.

By phone

This is a phone line you can call to if you wish to speak to a member of the firm immediately and being transferred to the proper area of your call, so this is the number: 0860 93 94 93.

Now, if that phone is collapsed, which is very common in the world of insurers, there is another free line created for you, so keep this number: 0860 082 949. You can call this number during weekdays from 8 in the morning to approximately 6 pm.

 Via online

I honestly prefer this communication method since you can enter the website of the company, get the data you need about loans and insurances and you can also send a message to a member and wait until they answer you online or via email. You choose. You can also give the members your email so that they contact you through that medium.

Contact details regarding Hollard

In person

One of the branches of Hollard if you want to insure your Jeep is the one located in Rustenburg, which has an available phone for every customer: 0861 22 4444. If you want to drive there and get personalized attention, let me tell you it is found between Elmer Road and Steen Street.

By phone


This happens to be the most frequent method used by clients and non-clients too, that have doubts or inquiries. Or even those that want to start an application that can also happen. This is the number for those issues: 0861 010 203.

Please telephone the ensuing phone number if the other one was busy and you couldn’t complete your call, so here you have the number you must dial from home:0860 000 243.

And there is even more, a phone designed just for applications, which is free of costs too, so keep it with you: 0861 360 360.


   In the official webpage of the company Hollard, what you can do is to obtain more data about specific details that you might want to be acquainted with at the moment of choosing an insurance for your Jeep. There are several sections, among which I can mention the one for sending messages, emails and also inquiries with your contact details so that they phone you.

And, here is a chart, very useful by the way:


Online services

You can ask this company to contact you

Telephone number

014 592 1077


Starting from around R 200


Po box 3512 in the region of Rustenburg


Available online and in person

Working hours

Weekdays on the usual business times

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    To conclude, clients that currently have Izuzu cars and want to give the maximum protection to them, can certainly rely on the many sorts of car insurances that Hollard and Old Mutual has to offer them. It is just a matter of analyzing each option.

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