Save R400 or even more | Virgin Money Loans | South Africa

Save R400 or even more | Virgin Money Loans | South Africa

Have you ever thought of receiving additional financial help from a bank? Do you need to cover some costs or debts but do not have the money to do so? If this is the case, there are multiple solutions for this problem. The most common one is asking for a loan, but where could you get one with multiple benefits? You can get it at Virgin Money, in South Africa. Here you will find information about loan calculators, the benefits of a loan at Virgin Money and much more.

Could I make use of a loan calculator with Virgin Money?

A loan calculator can be an incredibly useful tool. It allows clients to anticipate certain costs and prevent some unfortunate scenarios. You can find out information about rates, price for a loan per month, bills, and more. This way you can know for sure the amount of money you would have to invest monthly. Unfortunately, this company does not provide loan calculators for its clients. This company provides clients with other bits of information and online resources.

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Which are the loan requirements clients need to meet at Virgin Money?

Most banks tend to be quite similar when it comes to the requirements needed for a loan. They all take into account certain factors. This company in particular recommends clients to have the following documents at hand if they apply for a loan:

  •  You must be eighteen years old or older to apply

  • Present your identification document. If you apply online, you can sometimes attach a file with a scanned picture of your ID

  • Make sure to present the slip of your latest salary

  • You will have to present proof of residence. Members at Virgin Money will make sure to check that it is original.

  • Make sure that you provide the company Virgin Money with three salary deposits (the last three). They should be presented in a bank statement of three months and it should be stamped

Could I reach for personal loans in Virgin Money? How are they?

In Virgin Money, anyone that meets the requirements stipulated can reach out for a personal loan. They have incredible benefits you may not even be aware of. Let us explore them:

  • In Virgin Money, you get to choose the amount desired for your needs.

  • Pick an interest rate that is low or an installment per month that matches perfectly your monthly budget

  • You will have immediate access to the money you asked for as soon as Virgin Money approves of your loan

  • At Virgin Money, repayments are carried out per month and they are fixed

  • Rates start up as from 12.9%

  • The company evaluates your personal profile and individual needs in order to provide you with the best loan deal and interest rate

  • With a personal loan at Virgin Money, you will be able to carry out renovations in your home, or if there are some varsity fees on the way, you can handle them better

  • Your monthly installments will be affected when you decide the period you prefer to repay the loan. Over the period’s term, clients should make sure that they can repay the amount given

  • Access up to R250000 from one month to eighty four in total.

May I obtain in Virgin Money a consolidation loan?

A consolidation loan is one of the many options offered by some agencies and banks in South Africa.  How do they work?

  • Many clients find it convenient since you can consolidate many loans into a single larger loan

  • You would be consolidating the payments into a single one

  • Smaller loans tend to have a higher rate than larger loans

  • The amount that you pay per month would also be lowered because the loan’s term is actually longer

At Virgin Money, unfortunately, there are no consolidation loan offers. However, you may contact the company and ask for this particular option. They generally create loan deals that are tailored to meet each individual’s need.

How are Virgin Money loans reviews?

The reviews for Virgin Money have been quite positive. The company shows commitment, responsibility and efficiency towards its clients. These are some of the reviews given by clients:

  • One customer claimed: “The company helps you reach your goals by providing a loan than can help you financially”

  • Many clients agreed that Virgin Money is focused on tailoring solutions that can fit your budget

  • Virgin Money was described as “competent in the market, innovative and dynamic”

  • Other customers claimed that the company provided possible and affordable solutions. Personal loans at Virgin Money gave them a possibility to change their life’s scenario.

The only negative comments that were made by some clients had to do with lack of variety of loans. Their advice is that the company should have more options available for them to meet different needs.

Are there any secured loans in Virgin Money?

The company does not provide information regarding secured loans, though it does provide information about personal loans and its benefits.

How can I contact Virgin Money for loans?

In order to contact Virgin Money, you can make a phone call, send an email or reach them via any of the available media profiles they have. If you want to reach customer care, you should call at the following number: 0861 822 273. You can reach the company online too since it is easy to apply for a loan via internet.  You can also visit the company in person by dropping by at one of their offices.

Overall, is Virgin Money convenient?

In conclusion, at Virgin Money you can get a loan that will help you reduce the financial burden of debts and spending. It is quite convenient since you can even apply for a loan online through their website without moving from your house or wasting your time in long queues. You can also obtain credit cards or insurance through Virgin Money.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I use my loan for renovations?

Yes, you can use your loan to carry out renovations

Could I apply for a consolidation loan?

The company only seems to offer personal loans

Which number should I phone?

You can phone at 0861 822 273.

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