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Is There Car insurance Available for Chevrolet (Utility, Aveo, Sonic and Spark)? Contact Information

 Do you have a Chevrolet? Are you trying to give it the protection it deserves? Well yes, I know a company that can help you, AIG Insurance. Yes, this company specializes in the lending of insurances just for the type of car you have at present.

In this article, you will really profit from its information since you will get details plus the contact information of AIG in many regions of the country.

A company that has thought about protecting Chevrolet: AIG

What can you tell me about AIG Insurance?

    I can give you useful pieces of information, such as telling you that the company focuses on protecting the finances of your personal life and the ones that belong to your business. Moreover, the client is protected in numerous situations, ranging from taking care of your belongings, hijacking events, accidents, taking care of your health and more.

What will Chevrolet drivers get?

-Protection against robbery

-Protection against takeover

-Accidents are included

-Given at least 70% of the value of your car

-Repair of injuries no matter their cost

-Getting a new car

-Obtaining another car for a cheaper price

It usually happens that drivers of Chevrolet cars tell the members of the company that their vehicles have scraps but that is not a reason for living without a car. In such circumstance, the company can cover 65% of the total price of the damage and you will only need to pay r100  a month, for a year which is not a lot for your pocket. Moreover, you will be super protected in the maximum of situations you could ever imagine.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that you will not be covered with this firm regarding the fees for renting a new car or transporting your car to a second home, so be ready to pay some money for that. And, you will not pay more than R50 for such service, so it does not represent a lot if you think about it.

What are the reviews made by already customers?

+This is a company that repairs your car at moment

+You can watch the website and get more details then the ones gotten in person

+You can also insure your finances

+You must not have a job to get the insurance

+You can choose the medium to start application

+You always have access to terms and conditions imposed by the company

+You have access to instant quotes given by this company

+The customer service is just wonderful for every client

+There is feedback which is super quick given to everyone

+The agents of the company are devoted to giving your assistance and tips

+People usually do not make complaints since they are satisfied with the service

+People would like if there could be more physical offices

So, as you can see, many of the clients that daily operate with the firm are satisfied and would recommend it to a relative or friend. And, it is really important the fact that few people complain, since that is a guarantee that the service is just perfect and is becoming better with the passing of time.

Having said that, you got all the data you required so as to be well informed, now I will mention a second service offered which is also helpful for you, especially if you suffer an accident and do not know where to go or who to call.

THE MOTOR ACCIDENT PLUS: to complement your car insurance for your Chevrolet

  If your health is damaged or you lose your life as a result of an accident with your Chevrolet Car, then your family or the people you mentioned in the contract with the company can be insured and receive money for that awful circumstance.

The following are features that are worth mentioning:

1. Cover against a disease or incapacity suffered by the driver

2. You can obtain 50% on shelter

3. You can take your car elsewhere

4. You won’t need to pas medical examinations

5. The company will not make go through tests

6. You won’t have to pay taxes

7. No extra fees for the use of the service

8. No added duties as it is the case with other insurers

I. No boundary on retrieval


So, if you possess that precious Chevrolet Car, and it needs protection, then AIg insurance will help. Which is why you need immediately the contact details of the company.

I have created a chart and also a useful paragraph with data worth taking into account at the time of a future application or getting more facts.

By phone

Yes I know, it is the most typical way of communicating with a company, so that you possibly know that by dialing up a special number, you get to speak to a person specialized in the field. So, here is the number I talked about: 551 8494. And, there is a number for claims that the clients can make with total freedom, pay attention to it since it will be useful when your find yourself in the middle of the road and need assistance as soon as possible: 0860 111 601.


Telephone number

11 551 8494

Email address or

Online services

Online application mode and sending many messages


1st Floor Sandown on  Mews West, 88 Stella Street, Sandown


R 100 a month or a little more, depending on the programmer

Working hours

Mondays to Fridays 08:30 am to 05:00 pm

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    So as to conclude the article, those Chevrolet cars deserve all the protection that their drivers can give them, and that includes AIG Insurance. You now know a lot about this firm and how it can help you with its insurances. You only have to find the plan that suits the needs of your car, and then start the application. It has never been so easy to get the protection you want in a cheap and fast way, what are you waiting????

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