Discovery Car Insurance Reviews – Benefits and Rewards

Discovery Car Insurance Reviews - Benefits and Rewards

Due to the current pandemic the whole world is experiencing, many people have been suffering a certain degree of economic distress. It has been made known to us that insurance companies have been asked about the possibility of cancelling their car insurance to save money. And with that logic, we believe that some people are considering not buying car insurance at all.

We know that these are hard times, but such decision may backfire and cause you a great deal of trouble. Not having car insurance may in the end make you much more money than if you had it. For this very reason, we decided to let you know about the car insurance offered by Discovery. We will talk about reviews made by other clients, what benefits they offer, and the options for coverage on the basis of your budget.

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Is Discovery Car Insurance Good?

If before buying a product you ask yourself if it is good enough for you, you are on the right track. It is always advisable that you ask yourself this question when you are about to make this kind of decisions. This involves some research on your part, but it will pay off since you will only buy products and things that you will not regret buying in the first place.

But how do we know if a product is good? Well, you can ask around. In this case, you should ask your relatives or close friends if they know the Discovery or if they know someone with their car insurance. However, you might not know any Discovery client. How do you go about it, then?

When people around you can’t help you, you can count on online communities. If you run a little online search on Discovery, you would be surprised at how many people turn to online forums just to congratulate this company. You would be able to read things such as “amazing service”, “prompt and professional”, “excellent call center service”. These car insurance reviews about Discovery can easily be found with a little search; try it yourself!

4 Benefits of Buying a Discovery Car Insurance Plan

Discovery is an insurance company that offers a wide range of insurance products. Among them, we can find car insurance plans at reasonable prices. We could say that the most important benefit of these plans is that you would have Discovery as your partner in the event something should happen to your car. As we said, this company enjoys an outstanding reputation among its customers.

So far so good, but Discovery wants to really make a difference, and, for that end, it offers their clients 4 amazing benefits:

  1. It uses cutting edge technology that sets off an alarm to let you know that someone other than you is driving your car
  2. If you drive well, you could be reimbursed with up to 50% of your fuel expenses
  3. Again, with their state-of-the-art technology, Discovery will be warned if you’ve been in an accident and will provide you with assistance
  4. You could get up to 25% discount on Uber rates

How does Discovery Car Insurance Vitality Drive Rewards Work?

We spend hundreds of hours reviewing and assessing tens of car insurance providers in South Africa, so, take our word when we tell you that this company is one of the few companies with such an amazing reward program.

With Vitality Drive you are basically rewarded for driving well. Every month you will get points for your driving behavior; the higher these scores, the better the rewards.  

These rewards include:

  • Discounts on service for your car, Uber fares
  • Discounts on Shell and Gautrain fuel

Is it True that you can get Cash Back with Discovery Car Insurance?

The reward program we have just discussed provides cash backs of fuel expenses, for instance. However, it is absolutely true that there is another kind of cash back at this moment at Discovery. This has to do with the pandemic we are all facing. The whole idea of this program is to encourage Discovery clients to avoid leaving their houses.

In this way, on the basis of your mileage, you could get up to 25% discount on your car insurance premium. In order for you to be eligible to these cash backs, you need to be enrolled in the Vitality Drive Reward program. For this, you will need to have a sensor installed on your car and then linking your vitality car to that sensor.  

This is an incredible effort on the part of Discovery to do their bit on helping avoid the spread of this terrible virus that is mercilessly spreading around the world.

Take a look at the 3 Car Insurance Options available at Discovery

So far we have been telling you all about the benefits and reputation of this company. It is now time to discuss the 3 types of plans that you can find at this company in order to see which of these can accommodate to your needs and pocket.

  1. Essential Plan
  2. Classic Plan
  3. Purple Plan

The first two plans are excellent for those of us who need insurance at convenient prices, but with top of the game coverage. The Purple plan is targeted to people owning over 5 million in insured assets. With all of these plans, you can access to the Vitality Drive Reward Program.

What are the Terms and Conditions regarding the Cash Backs with Discovery Car Insurance?

Regarding the cash backs for driving less, there are some terms and conditions you need to meet. These are (among others):

  • You need to be enrolled on the program and have telematics technology
  • These cash backs will be paid until December 2020
  • The cash backs will be accredited on the bank accounts used to pay premiums
  • If you drive less than 249 km, you can apply for up to 25% discount
  • If you drive less than 499 km, you can only apply for up to 15% discount

We strongly advise you against cancelling your car insurance or not buying car insurance during these times. You never know what could happen to you while you are on the road, and having insurance can save you lots of money and even your life. In these troubled times, the car insurance offered by Discovery can be a great alternative. As you learned here, they have highly positive reviews from clients, and they offer rewards and cash backs that will definitely help you endure through this pandemic.


Preguntas Frecuentes

Which is the age limit to get benefits for good driving?

The limit is 25 years old.

Are quotes reasonable?

Yes! Quotes are really convenient.

Is medical assistance included in all the policies?

No. Only the plans with Discovery 911.

Please tell me of how much jetta tsi bluemotion 2016 is gonna cost me a month for your insurance?

You can insure a Jetta Tsi BlueMotion with Discovery by paying the most inclusive insurance which tends to cost between R 900 and R1000 a month

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